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A group of Bernie Sanders supporters turned on a Democrat running for Congress in a downstate Illinois swing district, posting a video of themselves keeping her from leaving her car.

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan wisely remained in her vehicle while the Bernie bros screamed things like “Medicare for All” and demanded she debate the socialist candidate. (Mediaite)

On Tuesday, local CBS Capital Bureau Chief Mark Maxwell posted a video of a group of Democratic Socialists surrounding Londrigan’s car screaming “Block her in!”, demanding Londrigan debate Smith, and being told to stop shoving.

But as Maxwell noted in his report, Londrigan appeared at a forum with Smith two weeks ago, and “pledged to support [Smith] if she won.”

“Betsy travels to public events across Central Illinois to hear and discuss issues, like the high cost of prescription drugs, that working families face every day,” Londrigan’s campaign manager Jacob Plotnick said in an email. “A few aggressive individuals are not going to deter her from continuing to have important conversations with the voters of the 13th district.”

The video was from a Facebook live stream that was posted Monday night by a group named “Where is Betsy?”, which describes itself by saying “This page was created for the soul purpose of spotting Betsy Lodrigan Dirkson in her travels through out the IL-13 district.”


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