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As the crisis in Afghanistan deepens and continues to spin out of control new poll numbers are showing it could spell doom for President Joe Biden.

For the first time, it now appears that President Biden’s poll numbers have firmly gone negative according to data compiled by Rasmussen.

The poll comes in the wake of new calls, including from former President Trump, for Biden to resign.


  1. DEMENTIA JOE BIDEN could care less about AFGHANISTAN he is more concerned about allowing ILLEGALS into the USA from Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico because they will vote DEMOCRAT basically allowing him a second term as POTUS.!

    1. Hopefully this will not work…..Biden’s behavior might well turn so many against him that nothing he does will save his a@@. It should also doom the DemocRATic party as well.

      1. Great THOUGHT, James, BUT…. the people that Vote Demonratic and adhere to the bullshit tenets of the Demonrat Party AREN’T Smart enough to jump ship. They’ll go down in Ignorance and Stupidity with that corrupt stinking Shitboat.

        1. Hate to say it but I think your assessment is accurate! These people just don’t seem capable of intelligent thought! The worst ones I’ve met are MD’s and so called professionals! SAD!

        2. They have their own Demo RAT navy and official song! I’ve been sailing in the septic all the live long day!!!!

          1. So true! Some people are just democrats, not Americans! So sad that they can’t see beyond a party!!

          1. Words have meaning, and one of the failures of Republicans has been allowing the DEMOCRAT party to morph into the democratic party. They are no more democratic than the Republican Party, or any other party for that matter. They are probably LESS democratic than other parties because they all march in lock step and allow NO ONE to venture from the party line.

        3. Unfortunately, what you say is mostly true and so many are willfully ignorant of the facts in plain view. Fortunately, there are many becoming Republican because the democrat party left them – I became a Republican when Fred Trump and his son, Donald J. Trump, supported Ronald Reagan. It’s too bad that so many liberal socialist communist democrat lemmings are willing to follow the liberal socialist communist democrat Pied Piper trolls of the political cliff. They prove that liberalism is a mental defect.

      2. With Biden gone …unfortunately we end up with even clueless Kamala….whose rise in power due her ‘connection’k to Willie Brown not any competence….on much more.

          1. Help me out, friend. Is that the same as being “round heeled”, as in an Easy male score?

        1. Please go to Arizona State senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. Please share on social media and with everyone you know.

      3. James we shouldn’t underestimate the stupidity of the American people. Check out a blog called punching bag post and you’ll see what I mean

      4. Please go to Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. We need our rightful president reinstated.

    2. 👍 You GOT IT, with the Ultimate Result being “THEY” are in power. Crooked Joe is just their figurehead, the same dipshit puppet he’s Always been for the Commucrats.

      1. Exactly he is just an employee of these super rich that have the plan. BTW, the plan has been working pretty damn well. They have used the tacticts that many dictators have (both side of the political extremes) and most recently just like Venezuela has done which followed the nazis. So not only are the dems calling the reps racists, wjhich the dems have been and still are racist and using the blacks, the dems are calling the reps nazis and that is exactly what the dems are. Look no futher than their boss soros. Just a note soros has aid he wants to take America down. He hates us because we took the nazis down and those nazi days of his were the best time of his life. I know CBS edited that out of the interview because I say the orginial interview and that and more was in that interview….

        1. Comrade Biden has proven himself to be an agent of the Chinese Communist Party.
          And we all know what the punishment for treason is.

          1. Please go to Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. We need to reinstate our rightful president.

        2. Welfare has been used for a good amount of control also especially over the black population. Welfare needs to be abolished as there are churches and charities that receive tax breaks and donations to do this job. Taxpayers should never have been robbed to support other people. We have got to stop encouraging Socialism if we don’t want it to take over our country.

      2. With ALL OF THE ABOVE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT…WHERE ARE OUR CONSERVATIVE REPS? WHY ARE THEY NOT DRAFTING ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT? As aConservative, I don’t understand where MY representatives are & why they aren’t doing ANYTHING (seemingly), to remove this entire administration….it’s not like the leftists haven’t given enough reason! If it’s left up to the civilians, then the RINO’s & the slacking Republicans AND Conservatives must pay a price as well. IT LOOKS LIKE A CASE OF EPIDEMIC POLITICAL SUICIDE!

