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The first sentence has been handed down to someone involved in the January 6 Capitol incursion, angering leftists who thought rioters would receive much harsher sentences, including jail time.

The Daily Wire reports:

Anna Morgan-Lloyd, 49, from Indiana, was sentenced to probation and assessed a $500 fine after she pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor for trespassing, CNN reported. Federal Judge Royce Lamberth said Morgan-Lloyd avoided up to six months in jail because she wasn’t involved in any of the violence that took place on January 6 and condemned those who were.

“Some of these defendants are not going to do what you did. They’re not going to say they did anything wrong. They, to this day, would still participate in the demonstration,” Lamberth said, according to CNN. “… I don’t want to create the impression that probation is the automatic outcome here, because it’s not going to be.”

Lamberth also took the opportunity to take a shot at unnamed Republicans who he said were downplaying the events of January 6.

“I don’t know what planet they were on,” Lamberth said, without naming a single GOP lawmaker. He added that videos from the incident “will show the attempt of some congressman to rewrite history that these were tourists walking through the capitol is utter nonsense.”

According to the report, nearly 500 people have been charged in the January 6 incursion, with seven pleading guilty so far.


  1. So using this judges reasoning, then the RIOTS all summer were NOT mostly peaceful but outright violent as the videos will show but DEMS deny and why have they not been sentenced????? Double standard in our criminal justice system is showing.

    1. Sentenced? Heck, the few that were arrested in any of the riots practically walked in one door and out another.

  2. Why haven’t the ANTIFA and BLM rioters and anarchists’ been justifiably sentenced after all the looting, breaking and entering into private property, setting fires, etc. been dealt with in a similar fashion? The so call ‘Scale of Justice’ is seemingly unbalanced in this scenario.

  3. Unbelievable…..Piglosi means to punish everyone and anyone who might defy her….she is one sick and deranged person. This whole “rioting” and “insurrection” situation was a set up….and if an honest investigation was conducted…it would prove that…..but you know it won’t be….nothing is ever honest in her political swampy mess. NO ONE should have given any credence to these accusations….particularly the Republicans….they just don’t know how to play the game….find your narrative….which is often the correct one..and go with it….don’t be swayed or bullied into cowering to their “blame game”….so sick of this…..

  4. There’s something very wrong in our country ! Very few of these people committed any crime, the majority were let in by police officers. In Oregon rioters have been destroying the city for almost a year, the mayor condones it, the state Attorney General refuses to try any of the rioters, The Governor ignores everything but” what can I tax next”! When do the people get to stop this socialist garbage .

  5. Your all delusional it was not all the bullshit you say bunch of communists taking over our nation there will be a civil war soon

  6. It is alright to break into a store and take whatever you want and then burn the store down. But, for heaven sake do not protest this communist take over of our country by the globalist communist democrats and united nations elitist. These evil people smell blood now and they are not going to stop. There will be more fake viruses and climate change lock downs, and if that wont work, they will come up with something else. They want global communism and wont stop at anything until they get it.

    1. globalists and their puppet, democrat criminal party and rino criminal party will make the hard working American tax payers pay for it .

  7. If we can not get true justice from our courts then we will get justice else where…there is no separate set of laws for b l m and Antifa and another for g o p loyal citizens…this dividing of our country will only work so long before it will all blowup in your faces…demo rats we are coming for you soon.

  8. Talk about double standards. Capital, so called, rioters are fined and probation but the antifa and blm get nothing for burning down business, rioting, killing and looting and nothing happens to them. Most of the thug POS get release the same night they are taking to jail and the conservatives get locked up and waiting for sentencing, GO FIGURE! People in power is INSANE. Bunch of socialist/communist!

    1. globalist puppet antifa and globalist puppet blm and globalist puppet, libby snow flakes that invaded the capitol are the same globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep and F you moderators, go run home crying to your mommy .

  9. I want to know how come they dropped the charges on so many of the BLM rioters who have assaulted people and burned down buildings but they will make sure every republican has a record?

  10. There was a lot more disruption and threats from the Dem mobs during the Trump era Supreme Court nomination processes with NO action taken but with Dem congressional/senate support like China stooge Feinstein!

  11. If I had been arrested, for just being there, I too would have condemned the stupidity of some of those breaking things and acting like idiots, and would have apologized for going into a building without permission. However, that doesn’t mean I’d feel it was an insurrection at all. It was not. It wasn’t forceful entry for most people. It was simple stupidity for people to get sucked up by the paid activists or FBI who teased and taunted them into it. THINK, people, THINK!!!!!!

  12. I would like to know how they could be charged with trespassing when it is the People’s House, and those persons inside are employees of the people. It would seem to me that it’s no different than the owner of Walmart walking into one of their stores to check up on their employees and keep them in check.
    If the person damaged property or caused injury to another, that is an entirely different scenario.

  13. Extortion by all-powerful government prosecutors is equivalent to government criminality. These “Capitol Riot” prosecutors should be charged and tried as government sanctioned extortionists – and serve jail time. They have no place in the American DOJ. They would fit nicely in the old Soviet DOJ, or the modern Chinese Communist Party DOJ. This is PURE propaganda by a completely crooked federal government, given its marching orders by the loathsome Joe Biden, the illegal president.

  14. This is an outright disgrace. Everyone knows people were let in by police and the violence was by ANTIFA and BLM thugs brought in by Pelosi and company.

  15. Capital rioters are a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands arrested throughout the country from George Floyd’s murder and the BLM riots.. eight arrested in Scottsdale Arizona, a Phoenix suburb, and a whopping 252 in the small town of Kenosha Wisconsin.  The difference is that newspapers in every state have identified and published the names of the capital rioters. I saw what happened on TV dozens of times. They deserve punishment. Throwing rocks through store windows is not the same as trying to kill the vice president of the United States while he’s working. 

    1. Oh good grief….kill the vice President of United States….obviously Piglosi isn’t the only one deranged…..

  16. Sadly we no longer live in a just society. The rule of law has become the rule of the Demonic Rats. They will treat us how they want, when they want. They hold the iron fist of Tyranny above us. And if they are able to nationalize voting, my hope for a return to sanity looks more like a mirage.

  17. No my dear, BLM and Antifa dressed as Trump supporters arrived in Busloads whilst President Trump was still speaking down the road. It was all preplanned and DemoRATS in Congress were part of it as well as Capital Police who opened the doors and even showed the terrorists where to go. Including Mike Pence the traitor. Military have it all so dont worry. True Justice is coming

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