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According to disturbing new reports, a critical mass of Republicans in the Senate are preparing to give in and throw their support behind President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill.

As The Hill reports:

Senate Republicans are about to hand President Biden a huge political victory by voting for a historic $1 trillion infrastructure package that the president can then tout as fulfilling a campaign pledge to restore bipartisanship in Washington.

GOP senators and aides predict as many as 20 Republicans — twice the number needed to avoid a filibuster — could vote for the legislation, which would provide the most funding in decades for roads, airports, railroads, drinking water and other priorities.

“I think everybody pretty much knows what they’re going to do. I think some people are trying to get to yes,” said a Republican senator who helped craft the legislation that was unveiled on Sunday. “So my prediction is 20.”

The legislation needs 60 votes to overcome a filibuster and make it to final passage, meaning no more than 10 Republicans are needed.

If Republicans end up caving to Biden on the bill they will be giving up a historic opportunity to stop the further growth of big government while handing Democrats a massive policy victory.


  1. What the h–l is wrong with Republicans? ARE THEY REALLY DESERTING THEIR CONSTITUENTS? I am so done WIth these liars! I am in my 10th year as a hardworking PRECINCT CHAIR and am disgus ted ! NOT ONE THIN DIME WILL GO TO THESE JERKS!

    1. I have been saying that exact same thing since they stabbed Trump in the back and then try to use him to raise money and rinos will never receive my support again. Trump has to let everyone know how to see that the money gets to him and not one rino with one thin dime.


  2. God forbid congress actually does something good for America. Y’all want no progress at all so you get to say how Biden never got anything done. Tough titties!

    1. “Tough Titties”?! Too Funny! What are you…12?!
      Is there ANY wonder that we’re in the Mess we’re in?!

    2. Hi Biden is a pedophile traitor n he lost this election everyone knows this biden couldnt lead an army of ants to a pinic ! Oh yeah he is also a communist pig

  3. If it is used for infrastructure that would be one thing BUT they need to get all the pork out of the bill. I know the Democrats won’t do that, probably they will add more pork.

  4. How many in the GOP congress have been bribed . . WE THE PEOPLE are telling you to vote NO on the Infrastructure Bill, the USA taxpayers cannot afford it. . . Do as your told or you will not win back the House, Senate & the White House

    1. Trump will be back and clean out the cess pool via the elections. All the rinos are targets today so the GOP can win in the future with real people in those seats not these good old go along boys and girls whose very souls are damned.

  5. Screw this communist democrat budget and invoke a moratorium on paying any more taxes until they get this communist bunch of crap democrats out of office!

  6. Republican Congressmen/women have a desperate need for Democratic friends…even though those kind of friends will stab you in the back. Guess we now have 19 MCCain Rino’s willing to turn back the clock so they can capitalize on the perks Dems receive.

  7. Amazing how it’s called an infrastructure Bill I live in Florida, our Governor has not stopped with new building and repairing in this State, its going on everywhere you look. It has not stopped even through Covid. What have the other States done with their monies, at least we see the proof.

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