        1. You are so right. Get off your butts and draft articles of impeachment. Biden is completely useless. Write to your reps. I have done it many times. Do you jobs.

          1. You are correct, Democrats have control so impeachment likely will not work. Please go to Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. We need to reinstate our rightful president.

          2. History has been written in blood, not with ink. No letter, editorial, book has ever rallied the people or stopped tyranny. Nor has letters to the President, to Congress or to state legislators has ever stopped tyranny. lay down the pen and employ the sword.

          3. Please go to Arizona State senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. Please share on social media and with everyone you know. We need to reinstate our rightful president.

          4. Democrats have control so impeachment likely will not work. Please go to Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. Please share on social media and with everyone you know. We need to reinstate our rightful president.

        2. That POS, joe, even admitted he was committing treason when he extended the ban on eviction of renters. GOP are sitting on their thumbs and one in the mouth and rotating every 15 minutes. The GOP did nothing when they were in power and are doing even less now.

        3. There’s only one truly conservative representative in the people’s House: Dan Crenshaw. I’d like to include Lauren Boebert, but the jury’s still out on her because she’s too new to have a voting history.

        4. Impeachment likely will not work as Democrats have control. As much as they hated President Trump they twice could not impeach him. Please go to Arizona State senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. She has I believe over 100,000 signatures and she wants at least 1 million to proceed with. Please share on social media and with everyone you know. We need to reinstate our rightful president.

    3. he actually WANTS Afghanistan to go down because it helps China be able to get routes thru – trust me, he’s all about helping China

      1. Also, China wants Afghani resources such as iron, copper, rare earth materials and gold. They have been acquiring mines and farmland all over the world

      2. I agree, everything was planned right down to Biden’s vacation. They knew what was going to happen. Please go to Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. Please share with everyone you know and on social media.


      1. Please go to Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. Please share on social media and with everyone you know.

    5. Don’t think that this whole cluster-fork wasn’t planned, this is how the leftists will allow 10’s of 1,000’s of terrorist’s (seeking asylum), into the U.S.A.

    6. He’ll never make a second term. I can’t believe they stole the election for that rank incompetent. And right behind him is another worse incompetent.

        1. Not if we can get the election decertified and our rightful president reinstated. Please go to Arizona State senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. Please share with everyone you know and on social media.

      1. Please go to Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. Please share on social media and with everyone you know. We need to reinstate our rightful president.

    7. my neighbor’s aunt makes 62 every hour on the internet.. she has been without work for eight months but the previous HAx month her revenue was 19022 only working on the laptop 5 hours a day.. check this …… 𝐒𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐏𝐀𝐘𝟏.𝐜𝐨𝐦

    8. my neighbor’s aunt makes 62 every hour on the internet.. she has been without work for eight months but the previous month her revenue was 19022 only working on the laptop 5 hours a day.. check this …… 𝐒𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐏𝐀𝐘𝟏.𝐜𝐨𝐦

    1. Democrats have control so impeachment likely will not work and we would end up with Harris anyway. She is no more in charge than Biden is.. Please go to Arizona State senator Wendy Rogers Twitter page and sign to decertify the election. Please share with everyone you know and on social media.

  2. Who the hek are the 46% who approve? The same ones born in the 1800’s who voted for him? Jill and Hunter of course, and a few others, but they’re not 46%. And as for calling for him to resign, what safeguard do they propose regarding the veep, who, as things stand now, will take over if he does resign?

    1. Think back a few years. The peanut (1976-1980), the “beaver eater” (1992-2000), the “c^o^o^n” (2008-2016), and now Joe and the ho (2020)… Never forget Benghazi and the vietnam abandonment…

      1. You’re right! It’s been going on for a while and it seems the “frogs” are so use to the temperature of the sewage they aren’t able to see what’s going on now! It’s IN OUR FACES!!

    2. Like I just said…. those who vote Demonratic are Ignorant and Stupid…. they’ll approve right up till they’re shackled.

      1. Very sad…but true!!!!! They are blinded by all the “freebees” They will sh*t their shorts when it comes to payback time!!!!!!!!

      1. YES
        …We need Marxist Kamala….to finish Obama / Sorus/ Biden’s job …
        To bring America to its knees

        This trio are traitors to the nation they are bent on destroying.

