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New footage has surfaced of Joe Biden claiming he “got started” at Delaware State, a historically black college. The university denies the presidential nominee was ever a student.  

While speaking at a South Carolina high school created to educate African American children after the Civil War, Biden applauded historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) at a town hall event prior to last year’s Democratic primaries.    

“I got started out of a HBCU, Delaware State,” which was originally named the Delaware College for Colored Students in 1891. “Now, I don’t want to hear anything negative about Delaware State. They’re my folks.”


As it turns out, they’re actually not. Carlos Holmes, the director of new service for Delaware State, told The Washington Times, “Vice President Biden did not attend DSU.” 

He did however receive an honorary doctoral degree in 2016, and gave the commencement speech that year and in 2003… A long three decades after he became a Senator in Delaware.    

Biden actually received his bachelor’s degree with a “C” average in 1965 at the University of Delaware, which was founded by Presbyterians in 1818. He attended Syracuse University for law school, where he was accused of plagiarizing a law review article during his first year and had to retake the class.  

During a 1987 interview addressing the plagiarism, Biden admitted that the claims he made about being the first in his family to attend college were not true, as relatives on his mother’s side of the family “went to college.”

Biden’s most recent collegiate gaff came during a recent town hall in Pennsylvania, when he claimed reporters said he would be the first head of state that did not receive an Ivy League education.  

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“When you guys started talking on television about ‘Biden, if he wins, will be the first person without an Ivy League degree to be elected president,’ I said, ‘Who the hell makes you think I need an Ivy League degree to be president?’” Biden claimed. “I’m not joking.”

A report said Biden’s claim was false and no journalist had made that statement. The Democratic candidate was also incorrect that he would be the first, as numerous commanders-in-chief have attended non-ivy colleges and 12 past presidents didn’t even receive degrees.

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Greg Williams
Greg Williams
1 month ago

Biden is nothing more than a BUFFOON

1 month ago

I did not realize biden ever got started…. hmmmm…..

bob d
bob d
1 month ago
Reply to  BrewDubbs

Good one…LOL

1 month ago

He’s not a liar, he just likes to make things up.