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Representative Haley Stevens (D-MI) stands accused of violating House ethics after fundraising off of an unruly speech on the Capitol floor.

A government watchdog alleges the problem for the first-term lawmaker arose when she used a dramatic photo from her speech in a fundraising solicitation letter.

Per The Detroit News:

The nonprofit Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a conservative group, alleges the use of the image violates House ethics rules against using government resources or coverage of floor proceedings for partisan campaign purposes and is asking the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate.

“The ethics rules explicitly prohibit members from using House floor photographs for campaign purposes and from soliciting campaign contributions tied to votes,” said the foundation’s executive director, Kendra Arnold, in a statement.

“It is important these laws are followed and enforced to protect taxpayers and ensure every vote is taken on its merit and not for political gain.”

Stevens’ campaign on Tuesday said it would aim to prevent the issue from recurring.

Stevens’ speech from last Friday raised eyebrows when she refused to yield the floor after running over her allotted time.

Eventually, her microphone was cut.


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  1. She has no care about what she says and does on the floor of the House. She, like many other liberals, thinks that the Rules do not apply to her. She deserves to be censured, in accordance with House Rules, so that this behavior does not recur.

    1. She is just likke the rest of the nuts voted in 2018 . You got the SQUAD in Lansing and the squad in Washington’s D.C.

      1. UNFORTUNATELY, correct!

        Let’s just hope ppl like Tliab and Haley are one-term Congress people from Michigan and summarily replaced with conservatives who show common sense, respect for the rule of law, and know how to shut their mouths vs these loud-mouth Dems.

    2. I agree, im fed up with thesr left wing loons, who always prove just what they are, “HATERS”.

    3. Throw her and the squad out. I’m tired of all this nonsense in congress. Our elected representatives should act like ladies and gentlemen. If not they should be gone.
      Term limits should be voted in also. Then you wouldn’t have representatives trying to act like Queens and kings.

    1. Its not Representative of Michigan. The Dems that got in where from Democratic strongholds. No matter how you vote they always find a way to come out on top. Lots of dead and illegals to nul you vote

  2. What did her rant contribute to the situation? Why do we elect and PAY inept politicians that do nothing but spew rhetoric, fear, and empty speeches? Really?

    1. …they don’t spew rhetoric, fear and empty speeches – they spew accusations, blame, criticism and name-calling – this is a full day at the office for leftists (cue sound of punch clock in background). You’re a doctor – what do you call someone who’s PERPETUALLY out of sorts? Mental case? Just asking…

  3. Why should they follow all of the laws, rules, and ethics? They have never been corrected on their misbehavior by having to face censure, arrest, or punishment. This is why our system of justice is so wrong! It is all talk and no action!

  4. Can somebody tell me how it is that would censure this rep for her tirade, and let slide any tirade from the likes of Mad Maxine, Petulant Pelosi, Insane Illhan, AOC and all the rest?
    There is NO sense of ethics it’s ANYTHING goes!

    1. wrongo moosebreath I sure as hell did not elect them, the demasheeple elect these nutcases !

  5. letting her rant and rave without consequences is like letting a four year old go without control. IT IS NEVER GOING TO STOP WITHOUT A SLAP-DOWN…

  6. I had a 4 year old do that one time, I busted her rear and she never did it again. Maybe that’s what she needs.

    1. Best way to teach kids the consequences of bad choices, and do it early — worked for my Mom and Dad, and worked for me with my kids! Obviously this woman’s parents didn’t believe in applying consequences. Or maybe something like, “you can’t use your computer for 15 minutes.” They become brats who grow up to be brats in adult bodies!!

  7. Edie Bunker looks brilliant compared to this ding bat. What an excuse for a Congresswoman. Go home and stay there until Nancy Pelosi starts acting like an American instead of an idiot.

    1. Pelosi starts acting like an American? Don’t hold your breath on that unless you look good in the color “BLUE”.

  8. How terrible of a statement. The dems had a nice little sit in and closed down the house floor. It wasn’t just women in that one. Men have their own problems.

  9. Barr must absolve all the rules that Congress voted for itself to actually make themselves immune to crimes they commit ‘in’ Congress, but can be charged ‘outside’ of Congress.
    We found out that doesn’t work either way b/c Sabotage Schumer is still walking free after threatening the lives of 2 Justices of the Supreme Court as he ranted in front of the US Supreme Court Building, and threatened the life of the President by all 17 US Agencies on Media.
    And why is CBS still on the air after using false footage for the purpose of creating chaos in the nation ??
    The country never shuts down when 32,000 to 38,000 are dyingi of influenza with a vaccine every year and the country didn’t shut down from 2004 up until this 2020 national election that’s coming up when all those China viruses hit us (Avian, Ebola, N1H1 Swine, SARS, MERS, etc.l)
    We all know by now that there was no shattering reason to shut down the country and tempers are high that those responsible (the medical ‘experts’ (of sabotage as it turns out)) must be named and arrested now – we’re sick’n’tired of looking at them every day talking to us about suicides (Who ? – Where are they ???) and telling us that 200,000 of us are going to day, Oh, yeah ? based on what crystal ball ?
    If it’s too big for Barr to handle get someone else.

