Wednesday, July 15, 2020

After Predicting Record High Temperatures Global Warming Conspiracy Theorists Blame Record Cold on Global Warming

“2020 expected to be Earth’s warmest year on record,” USA Today somberly announced in April.

That’s left global warming conspiracy theorists scrambling to explain May’s record cold weather.

“In the Northeast, higher elevation areas reported snowfalls of up to 10 inches over the weekend. New York City received a trace of snow on May 9, tying the city’s record for the latest snowfall,” The New American reports. “In Islip, New York, a town on the southern shore of Long Island, the month of May was officially snowier than the month of February. Mother’s Day celebrations across the Midwest and Northeast were ruined by cold and windy conditions in the regions. Near record cold temperatures were reported from the Dakotas stretching down Texas and across most of the eastern United States.”

Undeterred, global warming conspiracy theorists claim the record cold is caused by global warming.

“It is difficult to pinpoint the cause-and-effect or correlation-causation with extreme weather events and climate change,” claims Ryan Maue, a meteorologist at BAM Weather. “But changes in the behavior of the jet stream are becoming more accepted by scientists looking for physical reasoning behind what we are seeing on weather maps.”

Global warming conspiracy theorists claim, without evidence, “climate change” is causing what they call “weirding.” Both are intentionally vague terms that could mean either record cold or record warmth, depending on whatever needs to be defended at the moment.

This “weirding” is causing weather patterns to change, which means no matter what the weather is, it’s “proof” of “global warming.”

“It’s not always hotter and dryer with rapid climate change, but also colder and wetter,” Maue bizarrely claims. 

That means if it’s hot outside that’s proof of global warming, but it’s also proof if it’s cold outside.

A scientific theory is, by definition, something that ceases to be valid upon evidence it is not true. By claiming record cold temperatures are “proof” of “climate change,” so-called “man-made global warming” ceases being a scientific theory and becomes a cult belief like “lizard people” and “Flat Earth,” where the lack of proof is proof itself.

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Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


  1. Just like the ***** had Jews, Soviet Union had the USA, Romans had the Barbarians, and on and on GLOBAL WARMING is the F-A-K-E enemy for the next psychotic new world government – Globalism. To be honest it would be best to remove the citizenship from any Globalist. I assume you know that EU is Globalism. Obama weakened our Country to try to make us meld with the EU. This psychotic wanted and still wants to be President of the World…just like ******, Caesar, Stalin, etc.


  3. Evidence has been uncovered that the Antarctic used to have vegetation. The most northern part of Alaska and the Siberian Tundra is loaded with oil from the long gone tropical regions there over millions of years. And oh yes, we have had snowball earth where the entire planet was a frozen wasteland encased in snow and ice that wiped out nearly every living thing except for some bacteria-like organisms that reignited life. Must have been caused by some unknown humans that destroyed themselves during the water earth and then the snowball earth due to their global warming civilization. Man thinks in their lifetimes while our earth thinks in millions of years.

    • FACT is, they dont care what was once, they only care that is current
      even when it is proven earth goes through cycles, that is meaningless..

  4. Sooo, the temperature dropped causing an unusual situation called “weirding.” Not to be confused with “getting cool outdoors.”

  5. What a crock. These fortune tellers masquerading as scientists want us to believe that if we give them a bunch of money, they’ll save us from burning up or freezing or whatever. Even if by some wizard-wanding, climate changed according to their dream, a vast majority of the earth’s population still wouldn’t go along.

    Fact is the earth cannot sustain sufficient numbers of mere humans to affect its climate. It’s important to nurture our forests and keep our air and water clean and we’re doing that. Time to give it a rest, stop worrying and enjoy life.

    • The CV-19 models have been wrong so they have been updated as information has been added. So the predictions have been updated a number of times. How many times have the global warming models been updated as a result of new information? Rather than update the models it appears that they just want to make excuses and call it something else.

  6. Thank you, Michael Brigham, for artfully skewering the global-warming crowd. Should we now call them the global weirdingists?