  3. The pudding brain just said, before he went on vacation, the taliban and al qaeda will NOT take back Afghanistan!!! What say you now, puddin head???
    When will it end??? Will it end when AMERICA, gets blown up??? Because THAT IS ON THE WAY, watch the taliban they hate AMERICA ALMOST AS MUCH AS bid en/ har ris COMMUNIST REGIME!!!

    1. Joe either was misunderstood or made a misstatement. What he was trying to say was they weren’t going to get the afghan that he got as a Christmas gift.


  4. I’m sorry, but liberals are just plain dumb. It is totally unreal that even one person would still approve of this guy or anything the radical globalist left are doing.

      1. So you’re tellin’ me they have brains? Brains that have been “tainted”?
        I think they’re JUST PLAIN THAT IGNORANT and STUPID!

  5. Is China pulling the strings on the Biden’s?
    Why are the Biden’s so corrupt?.. The Clintons got away with it? Selling off their position with the Government? Money,? Power,? Hate for the American people ? Hate for the American government ? Hate for our Flag,? Hate for the American way of life? Love of China,? Love of Russia,? Do they really think they are the elites of our Country,? They are the ruling Class,? Till we hold these traitor’s accountable, this nightmare will continue. Biden screwed up our energy’ created inflation, ruined our Southern Border, not even going to go into world events and the disasters he has created that are still ongoing, no leadership skills at all, total failure ,in everything he has done, fun and games writing executive mandates, now we are all going to have to pay the price for his incompetence.

    1. “fun and games writing executive mandates”. Now, Charles A Wilkins, what makes you so sure her wrote them, let alone read what was In them?

      1. Precisely. NumbNuts Crooked Joe couldn’t write out his Evening Snack Request at “the home”. PUDDING’s a helluva tough thing to try to describe.
        He’s the quintessential puppet for the SCUM.
        They might as well have an effing gerbil stand up and try to speak intelligibly.
        One of these days in the not too distant future, he’ll stand up their lip syncing to some old video of a 1950’s Japanese Science Fiction movie, WAY out of sync, of course, and the Majority will oooh and aaah and say Yup, Right On, Comrade, DOWN with Republicans!
        The Democrats are Haplessly, Hopelessly STUPID.

    1. Not really. You need a different perspective. If you are a fan of Globalism which is anti Nation State you need the United States of America to become a failed state. Globalism can’t occur as long as we are independent. From this perspective they are doing a fine job.

      1. Indeed, glenn. The Demonrats are Successfully Doing JUST as they Intended.
        It will be MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for them unless they are DESTROYED.

  6. these numbers are WAY TO SWEET for this guy; wouldn’t be surprised if the TREUTH was known … biden’s popularity from coast to coast is less than 1 out-ta-three !

  7. Our only true hope can be found in Jesus Christ and the God who created this world. I know that He is so sad to see all that is happening because we not only have an inefficient President but the same type of government right now.

    1. It is a WAY Worse predicament than having an “inefficient” president and government!
      It is having a CROOKED and CORRUPT president and government.

  8. Yes this is another fact of the total ignorance of the Biden Administration, he US Military’s Primary reason for existence is to defend the US Constitution agaionst all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC, as such the US Military should be doing their job going into the White House aressting Biden, Peloszi, Schumer, Shift, Harris et al and create a Military Tribumal for their trail on Treason and perjury against their oath of office. This entire situation is absxurd for people to permit its continuatiion, the entire lot of this Administration and ALL Democrats need to be purged from our government

  9. What is truly amazing is that 46% still approve! He is shameful and inept, but unfortunately Kamala and Nancy are worse.

  10. Time to Impeach the Human Tater Tot biden and the Bimbo harris for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution

    1. The Demonrats are in the majority, Tragically.
      THAT’S Why the approval rating is what it is.
      And they are SO brainwashed and DUMB that they will STAY Demonrats, and APPROVE of Any other Demonrats, right up until they are Communist “nothings” with virtually NO freedom.

  11. I want to know what morons make up 46% of approval? Morons is to kind of name.
    You are traitors to your country, it’s citizenry and seriously disrespectful to all the men and women in uniform. Which by the way, are the protectors and defenders of your twisted ways.
    Don’t worry. When the ship goes down, we’re all going to make sure you’re first. You’re welcome!

