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ANALYSIS – In May all the media was aflutter over former Defense Secretary Esper claiming President Trump had asked about launching missiles into Mexico to destroy drug cartel labs. Of course, the consensus was this was supposedly another crazy Trump idea.

And Esper ensured everyone he told Trump this would violate international law.

Trump never denied it, and I was never convinced that this was so crazy, especially in light of reports that Trump had considered designating Mexican drug cartels ‘foreign terrorist organizations’ or FTOs – in 2019 – something I supported.

When a group is added to the list, its members cannot enter the United States. Banks and financial institutions that do business with the group can face penalties. And Americans who provide “material support or resources” to it can face criminal prosecution.

But the biggest issue is it could allow the president to launch drone strikes or take other limited military actions against these groups on foreign soil.

Trump eventually held off on doing so, under pressure from Mexico and other groups. But I don’t think he should have. And time has shown that Mexico isn’t up to the task of fighting the cartels on its own.

Now, former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr is saying we should start treating Mexican cartels “more like ISIS and less like the mafia.”

And he is right.

In an interview on Newsmax TV, the former AG said that “Mexico is well on its way to being a failed narco-state” and that the U.S. should adjust its approach to the cartels accordingly.

“The United States [has been] relegated to working through Mexico to try to deal with the cartels, and I think that’s a losing proposition,” Barr stated, adding that he doesn’t believe the Mexican government is “serious enough” in tackling the drug crisis.

Barr also strongly condemned Team Biden’s response to the cartels, arguing they “have essentially abandoned the border to them.”

This is especially odious with the ongoing fentanyl and migrant crisis. Barr added “…the United States cannot have these cartels operating on our border, poisoning our country — over 100,000” deaths.

Referring to the Mexican cartels, Barr correctly noted that: “They are effectively terrorist organizations. They are increasingly building their connections with terrorists. Their paramilitary can take on the Mexican military, and they have so much money they can corrupt any system.”

The former AG explained that trying to prosecute Mexican drug gangs and affiliated organizations is about as ridiculous as “going after ISIS in Syria on the same basis.”

The only way to treat them like terrorists is by designating the worst of the cartels as FTO’s and treat them accordingly. This will likely only happen if a Republican wins the White House in 2024.

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  1. We have the ability to hit one house and turn it to dust and not harm the others around it and I say hit them where they live and lock them out of The USA

  2. Democrat virus is here, What a geat unAmerican idea, fxxx our immigration laws fxxx the tax payer, because brain dead biden wants it to happen, open borders have brought in crime, drugs and diseases, monkey pox, polio is back, impeachment and jail for oath breakers will follow. ID CARDS FOR THE INVADERS?

  3. We need to get rid of the Mexican cartels. Like Barr said the only way is to get rid of Democrats and let Republicans take over and Action will get started. They are criminals Treat them as such and hold Mexico responsible Like President Trump did.

  4. Kill every damned one of them any way possible! If the corrupt/weak Mexican government doesn’t like it, they know what they can do about it.

  5. Trump has never been right about anything , because he is a complete and utter imbecile with a lower IQ than that of a clam !

  6. It would appear to anyone other than a “Never Trumper” or our enemies like democ Rats that Trump has been “Right” about most everything that is important to our well being as a “Sovereign Country”.

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