  10. Again, proof positive that the Speaker of the House (in name only) was derelict in her duties to teach the incoming freshman legislators the rules of the House. She deserves to be censured, along with the SoTH!!

  11. Haley Stevens is just another Democrat grand stander. She obviously is
    unethical but she is a Democrat and that is supposed to be alright. Indict
    her for turning Congress into a money raising opportunity for herself. She
    is another one that needs to disappear from Congress. Is there a Democrat
    in Congress that is not corrupt? It certainly does not seem so.

      1. They love to mimic their heroes (eg Hillary, ‘Bama, Mad Maxine, Hank “the island might tip over” Johnson, etc).

  12. Where these inept and unlearned people come from. Why are they representing the American people?? They are not qualified to represent anyone!!! We need two parties to keep us fair and balanced. BUT, I believe that the Democratic party should just fade away into the sunset – and sooner rather than later. It is really depressing to learn just how little they know about the world and world issues. They just spout off any old thing (and then I think they begin to believe exactly what they spout off and not much of anything else). They remind me of the old adage: Keep silent – even if people THINK you are stupid. OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND LEAVE NO DOUBT!!! This goes for a lot (most of them) news media, too.

    1. Southern part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, that is, elected her, not the rest of Michigan. Those of us north of Detroit and the other big cities aren’t so foolish but, since the big cities easily outvote the sensible folks, we are stuck with the liberal BS that goes along with it. I love Michigan but sometimes wish we could secede, or even better, evict Detroit from our state.

      Countless idiots from down there are rushing up north to get away from COVID19. Gee, thanks for caring (not).

    1. Kick them out of our nation . . . .. I hear North Korea is nice for Democrats since they embrace the DNC ideology.

  13. Boo hoo. At least she’s drawing attention to the problem, unlike the President, who for weeks was dithering and saying the whole thing was a hoax. And then it was under control. And then it was contained. And then “like a miracle” it would disappear. And then that the stock market might be as valuable as people’s lives. And then that he “was calling it a pandemic before the WHO,” when in fact he was calling it a hoax and *holding rallies*. And now, accusing nurses and doctors who are on the front lines without proper gear due to his fecklessness and idiocy, of stealing and/or selling supplies. Pathetic.

    Not a great idea to put a person who hates government, responsibility, science, truth, facts, and people in charge of the greatest country on earth.

    1. Seems Stevens and her governor are 95% of the problem. Puts you in the stupid court when you blame other people for your not thinking and then screaming loudly about it so everyone can really understand the real problem.

    2. Well that automatically disqualifies any registered Democrat or socialist from the upcoming elections effectually known as 2020.

  14. Is Stevens related to the Michigan Governor??? They both seem to have the some mental capacity. At least three quarts low. That’s for the pre-electric car people.

    1. Michigan Gov. Whitmer is forever grand-standing along with her posse of women who are just like her. Stevens, Stabenaw, Lawrence, and a few more that I can’t remember their names as I don’t acknowledge their existence, are ALL in a group of Dems. who are way past their expiration date. Michigan deserves better!

    1. Please note SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT is an oxymoron. This political philosophy does not exist. It is like putting together a Wonderful Vacation with a Firing Squad. Calling a poisonous snake a furry puppy does not make it one, unless you are very gullible and that is what the people that use this phrase are counting on

  15. Many people have a latex allergy that can be life threatening. Someone should advise this braindead tool not to advocate wearing latex.

  16. All I can say is that whenever anyone starts acting in such a ridiculous and almost insane matter, no matter what point they are trying to make, gets instantly lost because of the theatrics of the speech.
    After listening to this Rep acting so irrationally, making wild hand gestures, speaking so fast that she couldn’t be understood, I totally forgot what she was talking about I was so amazed by her actions.
    She would have been much better off if she had simply used the time she had allotted to her and made her point in a clear, intelligent manner instead of raving like a mad woman. I can assure you that after her ravings started, everyone was watching her actions and totally ignoring her words.

  17. Agreed. Censure doesn’t mean crap!!

    Censure should mean they lose their pay for a month OR they have to shut their offices down for a month. Let them explain to their employees why they have to go on furlough for a month. That might quell their ridiculous behavior, but alas, I’m wishing out loud.

  18. It’s really plain and simple this lunatic Representative Haley Stevens who violated House ethics after a insane unruly speech on the Capitol floor should be fired, cut and dry.

  19. Well you can forget about that. An ethics investigation of a democrat in the democrat controlled house. Now that is funny. Makes no difference though, she has a 90% plus probability of being reelected.

  20. In this case it quite fortunate the term for a Congressman (Representative) is only two years. A chance for the people of her Michigan House District to wise up and un-elect her, please!

  21. Michigan used to be a great state to live and work. It is a hell hole now thanks to 50 years of democrat rule. Most of my friends are dead – so I no longer go back to visit. It is communist scum like this washed up female p.o.s. that has killed the economy/culture of the state.

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