    1. AND the Party’s, AND his son’s, AND……………..
      On ‘n On ‘n On.WAY More than even a mentally Sharp person could possibly handle….so HOW d’ ya’ think Ol’ Droolin’ Dipshit is gonna do?

  12. An American loss. If I were a cartoonist, I would show Biden running away with his tail tucked in his areshole!

  13. Leave Joe Biden in there for it will result in the biggest Republican Party victory in American History in 2022 election!!!! He cannot help being a total incompetent American leader!! Only problem will our American Democracy be destroyed by then!!!……

  14. Who and where are the people that approve at this point that are in this poll? Are we polling our enemies like China, Russia and the Taliban, because I sure think they approve! We have open borders and are literally allowing people from all over the world to stream across our southern border creating new variants of the virus during a pandemic. We have Biden begging OPEC to drill more oil while he shuts down our oil production and pipelines here at home, oh and he allows Russia to open a pipeline at the same time. Now we have Afghanistan, where no adult must be in the room since they had no idea they would lose the whole country in 2 weeks time and decided to tell their enemy when they were pulling out and did not do it during the winter when the enemy would not be fighting.

    Joe Biden is not to blame, these people that put him in office are to blame. Joe Biden is not capable of being President of anything above a condo association, and he proves it daily!

  15. There should be no discussion about Joe. The things to talk about should be how much prison time does a traitor like him get?

  16. The OdiJarret moron holdovers couldn’t be bothered to read a think. Their envy of Trump brings Hubris a new meaning for their actions. Biden is a diaper wearing joke. Nobody and I mean nobody takes this clown seriously.

    1. Oh, but they DO., MAC. THERE lies the Real problem…. that they EVER took this crooked knave, OR almost Any other Democrat, seriously. There are TWO reasons for being a Democrat…. either be Incredibly STUPID…. or be Incredibly BRAINWASHED…. and to be Incredibly Brainwashed, you have to be at least QUITE STUPID.

  17. Whoever is telling u these numbers are full of it, no one approves, of this fool, hidenbiden, u have to be an idiot, to think this unfit,dementia, disaste,r has done anything right since,jan20th.

  18. Biden is tucked comfortably into his Delaware mansion so his won’t come out to take any responsibility. What’s worse is where in the hell is his cohort in crime Harris?? She is VP but does absolutely nothing to give any help to her pathetic boss. She is a disaster in her own right and if Biden passes we’ll think back to the good old days when Biden was alive. Not really funny.

  19. As a retired orthopedic surgeon I can tell you that most doctors in my specialty and age group are conservative and voted for Trump but Im afraid we are seeing the effect of liberal influence on the younger physicians now starting from schools K through 12.

    1. Yes I agree and can tell you from personal experience.
      Couple of friends have Doc (children)
      They may be smart in medicine, but idiots in matters such as government.

    2. But of course. Generally, the younger they are, the more IGNORANT they are. It’s been that way Forever, but’s it’s just deteriorating like EVERYthing else and is Squared now. IDIOTS.
      “If you’re not Somewhat liberal when you’re 20, you don’t have a heart. If you’re not A CONSERVATIVE by the time you’re 40, you don’t have a brain”.
      Well, we’ve been basically Godless and SO dumbed down for SO long now that we’re making those FATAL mistakes made by SO many before us and are Well in our way to RUIN.

  20. I wonder if Ambassador Ross Wilson made it out. His plane was ready to flee ten hours ago. It’s worrisome because the U.S. has lost eight ambassadors, two in crashed planes and five by terrorist action. Of the latter six, four were killed by radical Muslims.

    Deaths at the hands of Muslims include Cleo A. Noel, Jr. (1973 Khartoum), Francis E. Meloy, Jr. (1976 Beirut), Adolph Dubs (1979 Kabul) and Christopher Stevens (2012 Benghazi). John Gordon Mein was killed by rebels (1968 Guatemala City) and Rodger P. Davies by Greek Cypriots (1974 Nicosia).

