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Burger King has now taken aim at rival Chick-Fil-A in a series of tweets implicitly criticizing it for its stance against ‘LGBT’ rights.

As The Hill reports:

However, unlike previous capitalistic fanfare wars, this war is not just a measurement on which establishment has the better sandwich – this is for LGBTQ+ pride, USA Today reported.

On June 3, Burger King made a cheeky tweet saying it will donate up to $250,000 of the proceeds from its new premium chicken sandwich, Ch’King, to The Human Rights Campaign (HRC). For every hand-breaded chicken sold, 40 cents will go to the cause.

The company emphasized that the Ch’King is available on Sunday, taking a jab at Chick-fil-A which observes the Sabbath on Sunday.

Chick-fil-A is a fast food eatery known for its chicken-based meals. Before 2012, the restaurant regularly donated to anti-LGBTQ+ groups, and its CEO Dan Cathy said supporting same-sex marriage would invite God’s judgment on the country.

Are Americans ready for a new culture war fought on behalf of ‘LGBT’ rights and sponsored by corporate giants? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


          1. It is not exclusive to gays, but its main way of being spread for a long time was by “anal intercourse” — sodomy. That is why NBC Nightly News made a huge deal of it when Magic Johnson got it: here was someone who was heterosexual, and very popular, but he got it anyway.

    1. I’m in. I used to say that I wore Burger King underwear. Home of the whopper. But I’ll retire that joke now

    2. Look at the ingredients of the so called awesome whopper, what it does to men & realize that Bill gates is attached to it, not sorry! BK sucks!!!

    1. In order to “stick to” making anything good I believe they would need to shut down and reopen with a new business model…and what the hell is up with the plastic faced king? If these idiots are shooting for racial equality by removing an actual person’s face…they screwed that up too…he’s still a WHITE KING…idiots

  1. I’m not sure why we have to have this rainbow crap shoved down our throats, and not just for an entire month each year but every day all year long. If you are gay, lesbian yadda yadda yadda, so be it. Go live your lives the way you see fit and be happy if that’s what you like. We don’t need to have it front and center of all the media, all the time. I’m sure if there was a heterosexual pride month there’d be a deafening roar of outrage from the libretards on a scale that would bust your ear drums!

    1. I agree. It seems that every show on television HAS to have some gay character that plays a major role. Think Chicago Med, Fire, New Amsterdam, 911, the list goes on. Do your thing but don’t go pushing your agenda in my face.

      1. William, their thing is to push their agenda in our faces.

        People aren’t homosexual because they want to be. They’re homosexual because they’re deceived by the adversary. His purpose is to deceive everyone in order to take over God’s creation and become God in His place.

        Homosexuality is just one of the ways the adversary gets people to follow him. When people do what the adversary wants them to do, he considers them his followers whether they do it by coercion, by deception, or by choice. It makes no difference to the adversary because all he cares about is that people do not follow the one, true God.

        1. I gave up Hallmark since last year. I watch the UP channel. Similar movies and much better productions.

    2. The gays and perverts have “stolen” the Rainbow from God Himself. It was the token of a promise that He would never again destroy the entire earth with a flood. Here’s a rhetorical question from the Bible, “Will a man rob God”?

  2. I’m at a loss in understanding why corporate giants like Burger King and Chick-fil-a even care who the general public sleeps with. I personally think it’s rediculous and businesses need to stay out of the bedrooms of EVERYONE! Just stick to selling sandwiches, please.

    1. Maybe this will help. People run corporations and they have the right to donate their money the way they choose. That’s the American way and you don’t have to like it. Nothing to do with bedrooms.

      1. We stopped supporting Chic-Fil-A when Dan Cathey turned against God and the U.S. and supported the terrorist Black Lives Matter. Never have eaten Burger King. I certainly agree that corporations need to STAY OUT OF POLITICS … they are licensed to serve the public and should not even be allowed to contribute to any political organization. Their employees can give to whomever they choose and keep their mouths shut. We miss Chic-Fil-A, but Zaxby’s serve a pretty good cx sandwich, and thus far I haven’t heard them taking sides against God or the U.S.A. Perhaps I’m just not informed.