  7. Humans can’t “control” climate change. The climate has been changing in cyclic patterns of dozens, hundreds, thousands & hundreds of thousands of years for ever. Every 105,000 years or so, the Earth goes into a long ice age, then has a warm period for about 10-12K years. We are near the end of our current inter-glacial period now. For the past 10,000 years of so, the Earth has been in a gradual cooling with numerous ups and downs.
    For example, about 1000 years ago, during the Medieval Warm Period, it was about 2 degrees F warmer than now. Going back about 2500 years, the Roman Climate Optimum was 2-3 deg F warmer than now. The same with the Egyptian and Minoan warm periods.
    However, go back just 250 years or so, and we were in a “little ice age,” which we finally recovered from. All of these cycles are natural. CO2 does NOT control climate. Going back millions of years, we are in one of three periods where the CO2 levels have been this low. Most of the time, CO2 levels are many times higher. During one very long extended ice age, the CO2 levels were about 11 times higher than now. Also, CO2 levels FOLLOW changes in temperature, not the other way around.
    When the Earth entered the last ice age, the CO2 remained at its highest levels for thousands of years, before dropping. IF CO2 really is that giant magical temperature control knob that the alarmists claim, how can these facts be?
    There are literally thousands of people with scientific training and background who do not buy into that lie. Now – all that said, we humans can mess up the world with pollution and in some small ways effect climate, but not the way the alarmists claim. Human caused CO2 emissions are a small fraction (~4%) or all CO2 emissions. BTW, the infrared absorption band of CO2 is overlapped by water vapor, and water vapor makes up 94% of all greenhouse gasses. So even doubling the existing levels of CO2 would have very minor effects (~0.2 deg, with all else being equal).
    CO2 levels today are actually lower now than during most of the past millions of years.
    These facts and hard data just didn’t correlate with the pronouncements of the warming alarmist crowd, and raised many red flags for me. The more I looked into the whole issue, the more convinced I became that someone wasn’t telling the whole truth. At the time, I didn’t try to figure out ‘why’ they were dishonest.
    Here are some of the ‘inconvenient facts’ I have dug up which led me to join the ranks of the ‘dissenters’:
    1. There was a time many millions of years ago, when the CO2 levels were about 11 times higher than today – AND the Earth was in the middle of a very long Ice Age.
    2. Geologically speaking, we are in one of only two periods, when the CO2 levels have been this low.
    3. Humans only emit about 4-5% of all CO2 – the rest is from Nature.
    4. Of all the Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) CO2 only makes up about 4%, with Water Vapor forming 95%, and methane etc. making up the remainder. So – human CO2 emissions are only 4% of 4% of all GHGs (or about 0.16%).
    5. Changes in CO2 levels follow changes in global temperatures. A ‘cause’ can NOT follow its ‘effect’.
    6. There is virtually no correlation between CO2 levels and temperature over long terms.
    7. Alarmists keep claiming that CO2 molecules remain in the atmosphere for thousands of years. This is easily disproved, simply by looking at the chart below, which shows the very regular annual variations in CO2 levels at the NOAA measuring station on Mauna Loa.
    8. There is fairly good correlation between sun-spot levels and global temperatures. This was first noted by Sir Herschel of England in 1801 when he commented about the ‘price of wheat’ (temperature caused variations) and the sunspot levels. In effect, he stated, “It’s the Sun Stupid.”
    9. The theory of this sun-spot vs temperature connection was put forward by Henrik Svensmark of Denmark, and shown to be accurate by his experiment at the Swiss National Lab at CERN, where he demonstrated that the amount of cloud forming particles in the lower atmosphere are effected by the levels of cosmic radiation and the levels of cosmic radiation is modulated a little by the level of sunspots.
    10. A prime example of this effect is the level (or lack of) sun-spots from about 1645 to 1710, during the depths of the “Little Ice Age.”
    All of these “Inconvenient Facts” prove to me at least, that CO2 is not that giant magical global temperature control knob the alarmists want me to believe. Yes – I do admit that changes in CO2 levels do make a small (very small) change in global temperatures, but not enough to really matter.
    In addition, higher levels of CO2 have many benefits – CO2 is air-born fertilizer for plants. Commercial greenhouses typically create CO2 levels of 1200 to 1500 ppm (parts per million). If CO2 is such a dangerous ‘pollutant’, why would they do that? At these higher levels, plants:
    1. Grow greater root length and mass
    2. Grow more above ground mass
    3. Grow more of the ‘stuff’ we harvest
    4. Are more resistant to insects
    5. Are more resistant to disease
    6. Are more resistant to drought
    7. Require less water
    8. More resistant to temperature increases
    Where is there ANY cause for alarm in these facts?

  8. Ahhh, but selling global-warming has made Al Gore stinking rich, going from less than $2 M worth leaving the VP office to over $550 M in a decade. The same reason why odumbo and killery are also flocking to make sure that their hot air will aid global-warming so to meet their greed. And they say selling snake oil doesn’t work. What bunch of slime balls1

  9. Some history-

    Some history:
    1) In 1975 it was the coming Ice Age: remedy = nationalize everything and put our Eco-Nazi in total charge; after 20 years of ZERO cooling the same creeps switched to
    2) Globaloney Warming panic in 1996; remedy = see above; after 20 years of ZERO warming we now must deal with
    3) Climate Change switcheroo; remedy = see above.
    Enough! Enough!! Enough!!!

  10. If the criminals who are running this fraud ever achieve their aim of a global dictatorship like Hitler wanted and China now wants global warming, climate change, and weirding will never be mentioned by them again.
    What their over riding obsession will be is what millions of people will be slaughtered to make the world’s population more manageable.

  11. Met a young couple on a camping trip, found out they were geologists, ask the young husband three questions, 1) how did the ice age end?, 2) how much water vapor is in the atmosphere?, 3) what is the effect of the sun on the earth? Want to guess what the answer was? “We are still in the ice age” was his answer, not Fred and Barney running around in their 2 roller foot powered vehicles.


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