  21. Why are we fretting about some camel hole when our own camel hole is decaying before our pot reddened eyeballs? Can’t Americans figure out–after about twenty of these war orchestrating campaigns–that our Sovereignty is vital for our economic stability and national security? Let those people hash out their own issues, and focus American Leadership functions on our borders, bringing our jobs back, forging our energy independence and improving our infrastructure.

  22. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a Democrat tradition

    1. Wilson was completely outmaneuvered by Clemenceau at Versailles
    2. Truman gave Eastern Europe and North Korea to Stalin
    3. Truman abandoned Korea after MacArthur had won
    4. Teddy Kennedy and John Tunney sabotaged Vietnam after Nixon had won; 900,000 Vietnamese friends of America disappeared
    5. Clinton abandoned Somalia
    6. Obama and Biden gave Iraq and Syria to ISIS
    7. and now Biden has given Afghanistan back to al Qaeda

    Democrats have been traitors since 1850.

    1. Wilson was coerced not only to involve America in WWI, but also to sign the Federal Reserve Act into law, which he woefully regretted .

      Truman (Middle name Solomon) took over from the socialist administration of Roosevelt to orchestrate the expansion of that ideology around the globe.

      Kennedy was fooling around on his wife which, much like Bubba Clinton, rendered him vulnerable to ‘influence’ from certain political interests that sought to expand conflicts and socialist governments worldwide.

      ODumbo was a poster child not only for minority-rule-by-unseen hands, but his latent homosexuality was a cautionary rumor circulated and kept in check if that idiot made an unapproved gesture, or he did not speak as he was told.

      Trump came in as a breath of fresh air, until we watched him don a Yarmulke and bang his head on the Wailing Wall.

      Numb Nuts benefited from a political coup orchestrated by liberals to install top-to-bottom a socialist administration, and his sordid past will be kept in check, lest that moron start to feel his political oats, and ad lib his unique views counter to the party line.

  23. We’re supposed to believe that the biggest disaster of a president in the last hundred years, if not ever, still has 46 percent approval? I don’t believe he has 46% approval in his own family!

  24. This man is destroying our country & I doubt he even knows it but he is definitely doing it on purpose! RESIGN BIDEN!

    1. He’s just the marionette for those who Are in power.
      We NEED to Destroy them ALL, NOT just their “frontispiece”.

  25. Seven months of Biden has been a complete disaster. He needs to go. Clueless wonder surrounded by clueless aides. He is a total embarrassment as is the loony left.

  26. Xoe Xiden isn’t the legitimate president anyway and they had to install him for multiple reasons, because they needed someone who was more incompetent than Obama and they needed someone who wouldn’t be able to figure out any of the complexities of the country so that the Chinese would have full reign over the world. The other reason is that Nancy pantiwaste wouldn’t have any shot at becoming president unless they put a stooge in place

  27. The figures were a joke, an insult to our intelligence, right from the start. They are even more that now. Our intelligence has been assaulted too much by these cretins, over covid and now this.

  28. Buyer’s Remorse. The “WOKE” crowd says this is “unexpected.” It’s only unexpected because the “WOKE” crowd didn’t listen to people who knew what they were talking about, had witnessed and studied “Sleepy Joe,” and warned them what would happen.
    Forensic audits show that the only way “Sleepy Joe” made it to the White House was to load the Ballot Box! It’s enjoyable to watch those who stole the election are getting more than they bargain for!

    1. AREN’T they though! And it’s NOT the dumbass and ignorant woke folk, they were outnumbered AND defeated. It’s the SICKOS, the EVIL that Now has the know-how to be in power.
      HOPEFULLY for us All…… just for now. TEMPORARY. Or we are TRULY _________.

  29. Joe knows the game. He saw the fall of Saigon in 1875. The guy is a fake and the American people may get smart.
    Hides and then comes out and. Tries to sell a deal? Strange man and definitely part of the Washington Swamp!
    The poor people of Afganistan and Al Queda sees the weakness and War will now be on American soil.

  30. Jobama is the puppet scapegoat, Obama is dancing right now..they are bringing the refugees to the US and we will be taking care of them along with the millions of illegals we have now, the European countries no longer think we are winners due to the left..we are in one huge mess, terrorism again, death and loss of our resources, suffering of all these people in both countries. He needs to be impeached, both he and Harris…undoing all of Trumps hard work and successful work…WE AS AMERICANS MUST STOP ALLOWING WHAT IS GOING ON! God help us all.