        1. Guess I missed Chic-fil-A flip flopping and didn’t hear about it. Don’t have one here and closest one 100 miles away in a mall. Usually go to local mom & pop places. Tired of the corporate BS.

      2. It has everything to do with business when they try to make an issue out of it. If they were sincere about their donations they would go about them quietly and not use them for their corporate gain. That my friend is the Lord’s way.

      3. That’s Ok, I just vote with my money.Hated Burger King here for years, so this isn’t any big deal to me.

    2. So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.” ~Genesis 1:27
      This is the basis of Faith Based business~ which B.K. is NOT!

  3. I used to like Burger King’s whopper and some of its other sandwiches but no more. I’ll support Chic-Fil-A from now on. I know one small dent won’t make any difference to such a large corporation, but its MY dent and I’ll stick to my commitment and not eat anything from Burger King from now on.

  4. Thanks for reminding me, I haven’t had a Cjick-fil-A this week yet. Way superior product to anything burger “king” may make, without the sneezing and saliva added.

  5. I do not think you can force anyone to support what they don’t believe in. And as Americans that is our right. It is not for us to judge people (that’s God’s job) but that doesn’t mean we have to embrace every new thought. People are still free in this country but they are trying to take individual choices away from us. Don’t let them do it. And I read somewhere that they tried to have a “straight” parade but were turned down for a permit. Hmmm, wonder why that was?

    1. Good question. They already have more rights than anybody else, since everyone is afraid to offend them. I don’t eat chicken, but Burger king is out of the question from now on.

    2. They believe it is their “right” to shove their life style in our faces and try to make us accept what is abnormal as normal. And they are now forcing it on young children with distorted school curriculums!

    3. Everything under the sun. Heterosexuals have no rights as far as gays are concern. If heterosexuals made their own flag, parade and proud month they would be destroyed. I just can’t see how such a small group has made the chuches, politicians, and businesses buckled.

  6. I just don’t have time for such a small percentage of the population who defines themselves by their sexual preference.
    I don’t hate them, nor even have a dislike for them, I really just don’t care because they want total acceptance for whom they are, when there is in fact no such thing in humanity.
    And I would point out, they want that which they do not give themselves, for no part of humanity is pure.
    They have equal rights under the LAW, asking for EVERYONE to accept them is total B.S., because that means they want others to set aside their beliefs.
    Too bad, that is NOT how humans are, nor should they be.

    1. I knew and know Gays who do not feel the way you are expressing. But they also should not be discriminated and looked down upon.If you do not know them personally..dont judge.

  7. Chick-Fil-A has the right to close on Sunday. It has nothing to do with preventing gay folks from eating a chicken sandwich. They can go somewhere else like the rest of us. Burger King needs to just move on. I will not be buying their Pride Burger, but I might have a Whopper if I’m in the mood. It’s really not that important in the big picture of what’s going on in the world right now. Let’s stay focused people!

    1. Liberal socialists are changing our nation because they have worked in the small things (like a Pride burger) unnoticed for YEARS!

  8. Haven’t eaten at Burger King in decades, and don’t plan of starting to either. LGBTQ is nothing to be proud about.

  9. Let’s put it this way, I used to go to Burger King for a sandwich on occasion. Now that they are getting political, I guess I will get my sandwiches at Chick-a-filet…

  10. dumbest thing I heard today
    burger King is killing itself
    keep up the obnoxious ranting
    I’m sure the wokeees hear you

  11. Bu)lying does not fare well. We really are sick of being forced to do what others deem we should do, however, we still choose where we wish to eat. This country has gone Communist and half the people have yet to wake up.

    t he people

  12. Why don’t businesses stick to BUSINESS and quit promoting perversion? Serve everyone but don’t promote their agenda!

  13. Easy- peasy…..simply do not spend one red cent at Burger King…..let them eat their own “Whoppers”!!!!!

  14. More sales for Chick-Fil-A! Instead of virtue signaling, BK should be more concerned about their filthy restaurants.

  15. Burger King is wrong to start this crap.. I don’t often eat at either place, but will avoid eating at Burger King in the future. If a company wants to close on Sunday, fine.

