Bastian Greshake Tzovaras via Wikimedia Commons

A free speech demonstration by conservative activists in San Francisco ended in bloodshed after far-left activists instigated violence, reminiscent of other riots that have affected cities across the country.

Three of San Francisco’s finest are recovering in hospital after being hit with corrosive substances. The same group of “mostly peaceful protesters” knocked out a Trump supporter’s teeth.

The latest manifestation of vile leftist tactics reminds us of a recent video from Amanda Head, which covered the far-left’s most repulsive response to the violence perpetrated against the police.

KPIX-TV reports:

Team Save America organized the rally to protest Twitter, which it said squelches conservative speech.

Pro-Trump free-speech supporters and liberal anti-Trump plus anti-fascist protesters faced off at San Francisco’s United Nations Plaza and on a street near Twitter’s Market Street headquarters in a protest over the social media giant’s policing policy of hate speech and fake political news.

Within minutes of when the protest started, there was pushing, shoving and some punches thrown between those protesting with opposing views. One of the protest organizers — Philip Anderson — was punched in the face.

Anderson posted photos to social media of his bloody mouth with a front tooth missing and another hanging loosely. He said anti-fascist protesters attacked him “for no reason.”

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Nicholas Peter Boonisar
Nicholas Peter Boonisar
11 months ago

It is time to start fighting back with force against these terrorist. If you start shooting some of them, the snow flakes will run back to mommy.

11 months ago

Any guttless animal that would shoot a police officer who is there to protect people risking their own lives to do the job no one is paid enough to do does not earn the right to have people patting them on the back. have the American people sunk that low over the years? America wake up and smell the roses before it is too late and we have no free country to be proud of.

Hail R. Victory
Hail R. Victory
11 months ago

We are in a civil war with anarchist, communist, Marxist and socialist Americanns. There will be no freedom and no peace until we rise up as One and exterminate the scum. You will experience hell on earth .. ….if the democrats take the White House and the Senate.