  31. Forty years of bad decisions and you thought that things would change with this guy in charge? I am afraid that this bumbling will cause us trouble in other critical places in the world ( Taiwan and Korea ). Look out we are on a slide ” down the razor blade of life ” !

  32. For at least 3 month who in the world believes Biden’s numbers have been positive ? Just exactly what has he done that would garner positive approval? The only people happy are his rich cronies who’ll get richer over the infrastructure boondoggle! Are Americans happy about gas prices? Unemployment? Race relations? His foreign policiy? Inflation? FBI corruption? CDC lying? Good heavens, only the uninformed, unaware dolts could find him tolerable.

  33. LISTEN UP…GOD’S BLESSING is NOT with PREZ BIDEN ….it is STILL with PREZ TRUMP. With KING DAVID Not KING SAUL. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

    1. I’ll say it AGAIN. There comes a time WHEN a people are NO LONGER BLESSED! Read Jewish history for starters!!! This country has to a LARGE degree, become a strife filled, demonic, evil, morally bankrupt Shithole.
      That is NOT a people that God BLESSES. PERIOD.

    1. Naaaaaw, THAT part of the anatomy is extremely Necessary to Life and Precious.
      He’s what comes OUT of the Anus orifice.

  34. Stupid is as Stupid Does! Besides forgetful Joe I have a stupid sister who loves him and the demoncrats. No matter what I say to her she blames Trump for everything. Gas prices its Trumps fault. High food prices its Trumps fault. Shootings in demoncrat cities its Trumps fault. Guess I’ll never understand how brain washed people think!

    1. I know there are people out there like your sister but I just keep thinking…so many things have gone so wrong…they’ve got to be seeing the light…how does she defend anything he has done….just “loves him”…for what? He even got lost trying to find his way back into the White House…I really don’t get it….it’s more than brain wash….they can only be “brain washed” if for whatever reason they are open to it….what makes them receptive to such ideas and people….?

  35. Hopefully ol’ joe will agree to resume building the wall or else there might be some ISIS and Al Qaeda visitors also crossing our borders down south. By then, if they’re found out, it will be too late.

  36. I pity Joe Biden. He was placed, by others, into a job he cannot even begin to properly discharge. He was a simple, reliable Senate vote for Delaware interests (chemicals and banking) and Democrat Party policies – no thinking involved. Then he was chosen as VP because he was a smiling face who posed no threat to overshadow Obama. But then this vacuous smiling face became the only Democrat who was not completely unelectable because of their radical left politics. Now Joe Biden is in a complex job with no grasp of what to do. Such is the results of a fixed election.

  37. Joe, to the American people, I’ve returned, The buck stops with me,,, or Hunter, as far as Afghan is concerned that’s all Trump’s fault, no questions, because we have no answers, surprise, surprise surprise, as you can tell by the photo taken at Camp David “we decided to take this action”, where are the others?

  38. Whoever is in the 46% needs to remove at least one of your six masks you have on because your oxygen levels may be suffering!

  39. Drool Cup Joe is a complete disgrace. What he is doing is beyond stupid and inept. It is a betrayal of the United States and sends the message to our enemies that Biden is a coward.

  40. This is a small portion of what Biden said on Monday regarding Afghanistan……

    “American troops cannot — and should not — be fighting and dying in a war that Afghan forces are by and large not willing to fight and die in themselves”.

    President Joe Biden – Monday, Agust 16…..

    This is a lie. Since Jan 2015, when Afghans took over combat operations, 53-57,000 Afghan soldiers have died in combat fighting the Taliban-including more than 2,600 this year. Afghans, with US air support, held off the Taliban for more than six years. Joe Biden took away the air support!

    1. How can you think that Biden could ever have a second term as Potus? Not a chance in a world. He didn’t even win in 2020; Trump was defrauded, period.

  41. I’m impressed that the “undecided” is down to 1%. Could it be that Americans are starting to pay attention?

  42. The President is doing better than I thought he would. Remember he spent months in his basement before the election. Those who voted for him should have taken this into consideration. He did not sound very stable to me then.