  16. First of all; I haven’t eaten at Burger King since I was in the 5th grade, so obviously their food isn’t that great anyway.
    But more directly, because they don’t sell good food, the only way they can compete with anyone, including Chic Fil A is to try and start some social media controversy to garner attention and maybe some support from those who support these social ideologies. It’s a scam to get customers. You really think the upper management people who make hundreds of thousands per year care about people suffering from gender dysphoria or other personal issues??? Better think again. Regardless of their stance on social issues, Chic Fil A makes better food, has much better customer service and is overall a much better dine out experience. That always wins the day!
    Peace ☮️

  17. “USA Today headline said of the donation, “Burger King takes aim at Chick-fil-A with plans to donate to LGBTQ group for every chicken sandwich sold.” Like Coke~ BK now woke~ and off my list.

  18. Once upon a time, ALL businesses were closed on Sunday, as a way to let their employees worship as they pleased. WHY is it now cause swipes and gripes is a company decides to close on Sunday? What business is it of anyone else? Props to Chick-fil-A for sticking to their beliefs. Shame on Burger King for trying to sully their decision.

  19. Burger king is so hard up for business that the think the lgbtq will suddenly help their business well I will never buy another thing from the BK.

  20. Is Burger King that stupid…no one eats there anyway and now they choose to do this. I have never seen a line to get food at Burger King but there is always a line Chik fil a. You get what you deserve Burger King

  21. I won’t be eating at Burger King anymore. They can shove their hate up their rears. I’m sick of these jerks going after Christian based companies. Chick fil et stand your ground. I like your food. Burger King STUFF IT!!!!!

  22. When I was growing up you never even heard of LBGT rights and you never knew what companies donated to.

  23. I use to buy the Whopper now I will go to Chick-Fil-A and buy their chick-fil-a sandwich, I heard their sandwich is great!!!!!


    1. True I have boycotted so called conservative Chick-Fil-A since I saw Dan Cathy get down on his hands and knees to clean some black guys shoes as part of his reparations. Disgusting…

  25. Chik-fil-A bowed down on a previous fight and many customers stopped going there. No matter, to a point, they are always busy, from what I see. But they need to stand on their morals and not give in. Don’t fight, just stand for what’s right.

  26. Burger King will never compare to Chic fil A for a delicious sandwich. This is a country where everyone gets an opinion! Get over it and don’t eat there if u don’t like what they are about. I notice that when passing a Chic they are always busy. Not so with BK.

  27. I am not a big fast food fan, but I was thinking about trying BK’s chicken sandwich. Not anymore! I’m tired of all the petty bickering by the left.

  28. Every Chick-Fil-A I have eaten at (before Covid) was kept spotless and in pristine condition. Any Burger King I have eaten at in recent times was filthy, run down, and downright grungy.
    I like to refer to Burger King as “Burger Fungus”.

  29. I’ll boycott BK and spend the money at Chick-fil-A instead. The only way to stand up to these idiots is to hit them where it hurts and show our support for the good guys.

  30. I do not eat Burger King but if I did, I would boycott them. God will bless Chick -fil-a over their stance.

  31. Well I guess I can take Burger King off my list of eateries I patron. I like chick fil A and Culver’s better than BK or even McD’s anyway. Too much filler and less real meat.

  32. “CEO Dan Cathy said supporting same-sex marriage would invite God’s judgment on the country.”

    Looks like he already has begun. He gave us ol’ joe.

  33. These boneheads just do not learn. What happened the last time the woke mobs took aim at Chik Fil A? Sales soared.

  34. Chick-Fil-A has the best chicken and service ever. That is why I go there. What they do with THEIR money is THEIR business.

  35. 2 John 10-11 gives us to know if one approves of a sinful activity that one shares in the iniquity.

  36. I really don’t think Chick-fil-A has anything to worry about. I see lines at every Chick-fil-A during the whole day but no lines at BK.

  37. I’ll never go to burger King again, keep your queer bullshit to yourself . Why do companies kowtow to gay or racist idiots like Burn Loot Murder or the LGBT scam artist in the first place.. Do you now need to be gay or black to eat fast food?

  38. BK, it’s a cause that’s not going to benefit your bottom line but likely to again benefit the bottom line of Chick-fil-A.

