Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Sydney Watson: Should Parents Be Allowed to Force This?

Sydney Watson discusses the new push by woke “progressives” to force children to transition their genders.

She obviously takes issue with these manipulators and gives a thoughtful discussion into all of the different issues at play here.

Check it out:


Sydney Watson is an Australian/American political commentator and journalist.

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  1. I have never watched you before. Your explanation of this very important topic was well planned and very inteligently presented. As a former early childhood teacher, I know that small children often like to pretend to be males and females in their playing. When the pretend time is over, they go back to their own gender. It is meaningless play in a pretend world. Occasionally I have seen students who prefer the opposite gender. You leave them alone and sometimes they grow up and change and other times they do not. To take seriously boys wearing nail polish or putting on wigs is silly. That is what they see their mothers doing. She is the primary cargiver of a young child. Children should be allowed to explore and pretend with out the adults in the room becoming hysterical about it. Well done. I shall listen to you again. You are a common sense hope of the future.

    • I never played as a girl and if I did my mom and dad would make sure I never did again they don’t do that anymore that’s why kids are so whacked out, so I don’t buy it ,if your kid is playing both boy and girl then I suggest you go see someone that isn’t a nut job like the liberal idiots teaching our kids this BS

  2. Agree that children like to play & pretend. That does NOT mean you rush to change a boy into a girl. Let them play & grow.

  3. This is the plan of Satan and the devils of the Democratic party. Parents who do this will spend eternity in Hell. This is Hollywood and the DNC TRASH DOING SATAN’S BIDDING. Piglosi must be so proud.

  4. Matthew 18:6 Jesus told – “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”
    Before an age of accountability, those children are God’s and pure. For the sinful mind of a parent to think they know better than God and do that to their child—-they will answer to God.

  5. No, parents should be permitted neither to force nor to allow their children to “transition” to the opposite sex. Children are not mentally equipped to make or agree to such a life-changing decision. We are hearing more and more from experts that even young adults’ full mental capacity is still being achieved for some time. Some time ago, it was wisely understood that an age in the low 20s was an appropriate time for such important decisions as voting for persons to lead our Country and other adult decisions (unfortunately, that wisdom is some cases has been set aside). Only adults should be permitted to decide for themselves if they are to live as the sex opposite to their biological sex. To allow parents to decide such a matter is simply child abuse and should be treated as such.

  6. Did you ever think that God is watching all of these world-wide evil, immoral and corrupt acts? Maybe the Corona Virus is a warning to us all. Not that he would create it but letting us know it is time to regain our faith in God, stop the sin and use our brains. We have/will have wars, tragedies, plagues and other attacks on us but we will be judged by how we deal with it and keep faith in God. I have trust in our current POTUS because he cares about our country and is trying to place America First but also believes in God and family. My family will vote for and support DJT in 2020. We have seen what the Democrats have done to try and remove him and failed because they have one goal to take control of the WH and both Houses. If that happens you will see your rights stripped away and we will end up with a socialist/communist Govt. That is the real truth no matter what Democrats and their fake news media’s tell you.

  7. Why does a Malaria Drug help in curing COVID-19. Does this Virus have Malaria in it. Has anyone tested exactly what this Virus is made up of? Some one should and let the Citizens know !!!!! They say it came from Bats that Chinese people ate. So exactly what does the Virus COVID-19 consist of ?????

    • As I understand it….Malaria may be the body’s reaction to a microscopic parasite.
      If that is the case, it would follow that there “might be” a similarity for this virus
      ….to that of a “microscopic parasite”. I don’t know, but it “seems possible”
      even if………….NOT probable.

    • The bat story dates back to January. COVID-19 is a lab-created virus that was most likely released by the Chinese government via the air or the water. Why? Who knows. Immunologically, too many people got it simultaneously, without the normal progression typical for when people catch it from one another This virus has a 2 week incubation period, which would have taken a while for a whole town to get it. Additionally, had it happened naturally, many in the town would have already recovered. As it was, the whole town, almost, had it at the same time.

  8. My 4 y/o grandson, likes to use his imagination…and on a regular basis.
    Imagining himself as many things. One of his favorites is…..T. Rex.
    Another is, as a fast moving race car. Neither is what he actually is.
    There is a LONG LIST of imaginative play, and ALL are transitional
    as with 99% of children. Please, let children explore their imagination,
    because that is how children learn to empathize with others, animals
    such as cats & dogs.

    ANYONE, parent or professional pushing a permanent transition,
    ………………….IS 100% CHILD ABUSE.

  9. They are children they don’t really have a good sense at a young age . Imagination is fine as a T rex, race car . But letting a childrens imagination turn to somebody they are not is not good . I knew a guy who thought he was gay at a young age , As he got older he realized he was not gay. It took its toll , and he killed himself. So be careful about their imagination. We as grown ups are her help guide the children in the RIGHT direction.

  10. Transgenders have the highest suicide rate of any human group ever! Close to 50%. Hopefully, these abused children will choose to take their “woke” parents to the afterlife with them.

  11. Every responsible governor should enact a law making it a crime to change any childs sex while he/she is a minor, the parents should be charged with child abuse, just because a boy or girl plays with toys that are deemed toys for the opposite sex doesn’t make that child into a transgender, I know what I am talking about, I was raised on a farm and did a lot of things that was supposed to be a boys pursuits like hunting, working in the field, I preferred outdoor things to household chores, when I got married I did not know how to cook(good thing my husband did) I was glad to learn, so just because a girl prefers to act and dress like a boy when she is a child it doesn’t mean she is denying her birth sex

  12. I have been a counselor an educator for more than 50 years ……… my husband has been a school superintendent for 40 …… We can not believe the nonsense bordering upon abuse being perpetrated upon our children in their classrooms and homes ….. someone needs to wake up soon and stop it!!!!!


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