Campus police escorted former New York Assemblyman and founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism Dov Hikind (D) out of an event at Rutgers University yesterday for asking Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) about her past anti-Semitic statements.

Fox News’ Ronn Blitzer has more:

The event, titled, “A Global Crisis: Refugees, Migrants, and Asylum Seekers – Lessons from the Prophet Muhammad,” was organized by the group Muslims4Peace. Hikind described the New Jersey event as “fine” and spreading “nice messages” of tolerance, unity, and love.

“I loved what they were saying,” Hikind said, noting that he sat in the audience for nearly three hours.

“Then Rashida came on at the end as the main speaker,” Hikind told Fox News, adding that he stood up and asked her about “her anti-Semitism and spreading a blood libel.” The blood libel originally referred to the false claim during the Middle Ages that Jews used Christian blood to make matzah for Passover, but has since been used to describe other false claims that Jews committed heinous acts.

Hikind was referring to Tlaib retweeting a message from Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi that spread the unsubstantiated claim that Israeli Jews murdered 8-year-old Palestinian Qais Abu Ramila, who went missing in January before he was found dead. Abu Ramila’s death was later ruled an accidental drowning.

Ashrawi apologized for spreading uncorroborated and ultimately false information. Three days later, Tlaib shared Ashrawi’s apology to Twitter, although her additional message did not technically contain an apology.

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