  39. Fine Burger King!! Go woke, go broke. I have eaten my last BK hamburger from your queer stores.

  40. Let’s go get a political burger! The companies are entitled to their opinion in a free society . Last I heard this is a free society. Despite the political divide promulgated and enforced by the news media. I din’t give a rat’s a– what their policies are just the question “are the sandwiches good”? Are you a Republocrat or a Demmican doesn’t influence my choice of drive thru fast food. Often the price does after the disastrous cr-p the shutdown has imposed on my wallet and the politicos still tax the F–k outa me. 32% Income tax, 10% sales tax, State and Federal gasoline tax, Excise taxes, Middleman markups on all hard goods, Tariffs’ and liquor taxes make up almost 70% of the tab on everything we buy so I ask what’s the price Jack?

  41. Goodbye Burger King. Not because of what you support but because you demand that everyone supports whatever you say. We all have a right to our beliefs and opinions.

  42. Good for Chick-fil-A! They are a Christian business that follows God’s laws. Our country is under judgement now and thumbing our nose at God will bring destruction!

  43. We love Chick-Fil-A and, because of their policies, will not ever eat at Burger King. We like that you are not open on Sunday and we stand firmly with your policies.

  44. I think Burger King should sit down. Their food sucks anyway.
    Chick-fil-A is always packed for a reason, and believe it or not, they also have a 1st Amendment right to their beliefs…

    Burger King is just using the LGBT brand to boost sales.

  45. How do you spell Sodom and Gomorrah?
    Why is BK doing this, someone ask? Because they have come under the evil influence of the devil whom everyone wants to deny exists. Evil people promote evil causes, an evil tree cannot bear good fruit, they aren’t happy unless they are hurting someone – even a whole society!
    America’s sins are stacking up like cord wood.
    REPENT, America before it’s too late.

  46. So, BK can’t compete on the quality of their food, they are now attempting to put down the character of a competitor. No matter my feelings on the topic, BK comes out sounding desperate.

  47. Be careful what you say and do. I love Burger King but will protest back if they continue to post their personal feelings and agenda for or against a particular political problem. Stay natural or pay the price.

  48. The reality…almost, everyone pretends or acts, tolerant & PC, until their kids or someone, that they really care about, turn into ☝️of ‘these alphabet ppl’. And, they don’t give “a f#€!<" when it happens to someone else's kids‼️😈

  49. I will not patronize a corporation or company or establishment that engages in any lgbtq+ contributions or controversy

  50. Amusing. BK closed near me, i cant get anything from them on any day. Still have Chick fil A 6 days a wekk tho

  51. I agree with Stephen Russell, we should Boycott BK. I will always buy from Chick-fil-A. I enjoy a meal from Chick-fil-A and I always will.

    BK is being a BIG BABY! BK and any other restaurant is acting childish because, they can’t stand for any of the other restaurants to not support LGBTQ events. THAT is so Stupid and ridiculous in my opinion PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Burger King is obviously desperate for business and will stoop to anything to get it. The last time homosexuals messed with chick-fil-a , it only increased their business. Burger King’s food is pretty much garbage and I quit eating there years ago.

  53. FU*K BURGER KING! Their burgers SUCK, Fries, cold greasy rubber, Haven’t been in one for years and no going back EVER! Chic-fli-A any day. Don’t have one here, but when in a town that has one will stop in. Guess BK has to go “WOKE” as if anyone cares.

  54. I will do my very best to boycott BK along with constantly informing the ill informed to also boycott and not to purchase anything from BK for they have shown by there actions .
    Hey ! BK how about donating to the Christian charities that help the poor, homeless, abused,by feeding them and sheltering those unfortunate! What do you say BK HOW ABOUT IT ! Donate to a wonderful cause in helping the less fortunate ! As Christ had intended!

  55. Your biased reporting is showing. He did NOT donate to anti-LGBTQ+ groups. He donated to Christian and Family groups – that are hated by the LGBTQ+ groups.

    Too Bad! I like the Whopper and Whopper Jr.
    I will miss them….. and go out of my way to eat at Chic-Fil-A

  56. You see a line around chick fl a because Americans love them and GOD.
    BURGER KING no one likes your food much that’s why you don’t have a line around your building

  57. some big shot who is gay-keeps trying to push this BS on people who do not want any part of the lgbtoast movement

  58. It is their right to do as they choose with their money as it is the right of Burger King. I like them both. Do not make a chicken sandwich political. Chickens don’t vote.