  43. This too will pass.
    Non vaccinated already losing their jobs. That’s the next big economic problem the non-vaccinated are giving us as well as more mandates, lockdowns and government telling us what to do. No more world policeman, just steer the economy.

  44. You have damaged this country beyond repair idiot two idiots an the whole democrat party are stupid an the ones that voted for these people are just as stupid

  45. President Biden has proven time and again throughout his long political career that he is not a reliable and trustworthy leader. He is essentially a political opportunist who apparently puts self interest first. His already short stint as our president and CINC has shown that he is more interested in pursuing an agenda that is not in keeping with America’s true history, traditions, and national interests. This Afghan exit debacle will have serious long term negative consequences for the U.S. going forward. Leadership at all levels of our government, from President Biden on down, now needs to be seriously evaluated for competency and trustworthiness. Troubled waters ahead if the American public does not wake up soon!

  46. Dear Sirs, Biden is the Great Reset puppet. Next step Taiwan. Taipei as Kabul. This is written into Great Reset plan. Stop to USA in the World, this is written into the Great Reset Agenda 2030. The Davos company want command over all the World. The organizator is Klaus Schwab, born 1938, Nazi schools. If I was the CIA I will have deleted. I hope that Trump and Putin synergie can deleted him. He is also the NWO founder.
    My Question to the American peolple. Exist an contract between Great Reset and China? Exchanging Taiwan with the release the Covid in the World, so to create the New World Post Pandemic? The Great Reset has planned the end of the individual freedom and private property before 2030.

  47. Come on man! Cannot believe there are really 46% out there that actually consider old china-joe in the positive…

  48. Most people especially democrat voters did not realized who they were voting for. They were warned many times not to vote this man in the White House., Biden works in U.S. Congress in the Senate and as vice President under Obama for 47 years doing nothing, no accomplishment and now this AFGHANISTAN debacle, the most outrageous BLUNDER OF ALL TIME. Why this situation happened? He is surrounded by his favorites picks of incompetent military advisers and in CIA (all screwed up) or maybe these guys made a recommendation what to do on the withdrawal of troops but override by this old man. Pres. Trump was right about DEMS. Big mouth but no action and if there were actions mostly went KAPUT AND PPFFFFTTTTT. Pathetic

  49. 46% approval??? This proves that 46% of those polled are missing 7 bulbs in their 8 light chandelier, and the remaining bulb is very dim.

  50. I have a thought lately that EVERYONE should either read or re-read “The Manchurian Candidate” and watch or re-watch the movie. I’m not suggesting that Biden was “brain washed” by the Chinese communists because I don’t think he has enough brain to wash – plain and simple answer is he was BOUGHT.

  51. This has to be a joke. If the left didn’t have there head in the clouds the numbers should be 20% or less approval for Biden, considering the damage he and his “accomplices” have done and continue to do to this nation. In my opinion, he should be arrested along with the rest of “them”. Impeachment should be a given. I have never seen such blatant misuse of authority by a president as he has.
    If we have any moral sense at all, we would be praying for God’s intervention. God bless the USA!

  52. The entire administration is inept and needs to resign. If just the President resigns then we have the Vice President who is just as inept. If she resigns, then we get the Speaker of the House. Oh, good grief! What horrendous choices America has made.

  53. Only the libs with IQ’s below their qualifying limit of 50 which includes 95% of them can stand by Joebama. Why aren’t they talking about doing their duty and demanding the 25th amendment. I know they are busy shutting down our economy and mandating we wear three masks, but the fall of Afghanistan has opened the doors and emboldened every one of our enemies.

  54. The big problem with Biden resigning is Harris will be POTUS. The good thing is that Harris can’t jam through her pick for VP since she will no longer be the tie breaker. Although I am sure the Dem bootlicker Romney would vote to confirm Satan just to spite Trump.

  55. this “installed”,unelected demented,senile criminal reprobate doesn’t even know where he is (unless guided by handlers) can’t even read from a teleprompter. and STILL there seem to be people who refuse to “get it”.. Our republic is in far deeper trouble than it has likely EVER been. on top of those VERY obvious issues ,”he” IS a KNOW racist,child molester, thief, America hating communist.. When will the slobbering idiots who ACTUALLY voted for that wake up !!?

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