Saturday, July 4, 2020

How the Coronavirus Aid Package Passed the Senate

How Did We Get Here?

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Despite varying opinions of members in both parties, the Senate unanimously passed a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill, 96-0, Wednesday night. Although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated she’s okay with the massive economic relief bill, House Democrats are threatening to torpedo the Senate’s progress by pursuing their ideological priorities in future rounds of relief.

For now, it appears America’s workers and businesses will soon receive much-needed relief as fresh evidence emerges that America is in a recession, courtesy of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Here’s where senators stand after days of intense negotiations:



  1. Trump’s stipulation is No Pork and the Kennedy Center is getting stimulus money.
    What else?
    As for Pelosi and Cornyn and Schumer they’re loathsome plantation owners so be vigilant and vote them out until Barr is ready to arrest them.

    • Hope Trump does not pass this bill with all the B.S. pork added by Pelosi & Schumer. Just pathetic. This Pork has nothing to do with anything pertaining the Corona Virus.

      • Bye bye Pelosi and Chuck!!
        You both are DISGUSTING and have no respect for OUR President and the CITIZENS of this country.
        Be very happy when you are both GONE

        • SADLY, there was NOT a Republican to past the S.F. voting gauntlet, where…ALL candidates are voted on in the Primary, and two with the highest count…go on to the National Election. Pelosi is up against an even WORSE candidate for America, and like it or not, all we can do with our voting is…make sure to take BOTH the House & Senate, so that Pelosi loses her gavel to a Republican.

          To be candid, I truly fear the possible replacement for Pelosi, and at least with Nancy….she IS the devil we know and without being in the Speaker’s position….she can be fitted with a bridle.

        • They need to get out of office, they do nothing for the people, just fight with the President over everything he tries to do, their hatred is shameful and has made them lose their mind and what they are supposed to be doing. Disgusting.

    • At the last known count, the amount of UNNECESSARY PORK in the “Stimulus” included:

      $300,000,000 for “Migration and Refugee Assistance”
      $1,000,000 for the Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the Senate.
      $300,000,000 for the Corporation for public broadcasting.
      $500,000,000 for the Insitute of Museum and Library Services.
      $23,000,000 handout to Howard University
      $647,000,000 to Howard’s Endowment
      $7,000,000 for one specific DC charter school, Gallaudet University
      $90,000,000 for an HIV program
      $35,000,000 for the JFK performing arts center.

      YES….I do hope that THIS comes back and HAUNTS Congress!!
      Did ANY money go to Planned Parenthood, on top of their present funding?

      • I hope so too
        They need to get out of office, they do nothing for the people, just fight with the President over everything he tries to do, their hatred is shameful and has made them lose their mind and what they are supposed to be doing. Disgusting.

  2. This aid bill should be strictly for the virus and nothing else this is where a lot of our tax money is wasted, on pork.

    • Unfortunately, while Dems are the worst about it, riders like this crap have been stuck in bills for many decades to get passed when they had no chance on their own from both sides. The practice needs ended but also unfortunately, there will be a million weak excuses that’ll be made by congress critters from both sides.

  3. Because Nervous Nancy & Crying Chuck had temper tantums they are a disgrace to our country this was to help Americans and they stopped this to go thru get rid of both of them

  4. Expel Pelosi from House, and then Arrest Sen. Chuck Schumer for terrorist threats against Justices and put him in prison for 10-years. Same for crooked Pelosi, Omar, AOC, Waters, Muslims Squad, Romney, the Clintons and the Obamas, Soros, cooked FB I, CIA, IRS,!!! Prison 10-yrs, then deport to Haiti, and banish from USA forever! IMMEDIATELY. !
    ALSO, Why is Obama still walking & talking in public?!!
    Deport OBAMA:Obama Tells Americans to Stay Home For the Foreseeable Future After President Trump Says He Wants to Reopen the Country by Easter. Hmmm, Remember those daily press briefings Barack Obama gave in 2009 warning Americans to stay home during the swine flu pandemic? Neither do we.
    Over 60 million Americans got swine flu (h1n1) and over 12,000 Americans died yet there was no media hysteria.
    Obama once again injected himself into the national conversation in what appears to be a rebuke to President Trump’s remarks during a Fox News town hall. “I would love to have [the country] open by Easter,” Trump said on Tuesday. “It’s such an important day for other reasons.” The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible. The real American people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before! Our people want to return to work. They will practice Social Distancing and all else, and Seniors will be watched over protectively & lovingly. We can do two things together. THE CURE CANNOT BECOME WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM! Congress MUST ACT NOW. We will come back strong!

  5. Cowards. Republican COWARDS! They should have stood strong and demanded ANYTHING in the bill that did not have ANYTHING to do with virus will be stripped. PERIOD! The American people would have understood, and stood behind them. Many people have no idea what was in the bill because they are glued to their devices, listening and watching the MSM twist things and NOT speak of the deception by the dems. Trump should have had a press conference detailing what the dems were doing. He could have listed each amendment. He could have said “I apologize to the American people, but we can not agree to these terms” “We can not let the dems hold you hostage for their…..” Yes. people are hurting, but they will be hurting more after all is said and done. SHAME on the republican cowards for once again CAVING IN to the democrats and their will to control the people!

  6. I have an idea, open business like restaurants and people could order food. The food for groceries also could deliver and that would keep people home. The delivery boys n cooks will have a job, restaurant’s will make money. I’m only thinking short term, like two weeks. Just to see if we could really see where this virus is n where it’s spreading.

    • I would use this forever to campaign with…. People are sick, dying, and we tried to put some help out there…What were they worried about ? Open borders…..abortion….the green new deal…. that should tell you all you need to know… How can anybody defend this ?

  7. Such a great country… clearly the best that has ever been… in spite of the the 3rd rate career politicians / crooks…. saddens me deeply. Very frustrating that our ELECTED President has to work with only a portion of the government officials trying to help …. they take their paychecks though don’t they? Go figure! “Above the law” fits this situation well… some think that they are. Amazes me how someone can stand at a microphone and speak while in the House or the Senate after the behavior they demonstrate, the words they have spoken, the examples they have made… makes me want to throw up. Go Mr. President, I have your back.


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