  59. God, bothered by the poor physical condition of many of his children, gave us a new reason to avoid greasy fried foods, many salted as well.
    Chicken tends to be much healthier than the typical beef higher fat beef.

  60. I think they should correct the spelling from CH’king to Cha’Ching because that’s what it sounds like!

  61. So what is the main ingredient in the Burger Thing Ch’King sandwich? And won’t some of the WOKE idiots find something in that name that is insulting to the Chinese?

  62. Yawn, always thought that creepy “king” was probably part of the lgbt movement. There really is no choice between the two chains when you talk chicken, Chick-fil-A is the BEST!

  63. I’m so sick of this shit. You’re sexual rights have nothing to do with whether I want a burger or a chicken sandwich. If you don’t like what Chick filA stsnda for, don’t eat there. So if BK is pushing this kind of BS to stir up malcontent, that just means they are trying to drum up business. But their loss of business only has to do with the poor quality of food and service. Clean your own house before you try cleaning someone else’s.

  64. This is going to backfire on Burger King. I’ll bet they lose business and Chick-fil-A will get even more business. Although I believe in “to each his own”, I do not believe in flaunting it and forcing their rights over those of others, I think people are tired of this

  65. If they would only improve their product line and maintain its quality, they would not need to fly the bogus ‘rainbow’ flag of SIX colors. Psssst: God’s rainbows have SEVEN colors!

  66. I’m making all my chicken burger purchases from Chic-Fil-A
    Never to be a woketard at Booger Queen from this day on

  67. Poor Burger King, they have never succeeded, they have tried every attempt under the sun to try and blaze a path to success but they never seem to choose the right path. For years they had pepsi products versus McDonald’s coke offerings, now they have coke. Every promotion, every relaunch falls flat. It’s amazing the amount of times BK makes the poor choice and now they want to go political, will they ever grow a brain? Who wants that with their fast food, “and give me a side order of wokeness and LGBTQ to go please”???? It is just idiotic, but when your food offering is subpar, which in this case is a chicken sandwich that I am sure isn’t very good I guess you have to pull out other rabbits from your hat. Try making a better chicken sandwich than Popeyes and then give me a call. Make better fries than McDonald’s and tweet that out. How about a better burger than Wendy’s or 5 Guys or In & Out, you can text me when it happens, but until then BK just stop it, you are embarrassing yourselves, which is pretty hard to do at this point!

  68. Been boycotting Burger King (can’t say I missed that greasy food) since they started advocating for #BLM/Antifa terrorism, CRT, and racial “equity”- the trifecta of racial discrimination to maintain Democrat control of people of color(otherwise known as Slavery).
    Chick-fil-A has just as much right to espouse it’s stand as Coke or any other business. It is just stupid to alienate half the country as a business model. This is still America until the Democrat/Communists are able to completely destroy our freedoms. Chick-fil-A has so much better food than Burger King that it was no biggie to quit eating at BK.

  69. Burger King dosent have S%^& on Chick Fil A.. not even the same ball park for quaility, atmosphere, taste, the list goes on…

  70. I have had enough of Mega Corporations using investor funds for political purposes. Burger King has seen the last of me.

  71. It is unfortunate that corporations have been weaponized, forcing their customers to make choices that are unrelated to their business. Well, I know where I won’t be eating.

  72. Burger King should stick to making better burgers and stay away from culture wars based on the rights of all Americans to their religious liberties. It won’t work Burger King–people are smarter than you think, you’re picking the wrong battle with the wrong people.

  73. The lines at Chic-fil-A still wind around the building in Bangor ME while down the street, the Burger King closed as did the one in Orono ME, a college town. So tell me who’s winning this war?

  74. BK has been pandering to blacks for some time now. This does not turn me on to their food. Chick-Fil-A is healthier and they have the right to their beliefs, which the libs are taking away.

  75. Thank you Chick-Fil-A for following God’s Word! I will patronize your business more frequently! Burger King.. The Ki g of kings will handle you! In meantime, You have lost my business! And, I’m sure that losing my business alone won’t break you financially. But IF other people follow my lead., it may hurt you a little. But for me… I choose to follow God’s Word too! Thanks again Chick-Fil-A for setting the correct examples 🙏🙏

  76. These business attacking other businesses on their believes better be careful may back fire on them. Chic-Fil-A has been around a long time might be amazed at their story if cared to check it out.

