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A network of groups aligned with George Soros and his Open Society Foundation are now reportedly pressuring President Biden to ignore Chinese human rights abuses in the name of fighting climate change.

As The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Progressive groups backed by billionaire George Soros and several liberal philanthropies are calling on President Joe Biden to ignore China’s human rights record and partner with the Communist regime to fight climate change.

Forty-eight progressive organizations issued the letter to Biden this week, including prominent outfits like CODEPINK, Sunrise Movement, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and ActionAid USA. The groups accuse the White House and Congress of taking an “antagonistic approach” to U.S.-China relations that will serve as a “major barrier” to cooperation on climate change. Several of the groups have taken money from liberal organizations that have funded Chinese government-linked programs.

“We are deeply troubled by the growing Cold War mentality driving the United States’ approach to China—an antagonistic posture that risks undermining much-needed climate cooperation,” reads the letter, published by Politico.

The letter could open the groups and their progressive donors up to allegations of hypocrisy. While the organizations say they support human rights and pro-democracy causes, the letter glosses over China’s human rights record and its ongoing crackdown on pro-democracy groups. The letter makes only one passing reference to “human rights” and is far more critical of the United States than China. China has carried out genocide against Uyghur Muslims in western China, and Chinese authorities have cracked down on pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong.

These revelations beg the question of: If these Soros-aligned groups actually don’t really care about ‘human rights’ what do they care about?


  1. Now there is a TRUE PIG in a SUIT, maybe one of THEE most disgusting people to ever walk the face of the EARTH, next to pelosi,schumer schiff,nadler sanders,waters,warren and the clintons an d the obamas. he might be their leader

    1. Probably. Soros does not believe in sovereign borders, or any ‘nationalist’ fervor that develops among populations to protect their country, and forge policies to promote self-sufficiency and domestic economic systems. He’s a tried and true Globalist. Americans need to understand how influential these people are within our leadership circles. If America is to survive as a sovereign nation, we need to eliminate that influence, and focus on bringing our jobs, factories and troops back from foreign nations, and issue domestic economic currency (No more FED) while we restore our borders. Otherwise, we’ll be just another stateless rabble of serfs who’ll be servile to the Globalist elites.

  2. ‘Climate change’ is just a means of ‘income equalization’ for the Vatican folks. The CATHOLICS cannot make it on their own so have to have money come in from other sources. Vote for ANY CATHOLIC and you vote for a hundred nations and a thousand years of 100% FAILURE.

    1. I agree that those at the Vatican are evil, but the catholic people are not to blame for any of it. I don’t blame you for what our corrupt politicians do.

  3. China has nearly 40 coal-burning electrical power plants, most of them built less than 10 years ago. China is also the largest importer of coal for the very same reason. They have no intention of shutting any of them down for climate change. This all about destroying our workforce and economy. Hungry unemployed people are easier to control especially when they have children to feed.. The far left in this country could care less about you or your family. It’s all about power!

    1. “Hungry, unemployed people are easy to control..” There were multitudes of your hungry, unemployed people in the U.S. prior to WWII. They were motivated by the prospect of military employment, factory jobs (Even women worked in factories building planes, ships and other weapons) and an expanding government preparing for conflicts abroad. These hapless citizens suffered a Great Depression, and they would have jumped at the chance to find meaningful employment. We’re getting set for another form of depression: During Carter’s disastrous administration, an economic phenomenon called “Stagflation” slowed our economy to a crawl, in conjunction with a massive gasoline shortage. America has weathered fairly daunting setbacks under democratic leadership, but it looks like Numb Nuts has risen to the challenge of making things even worse.

  4. Does anyone remember what happened on 11September2001 and who was responsible? That IS correct – muslimes, which China is accused of abusing. And it is the muslimes who wish to put every person in the world under shariah law, including the Chinese! So think about this for a minute, the chinese are doing the world a service by decimating the camelheads in their country. Sounds like a pretty damned good idea………………..

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