By Tim Pierce from Berlin, MA, USA - Chris Pappas, CC BY 2.0,

A new ad from Democrat Congressman Chris Pappas playing up his blue collar values is attracting attention for what it doesn’t have.

Blue collar workers.

The ad opens with Pappas saying “Running a small business is hard work.  There are early mornings…” over footage of a auto mechanic opening the doors of his garage against the morning sun.

But it appears Pappas couldn’t find an actual mechanic to support him.  The “mechanic” in the ad is actually white collar lawyer and Manchester Democrat Chairman Alan Raff.

A review of Raff’s LinkedIn and other social media accounts finds no mention of him owning or operating an auto repair shop, or having any automotive or manual labor experience.

Pappas himself, who is worth $5 million, was born into a family of restaurant owners, earned a degree in government from Harvard University and has been an elected official since the age of 22.

The ad is similar to one run in 2018 by Virginia Democrat Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton, who was then seeking the seat against incumbent Barbara Comstock.

The ad features Wexton standing beside three police officers signing a campaign poster, making it appear she had earned the support of law enforcement 

However, none of the individuals were police officers and one was a paid campaign staffer.  A closer look reveals they were wearing what one Virginia sheriff’s deputy quoted by Roll Call referred to as “Party City uniforms,” plain dark blue shirts with no patches or markings, and what appear to be blank grey plastic badges.

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  1. It’s all theater for us peons. When the campaigns start with lies and deception why should we expect change?

  2. PATHETIC. Couldn’t even go out and find a REAL auto mechanic to do your pathetic political ad.

    Similar to the ad of yesteryear: ” I’m not a doctor but play one on TV”

  3. Everyone who was surprised by this, raise your hand……………………………………yep, that’s what I thought. Don’t forget to vote.

  4. Typical Democratic lies. No one should be surprised by any of this. The sad thing is, people stupid enough to vote or support Dems will believe this garbage and accept it at face value as being true information. That explains a lot about why we’re in the mess we’re in – willfully ignorant voters, and of course, Democratic voter fraud!!

  5. You’ve heard the saying:
    They always screw you at the drive thru…….
    That’s what these cons do. Sound moderate, Republican light, until they get to DC. Then, they show their true colors.

  6. OMG. When will wake up to the fact that ALL DemoRats/Leftists/Liberals ARE LIARS???? Stop voting these deceivers into office.

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