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‘Believe All Women’ is Based on Faulty Logic

“Believe Women” was always a bad idea. 

The concept, which was the engine that drove the accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, all but erased due process from sexual assault allegations.

Instead, it asked that people simply believe women’s stories regardless of facts or evidence. It rejected the idea that accusations of sexual assault are weaponized for political gain and told us that the MeToo movement is anything but partisan.

This was wrong. And now it’s become clear that the hypocrisy of the MeToo movement is no better exemplified than by former Vice President Joe Biden, a MeToo supporter who now finds himself accused of sexual assault and harassment.

When these kinds of allegations concern one of their own, the reception is vastly different from the establishment media and the Democrats. Their lukewarm response can only be described as a “gut-punch” to the credibility of the MeToo movement.

In 1993, then-Senator Biden allegedly pushed his staffer, Tara Reade, against a wall, forced her legs open with his knee and digitally penetrated her. While Reade’s allegation remains unproven, it has undoubtedly poked an enormous hole in the Left’s position as the defenders of female rights.

Under the circumstances, it is clear they are anything but.

Although the MeToo movement originally set its sights on taking down sexual predators such as Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, the Reade story has crystallized that the movement has devolved into a biased political weapon.

In the years since its inception, we have seen it used against a varied breadth of men, including President Donald Trump and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The Kavanaugh and Trump cases were characterized by unfounded allegations, little to no evidence and no real witnesses. And despite a significant lack of proof, the media pushed these stories; journalistic integrity be damned.

The Biden case is no different, a he-said, she-said situation that can neither be proven nor disproven. However, its reception by notable Democrat and media voices has been distinctly and wildly disparate. They have demonstrated that their stance is no longer “believe women”, but rather, “believe some women”.

In the last week alone, two women stepped forward to corroborate Reade’s account, confirming that the young staffer told them details about the event in the 1990s.

A newly surfaced video also appears to show Tara Reade’s mother calling into CNN host Larry King’s TV show. The unnamed woman does not mention sexual assault or harassment, but asks for advice, saying her daughter has faced problems with the “prominent senator” for whom she works but doesn’t want to approach the press.

While these pieces of evidence are no slam-dunk, they certainly add a level of credibility to Reade’s claims – credibility that was sorely lacking in the Kavanaugh and Trump cases.

Despite that, this story has gained little traction among mainstream elites. And if anything, they’ve questioned Reade’s believability further.

When President Trump was accused of sexual assault by E. Jean Carroll, the story was flogged by mainstream outlets around the world despite the lack of evidence to corroborate her claims. The alleged victim even appeared to use the incident to bolster sales for her new book.

In 2019, the New York Times, who had published dozens of articles condemning Justice Kavanaugh, released a fresh series of allegations. This time, they claimed that he’d sexually harassed a female student at a party. The article, however, failed to mention that the student in question did not even remember the incident.

Such stories and articles are what it looks like when the right political figure is accused of sexual harassment and assault. Journalistic accuracy and legitimacy cease to exist.

But, when a Democrat is accused, the coverage looks very different.

After examining the stories of the eight women accusing Biden of sexual harassment, the New York Times proclaimed, “there is no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden,” despite outlining instances where he’d inappropriately touched women and made them uncomfortable.

Despite similarities to the Trump-Carroll, Kavanaugh-Blasey Ford stories, the Biden-Reade account has been essentially ignored by journalists and media outlets. Some of the most vociferous voices condemning President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh, such as Alyssa Milano and Bernie Sanders, have stayed noticeably silent when it comes to the former Vice President. Unless, of course, they’re asked, in which case their answers question the validity of Reade’s account.

The same people who told us simply to believe the accusations of all women are now the same people who won’t dare open their mouths to condemn someone on their own team.

Their hypocrisy is breathtaking.

With catchy slogans like “Believe Women”, ardent MeToo advocates have spent years undermining the accused’s right to due process. The establishment media has played a significant role in hurting the credibility of legitimate victims while bolstering support for unfounded, illegitimate, sexual assault claims.

Although the Reade story remains unproven, it shines a light on the insincerity and double standard of those people most vocal about bringing bad men to their knees. Until, of course, that man is one of their own.

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Sydney Watson
Sydney Watson
Writer. Journalist. Australian/American political commentator. And your very favourite deplorable. To be fair, I actually hate writing these "about me" things. Honestly, if you're reading this, on a scale of one to "not even a little", how much do you care? Ya don't. But I digress. If you're here, I'm glad. I hope you enjoy my commentary on all things political and my questionable accent.


