Sunday, July 12, 2020

WATCH: New Footage From Los Angeles Proves Trump’s Point

Amanda Head received footage from a friend and old neighbor, which justifies President Trump's criticism of big-city mayors like New York's Bill de Blasio for refusing the National Guard's assistance to quell riots in their cities.

The following scene occurred in Los Angeles. It is remarkably similar to ones watched countless times in recent days and does nothing to advance the cause of justice in the wake of George Floyd's death.

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  2. The commie mayors and governors want this to continue for as long as possible, they think this will damage President Trump, but it is driving a stake through the demoncrats hearts!

  3. You hit the nail of truth squarely the head. Cooper, and his crowd of Scum-o-crats, blocked Trump, and the GOP, from holding their Convention in Charlotte, NC. This will cost NC Millions and millions of dollars, but Democrats don’t care. They just want to win come November, no matter how many jobs are lost, or how many lives are destroyed. Burn baby burn. Nero is not dead he has come back in the form of many Scum-o-crats bent on enslaving us. You can protest in the streets, but you can not go back to work. You can not eat at your favorite restaurant, or shop,at your favorite stores. Its all a political sham!

  4. Why drag this out: end result is Civil War or Rev War 2: this cant go on for 4 more months.
    Huge Red Wave hitting from those hurt by riots alone
    Bad optics.
    & end the lockdowns unless apply to looters 2
    Make= or end.
    Lawsuits coming & en masse.
    Chap 7 DNC BLM Antifa too & allies.
    End result: sack mayors or governors in Blue states


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