Wednesday, May 27, 2020

VIDEO: How Much Longer Will This Sports Drought Last?

Amanda Head returns with a much-needed take today about the ongoing sports drought and how its gradual return will make the lockdown purgatory at least more manageable.

While some sports leagues like UFC and NASCAR have given the green light to events sure to whet even the most casual fans' appetites, how do things look in general? It's a question that has even the most mature, patient fan squirming internally. (RELATED: That Time NASCAR Dissed Its Biggest Fans)

Enjoy Amanda's take and get more content from her every day at The Hollywood Conservative!


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  2. Now even if everything was to open tomorrow, people would still not attend sports events like in the past where attendence has been dropping for th past 10 years or more, the sports franchise has priced themselves right out of customers. In the 1950 most everyone could afford to go to a major league game in their city, now the parking costs some times as much as the ticket which is horribkle to the point that only the high paid workers can attend, leaving ll the rest sitting home.

  3. Click bait!! The headline on ICYMInews says, “WATCH: Drought Adds to COVID-19 Woes.”

    On this site it says, “VIDEO: How Much Longer Will This Sports Drought Last?”

    Totally different meanings and importance. I detest that you play with words like this!

  4. Good to know there is at least one good looking woman who touches her face as
    much as I do. The Hell that the liberals wish us to will not be that bad if they are
    successful in their endeavor. Why was there no promotion of the golf competition?
    I would have watched, and probably enjoyed it. Too bad, but the indifference to
    sports is going to be the most dramatic change going forward. It had already
    started with the hoodlum nature of the basketball and football players and of course
    free agency and fantasy leagues sucking all the fan loyalty out of the major sports.
    What shall we do with all the huge stadia that will be rendered useless by our protectors
    in high government?

  5. Just how many people have been badly damaged by the Democrat LOCK DOWN? The worst are those like Clay Jenkins in Dallas and Gretchen Whitaker in Michigan. She is bucking for VP under the dementiaed Joe Biden. Can you imagine having her for POTUS when Joe croaks?
    And Pelosi and Schumer. They could care less about anyones lives, welfare and whether our country even still exists. NOTHING is as important to them as getting rid of Trump. And since he is SOOOOO SUCCESSFUL, they are hard pressed to find a way to do it. Destroying our economy by unconstitutional dictatorial decree might work.

  6. The ONLY goal of the Democrats in their dealing with covid was and is to destroy our economy. They do not care about how many die. They only care about advancing voter fraud with mail in ballots, and shutting down our economy. look at what they are doing to their own city and state governments. BANKRUPT. They have done what it takes to cut off their tax sources. WHY? Well, they plan on demanding that Trump and the Federals BAIL THEM OUT for the destruction they have done. And that goes along with increasing our deficit and bankrupting us.


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