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Over the weekend, Dr. Jo Jorgensen secured the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President with 51% on the party’s final ballot.

Jorgensen, 63, is a lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University in South Carolina. She was the party’s vice presidential nominee in 1996.

Over the last three presidential elections, the Libertarian Party (LP) has been picking up steam, but that will likely reverse course this time around.

Since 2008, the Libertarian Presidential nominee has been a GOP defector with officeholder experience and some name id: 

         2008: Former Georgia GOP Congressman Bob Barr

         2012 & 2016: Former New Mexico GOP Governor Gary Johnson

In 2008, Barr received 523,713 votes nationally which equaled 0.4% of the electorate. The party picked up steam garnering 1,275,823 (1%) in 2012 and 4,489,233 (3.27%) in 2016 with Gary Johnson leading the ticket.

Some libertarians were hopeful Congressman Justin Amash would become the nominee, but he decided to not seek the nomination after flirting with it last week. Amash, a GOP turned-independent then libertarian congressman, has been a sharp critic of President Trump.

With Jorgensen leading the ticket, it will be difficult for the LP to come close to Johnson’s 2016 vote totals let alone continue that momentum considering her lack of experience, organization, and name identification.

To make matters worse for the LP, the party nominated a less than serious man named Spike Cohen as its vice presidential candidate. 

According to Reason, Spike runs a media company and was running alongside one of the more bizarre Libertarian candidates Vermin Supreme, who is more of a performance artist than a politician.

Supreme, a satirist who dons a boot for a hat and carries around a gigantic toothbrush, has pledged to make COVID-19 illegal. He finished third place on the LP’s final ballot for President this year.

If there was a concern the Libertarian Party could play spoiler in 2020, the Jorgensen-Cohen ticket has quelled those fears.

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Anthony Drake
Anthony Drake
1 year ago

Why is there a picture of the president of Brazil, Bolsonaro, with Trump illustrating an article about America’s Libertarian Party?

Democratswillloose 2020
Reply to  Anthony Drake

I was wonding the same thing

A. D Roberts
A. D Roberts
1 year ago
Reply to  Anthony Drake

Republican???? Really????
I have news for you. The “Republican Party” is full of all kinds of liars, deceivers and politicians who refuse to follow the platform of the Republican Party. Here we go:
1. McConnell with a voting record of 28% conservative according to Conservative Review Scorecard
2. Cornyn with a voting record of 33%
3. Amash’s voting record is not available at this time. Needless to say, he REFUSED to stand by the Republican POTUS Not the first time in history that a member of a party did so. Just VERY rare.
4. Rubio. a voting record of 61% I don’t see how, since he has gone out of his way to support, defend and vote for ILLEGAL ALIENS especially from Latin countries.
5. Collins from Maine. with a voting record of 12%. A LOT of Democras have a better record
6. Murkowski of Alaska. voting record of 22%.
7. Capito at 30%
8 Alexander at 15%
9. Burr of N. Carolina at 35%
10. Cramer of N. Dakota at 22%
11. Cory Gardner of Colorado at 47%
12. Lindsey Graham at 28%
My source at Conservative Review Scorecard fails to keep the list ONLY for current politicians So what do we have? A bunch of hypocrites who call themselves Republicans but are the worst kind of traitors. God help us.

A Olsson
A Olsson
1 year ago

Search me. Give me the good ol’ days of straight news instead of wading through a minefield.

Kevin Lee Padfield
Kevin Lee Padfield
1 year ago

I happen to know Jo Jorgensen personally. While she doesn’t have name recognition personally compared to Trump or Biden if she can get into the presidential televised debates she will make mincemeat out of both of them. She used to own a multi-million dollar company called Digitech so she’s a business woman and is currently a professor at Clemson University. Highly intelligent and good with remembering facts and dates. I finally have someone that I can whole heartedly endorse!

1 year ago

I agree with Michael……yawn. I’ve heard some of the libertarian drivel and want no more of it that I want from the other two parties.

A. D Roberts
A. D Roberts
1 year ago

Highly intelligent? That is SOOOOOO subjective that I will just say it upfront. DON’T WANT HER. Just like they tell me how INTELLIGENT Hillary and Kamala Harris are.
WhatI want to hear is whether they believe in and fear God. Otherwise, you just have a bunch of seculars who are able to grab power by selling themselves.
Where is the beginning of WISDOM? I bet that none of you know.