Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Reviewing the Full Impact of Voter Fraud [VIDEO]

Amanda Head joins us today as an ombudsman reviewing the facts and misconceptions about voter fraud in response to Twitter's wrist-slapping of President Trump.

At the heart of her analysis, Amanda checks the validity of the claim that voter fraud benefits Democrats more than Republicans.

Are you concerned about the prospect of voter fraud in the 2020 elections? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Remember Joe, three times before, you were known as 1% Joe. The only difference now is you have gained between 40 to 44%. But in abasement room under your wall barrier, is no way to ware a mask over your own face.

    • When it comes to FRAUD VOTING, it will continue until the people involved FEEL THE PAIN. Organizing “vote fraud” is a crime and should send organizers to prison for Twenty-Five Years. Working for the organizers of “fraud voting” (bussing people around on vote day from poll to poll) should result in a $5,000.00 and from 6 Months to Five Years in prison—-until the crime that undermines Americans is punished this CRAP will continue.

      • Very very correct, as goes for the criminality of Obummer and his entire accomplices in the hoaxes perpetrated on the American people during his administration and even into the Trump Administration when they were attempting to get Trump out of office with numerous attempts. All the Congressmen/women and MSM personnel need to be held accountable as well for all the lies and deception put forth to the American public. These actions need to be punished if we are to have a valid Judicial System in this country !

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  3. Of course voters’FRAUD, if MAIL-IN BALLOTS happens. Take Mail-in Ballots to a Vote center and put in the big box for Ballots in the Center, not mail-in.

    • If people have to go to a vote Center, than they can go to the polls to vote. Nancy Pelosi is pushing for vote from home, she says because of the Coronavirus, BS She knows that they don’t have a chance to beat Trump unless they cheat. Nancy Pelosi said not to long ago, that we will stop at nothing to get rid of Trump, that sounds like a threat, and they are desperate to get Trump out of office. They will definitely do something. There are States that have more Voter registration forms, than they do actual people in the States. During Wisconsin Primary election that happened a few weeks ago, they found thousands and thousands and thousands, of mail in ballots, in a warehouse after the voting was finished. A Judge allowed them to be counted, and they are under investigation, to what happened. This is why there should be no voting from home, unless you are disabled, and you can’t get out, or our Military, they do absentee ballots. If you have to ware a mask to go to the polls, so be it. People go to grocery stores, etc etc etc and everyone can go and vote. They will have voting booths at least 6 feet apart, they may say you have to ware a mask, but whatever it takes, we have to do it. Democrats want to change our Country into a socialist Country. Look what is happening now, and even weeks before hand, no toilet paper, No cleaning supplies like disinfectant and wipes and sprays, etc etc etc, having trouble getting meats, whatever is happening now, this is what socialism is.The govt owns you and your property, you have no say so. They tell you when to do things, how to do them, etc etc I have talked to people on Facebook, and they said that we dont know how good we have it, compared to other Countries.People had to try and escape, many were lucky, and there are ones that never made it. We all need to be thankful for what we got.

  4. Until the states clear up their voting rolls from those that have moved away and/or have died there should be NO voting by mail. Judicial Watch has filed several lawsuits against states who by Federal law are supposed to clear their voting rolls for people who no longer live in the state or have moved away. These lawsuits have been filed against many blue ( Democratic ) states whose governors have not followed Federal law and updated their voting rolls. There should be NO mail in voting until ALL states have followed Federal law

    • You are definitely right, the Democrat States purposely don’t do what they are supposed do with updating there voter material. Nancy Pelosi said not to long ago that we will do whatever it takes to get rid of Trump.

      • Time for the American people to realize that those who are against the idea of “Makin America Great Again” and putting Americans 1st, then nothing will change, those have to be removed from office and load Congress up with patriots who have a sense of constitutionality and commitment to making America Great

  5. The question was asked: Are you concerned about voter fraud? And I’m NOT! Why not? Cause Deplorable Dems will do Anything to allow Mail-in’s that because of a stacked Congressional Deck, very little can be done about it. So, “What me, worry?” What I do worry about is will Fancy Nancy be with us till I die.

    • She is just one of many that have the same ideology that needs to be removed from Congressional Halls, Obummer and his henchmen need to be in jail as well !

  6. If the NFL says they want FULL STADIUMS when the seasons opens, we can VOTE IN PERSON. If restaurants are going to open (or some already have) and we can go EAT IN A RESTAURANT, we can VOTE IN PERSON. If people can go to the GYM, we can VOTE IN PERSON. This whole thing is nothing more than the Liberal scam to massively send out ballots to anyone and everyone! AND then they can go find these “misplaced” ballots and fill them out and send them in and then no one is the wiser, and whoever the Democrat Nominee is wins by just enough… RIDICULOUS! Trust me by November we will all be able to VOTE IN PERSON and be safe and sound. And if someone wants to vote absentee, they can, but they still have to ASK FOR A BALLOT.

  7. Massive voter fraud. And the “fake” Republicans like McConnell and Cornyn will do NOTHING to stop it,
    What will put the FEAR into Democrats like Newsom and Pelosi. The REALITY of a REAL revolution where armed and trained patriots gather and move against the corrupt of our government.
    Face it. When the heads of FBI offices around the nation show radical, fanatic support for Comey who has shown himself to be a criminal and corrupt, you know that the FBI is corrupt too.
    IF you should find someone knocking on our door, claiming to be from the FBI and wanting to interview you,,,,,,,, REFUSE.

  8. In the State I live in we vote mail in only. When the vote doesn’t come out the way they wanted it to they FIX the ballots like in the city I live when a man failed to gain the city counsel seat they went back to count 8600 ballots . They told us they were going to go back a FIX 8600 ballots! They went back and when they fixed something like 1700 ballots they told us that the man ( a woman was running also and had won the seat.) won the seat after they fixed 1700 ballots and had 7000 more to fix. But we never heard the outcome of the rest of the count. So you tell me if I shouldn’t be concerned . This isn’t the only time they did it. No Republican will ever be GOVERNOR in Washington State because of the fraud by in our case the people who do the counting FIXING ballots and take away our voting rights, our will to have who we want to lead us.


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