  77. Burger King’s crappy food cannot hold a candle to Chick-Fil-A nor can the courtesy and demeanor of the staff!

  78. LGBTQ already have more rights than I do ! It is impossible for me to have a meaningful
    emotional relationship with one sex, and also have a satisfying sexual relationship with
    the other whenever, or if, I so choose. IMPOSSIBLE ! Because my psychological being
    is completely in tune with my biological body. I am heterosexual ! And PROUD !

  79. Burger King was once my favorite fast food establishment. I said “was”. I will definitely be boycotting this place from now on.

  80. I went past a Chick -fil-A the other day and cars were lined up all the way into the street…..I think they’re surviving just fine….

  81. No one pays attention to the “corporate” view……
    cost and location and taste all that matters


  83. I used to thoroughly enjoy the Burger King products, but will no longer frequent BK because of their support for aberrant behavior. Too bad, BK. Chick Fil A, here I come.

  84. I guess that is why the Chick-fil-A is still opened near me and the Burger Queen is gone! Not difficult to boycott them when you can’t even find one of their restaurants.
    Why do businesses feel the need to push an agenda instead of just sticking to their own business products? This is also why businesses, PACs, unions, etc. should NOT be able to make political donations – donations should ONLY be from individual citizens registered to vote in the elections they are only able to vote in.

  85. I like Chic-fil-a. I find there chicken sandwiches to be delicious. Their employees are always courteous and never rude. The restaurant franchises are always clean.

    I haven’t been in a Burger King since the 80’s.

  86. There are no “LGTBQ Rights”. The Rights Americans enjoy don’t contain provisions for ‘designer’ amendments, advantaging or protecting segments of our population. These people don’t have any more Rights than the rest of us, and we should put our feet down when they declare their ‘special’ status.

  87. My family and I will not eat at Burger King again !!!! Burger King has side and endorsed the DEVIL…All Christians should BOYCOTT Burger King !!!

  88. Mind your own business and let me mind mine! When were you given the right to tell me how to run mine?

  89. Open letter to Burger King. I often eat at Burger King, because of its prices and food quality. But because of the company’s promotion of anti American social attitudes and loathsome sexual freaks (LGBT, etc), I will be taking my business to Chick-Fil-A from now on. Too bad your leadership’s morality and care for American society doesn’t match your food quality. Good luck in socialist, pro Communist hell, which is where your leadership is taking your company.

  90. Apples and oranges… But Chick Fil-a doesn’t politicize (yes, I know the founder did…as was his right) but BK IS politicizing. BUSINESS SHOULD (for their own bottom line) NEVER TAKE SIDES POLITICALLY!

  91. I will stick with Chick-fil-A. If I get anything from BK it will be a beef hamburger.

  92. There is no such thing as “LGBT rights”, we all have to follow the same laws, morons at Burger King. There is another one to boycott.

  93. I foresee Burger King sales going down. They just gave many a reason not to eat at their restaurants. Plus their food probably isn’t as good

  94. I don’t eat at bugger king any more; It went down hill for flavor and value CHIC-Fil-A wins !!!

  95. I have been a good customer of Burger King for a long time but that is now over. I will no longer be going to burger king because of the idiotic thing they are doing to Chick-fil-A

  96. BK is a loser franchise. Remember when they touted that so-called taco sandwhich couple years ago? That was a bust! I busted out laughing over that.

  97. Tired of corporations involved in culture wars and dictating what people must believe. Won’t be going to Burger King anymore.


  99. There is no problem with my refusing to buy from BK and to encourage my congregation to follow their conscience in dealing with a company that attacks another for holding to Christian beliefs. A stand must be taken against normalizing perversion in its many manifestations.

  100. Americans have already voted…
    Chic-fil-a had 40 cars in drive thru today at lunch….
    Burger King 1
    At 40 to 1 …. Clearly people like the product and the company’s philosophy.