  1. Kavanaugh’s only accuser was totally unbelievable and presented zero corroboration. She was paid a big sum of money for her performance. Reade isn’t Biden’s only accuser and she’s totally believable.

    Additionally, she has corroborated her complaint a number of different ways. Reade received nothing for her aggravation. Kavanaugh was crucified. Biden naps. Big media hates conservatives and Republicans. They love democrats. Justice?

    • Of course it is DEM justice, which is not the same for the rest of us. Now that HRC has joined the Biden bandwagon, Tara had better take extra precautions, avoid empty stairwells, and always carry concealed. HRC and her bimbo brigade did in many of Slick Willie’s victims and with her experience, she no doubt can do the same for Joe Biden (D for Delaware & dementia)

  2. Nothing unusual here. He’s a Democrat! Believe him, smear her. The me2 movement is taking a very big hit for this blunder. Biden must be inverstigated. Joe needs Hillary to instruct Jill on how to handle it.

  3. Good article, Sydney; many excellent points. But, the title of the article is misleading; it suggests the MeToo movement and their arguments are the result of a mere slip in logic or “faulty logic.” It would be wonderful if their wrong-headed ‘Believe All Women’ concept were that simple and unintentional; instead, it has nothing to do with logic — incorrect or otherwise, it is pure political/philosophical bias. The MeToo folks are probably ecstatic to see their extreme and unfair bias is merely an inadvertent logic error.

  4. its a joke, these people can’t even see how hypocritical they really are. its time for people to wake up and see the hypocrisy. Its do as I say not as I do and they will get away with it, God help us all.

    • No these assholes are total lunitics..Hipocrites of the worst kind. The only way to deal with these assholes is to eradicate them like any other varmit

  5. Once a gain, an example of the very essence of a politician. A politician’s vested interest is in getting others to believe they need the politician for their well being. The fact is generally people can live their lives just fine making their own decisions. Another aspect is a politician generally believes they can run your life better than you can. And as long as people don’t grow up and take responsibility for themselves, the politician is generally correct. Our society produces middle-aged adolescents who are also self-centered and delusional. As fantasy is a feature of those who seek to run my life, I believe anyone who feels that way should be disqualified from holding office. Notice I do not distinguish between party or philosophy. However, I do believe there is a party of the spin and a party of reason.

  6. In 2008 the mainstream media created Obama, a nobody, and convinced enough of the American people to elect him as President. The media did their thing again in 2012 and Obama was reelected. The media loved this power and decided they would decide who would run our country in the future. Then, the media ran into a roadblock. Donald Trump played by his rules instead of following the Republican party’s usual cave in to the Democrats and the media didn’t care for this at all. They had tried to create Hillary (a disaster0 as they had Obama. But, Trump upset their applecart. Since then, the media has been like attack dogs. Nothing he does suits them. If he takes action to solve a problem they claim it is too late, too early, too much, or not enough. If he doesn’t take action they claim he is ignoring the American people. The media is now trying to puff up old Joe Biden and make the American people believe he is the right person to lead the country. Many polls are showing Biden leading Trump by several percentage points. We found out just how much we can trust these polls back in 2016. I think it is time for people to quit depending on the news media talking heads to tell them for whom they should vote and consider just where our country would be if Hillary had won. We are supposed to be a thinking people so THINK before you vote.

  7. It is rather difficult NOT to believe Ms. Reade with the hundred of videos showing Biden inappropriately touch young girls and women of all ages. He is just creepy. I would love some of those female Secret Service agents to step up and reveal Biden’s habit of swimming nude in front of them. Several Secret Service agents have said they keep their daughters, wives, sisters and other female relatives far from Creepy Joe. Everything Bill said is perfect.

  8. The records and history are clear. From JFK to Bill Clinton and Gary Hart.
    IN GENERAL, Democrats are sexual predators who believe they can get away with anything. Bill Clinton did.
    IN GENERAL Republicans are moral people who do not cross social and civilization lines of sexual behavior.
    And yes, there are exceptions on both sides.
    That is because these days a great many Democrats are claiming to be Republicans in order to prevent conservatives from winning. WHO:” Look at their record.
    Susan Collins
    John Cornyn
    and a lot more RINOs


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