Monday, July 6, 2020

WATCH: The Secret Consequences of the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the psychiatric effects of lockdowns become clearer.

It is the subject of Sydney Watson's video essay as some experts are describing the crisis as a "perfect storm" for America's mental health. Has the coronavirus adversely affected you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  2. If those percentages of people showing weakness due to the virus scam is real, America and Americans have greatly gone soft in recent years.
    I shutter to think of how hey will react when we face a REAL threat or war on our shores.

  3. Bob, I was the first generation after World War II. I saw the devastation, like rubble from once beautiful buildings. We went to the woods to get pine cones and small twigs to have heat. Once a week, if we were lucky, we had meat. I see the writing on the wall here. Everyone is different and has nothing to do being weak. I saw soldiers coming from the war, that the USA had no reason to go to. Like Afghanistan and so one. Having millions of unemployed and starving children, it can take a toll out of everybody. I saw first hand, what happened, if you have one slice of bread a day. We are at war and it’s called Cold War, which by the way never stopped. Now we have computers, satellites and it’s easy to do damage there. Having our lifesaving medication made in a communist country still baffles me. Yes, this country is somewhat spoiled, but being a strong military family, I dare not say, this nation is weak. God have mercy for the United States!

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  5. When citizens are being manipulated, they know it. The stress, mental problems, alcoholism, family anxiety are all symptoms of people under duress, burdened with a feeling of powerlessness to do anything about it. And, those feelings are not from a virus they get in some form yearly…it’s from the government’s use of this particular virus as an excuse for over-reach into their lives. Small businesses targeted with ridiculous mandates, but, large companies get a pass. Parents thrown out of good jobs, never to work there again, forced to wear face coverings that are isolating and demeaning, and gives them the feeling they are being punished for something they haven’t done. Watching those in charge not adhering to the same restrictions. Children, not allowed to play with their friends, not allowed to graduate, not allowed to attend picnics. This has nothing to do with a virus, it’s about a Chinese social model being forced upon our society. If the citizens of this country put these despots into office again in November, we are all doomed to live this way forever. Take a close look at those in office that support this abomination that’s been put upon their community…and vote them out.


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