  101. This is simple, Burger King is obviously not willing to stand for the Real King, Jesus Christ!
    Chick Fil A will make millions more six days a week, surrendering their profits for Sunday’s to honor God.
    Didn’t post this for popularity, only a bit of truth.

  102. I think people’s chosen sex activities should be private and not celebrated. There is a Gay-Pride month ??????? No Straight Sex celebration??? What if people decide to practice sex with animals–will there be a month to celebrate that?

  103. No contest. Chick-fil-A wins hands down. One has only to taste and compare to realize the truth of the matter. The taste tells the tale in this test. On the eptitude test: Personal, social and organisational level of Chick-fil-A stands head and shoulders above Burger King. Keeping politics on the sidelines, it boils down to choice. As for me, I go with Chick-fil-A, as evidenced by what I previusly stated. Truth be known, those identifying as LGBT probably feel the same way. It’s a matter of taste and service. Politics and food make strange bed fellows.

  104. Burger King just lost my business. I go to a restaurant to buy and eat their food and not contribute to political causes especially HRC.

  105. These corporations should stay out of politics and stick to their own business.Getting political could actually ruin their own business.

  106. Thank you Burger King…You just nailed your door shut to me and everyone else I can convince…

  107. Now bugger king has made its love of perversion known I will not shop there. They are a rip off anyway. Wish we had a Chic Fil A here.

  108. Mickey D’s and BK need to stick with something thy can do half way right – hamburgers, and leave chicken sandwiches to Chick-fil-A. The two hamburger giants are trying to do too much, and not doing what they are not good at doing. BK used to be my favorite burger joint, but think I’ve had my last one.

  109. Well Burger King I wont be eating with you…..not for your support of gay rights but because of your attack of Chick filet. Good bye

  110. We stopped eating at Burger King in the 70’s when FOUR STAR FOOD took them over. This just enforces our resolve.
    Oh, and Chik-fil-A has not changed their policy of NOT supporting Salvation Army and Christian Athletes but DOES support an LGBT group, SO I HAVE STOPPED EATING THEIR STUFF TOO.

  111. I think I will not be eating Burger King any more. I am proud of companies that have beliefs and don’t kowtow to the minority.

  112. Chik-fil-A has a right to do what they want as a company, I like many Christians support their stance against LGBT, it is against the Bible and a citizen or company should have the right to choose not to support a perverted lifestyle. I know you are the cancel culture and don’t believe in freedom of speech, but your position on freedom of speed and LGBT is wrong. I will never support it and will never go along with the Socialists who want to cram it down my throat, you need to get right with God. Yes there is a God of the Bible who will judge all your wicked sin one day unless you are born again. I guess you think we came from monkeys, (Evolution), what a joke that is.

  113. I will totally boycott Burger King and many people I know will do the same. Burger King, keep your flipping nose out of politics! People have a right to have a different opinion regarding so-called HOT topics. GET SO OVER YOURSELF. YOU WILL LOSE BUSINESS, AND YOU SHOULD.

  114. First of all I thank God for a company that will honor the Sabbath Day and give their employees the chance to worship in the churches and then rest while they eat a home cooked meal with their families!! Burger King is sad and petty for attacking Chic Fil a because Chic Fil A doesn’t give to an organization that goes against God’s Holy Word!!
    Looks like another business that I will be boycotting, bye bye Burger King !!

  115. God did not great man to collaborate with man that is why he created eve and not Steve . That being said I am black listing the Burger King and sticking with The Chick Fillets giants who honor the Sabbath . It is not the food but God who is important . ..

  116. I cannot stop people from being gay but I do not approve of their lifestyle. I am 100% against gay marriage. I do not ever plan on eating at booger king again.

  117. Read the Bible. God’s Holy Word. It plainly tells us what sin is…homosexuality included..

  118. Burger King is only using Chick-Fil-A to try and increase their sales. They think by attacking their rival they would top Chick or for that matter McDonalds. Burger King sucks. Every BK the I pass by has practically no one on their drive through. On the other hand Chick’s lines are very long and Mac’s drive through the same. BK has been on the downhill and they have tried everything to increase their sales. So now they are using a movement to try to come out of their own closet, the losers closet. Chick has nothing to worry and God will assure their success.

  119. Burger King just joined the “do not buy political folly from BK”. Never will our families buy any food from Burger King Restaurants.

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