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With rising inflation and exploding gas prices stretching family budgets to the breaking point, President Joe Biden’s top economic adviser is out with a stunning admission.

Democrats want prices to be even higher, to stop Americans from using gasoline.

“We know that when we’re consuming fossil fuels we’re not paying nearly the cost that is generating from the social perspective,” said Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Cecilia Rouse said in a White House videoconference demanding more government action on the “climate change” conspiracy theory.

“The private costs I pay even at the pump is not reflecting the social cost of the emissions from my car,” Rouse concluded.

The White House’s comments are supportive of a liberal movement to slap crippling new taxes on gasoline, which would stop Americans from using automobiles and provide government with millions of new dollars to funnel to liberal activists.

The scheme adheres to a liberal conspiracy theory that the Earth is warming, it is caused by human action, Americans are primarily responsible and the Earth’s temperature can be changed by adopting socialist policies.

They claim there is a “social cost” of using petrochemicals, and that Americans should be forced by the government to pay higher prices to stop them from using gasoline, natural gas and heating oil.

A 2014 U.S. House investigation found many of the liberal groups pushing for “social cost” price hike on oil and gas got funding from the Russian government, funneled to “dark money” environmental groups through an off-shore corporation in Bermuda which received “tens of millions of dollars” from the Kremlin.

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  1. “Just buy an electric car” is the 21st-century American equivalent of “let them eat cake.”

  2. Let’s see, Democrats want more taxes and higher prices – and this is new news??? Nope, this has been their play for the longest time!

  3. It’s time for all these worthless traitors to resign or be arrested for obstruction and crimes against the American people

  4. And here I stand a fool. I thought that the looney Wokistas didn’t want us using gasoline at all. Only, now I learn they want to use gasoline as to pretext to squeeze every nickel out of us in taxes.

  5. Artificially increasing gasoline costs to fund evil socialist/Democrat governments is one thing, but raising natural gas costs forcing people to freeze, especially freeze-killing senior citizens is something else.
    Welcome to the brave “new” world of hateful, communist/Democrat, anti-Christian politics.

  6. I remember when the Demon-crats were just a collection of Bolsheviks. It seems now that raving lunatics are taking over the DNC.

  7. That is one mean and selfish government. They up the prices on everything else and then expect you to afford an electric car when you cannot afford rent and food. Joe has his head up his a88. We did not make any deals with the Ukraine or China and receive kick-backs into our coffers. He now is raising taxes on seniors to pay for his illegals and college loan program. If they felt it was important to go to a pricey college, let them pay it off themselves. Everyone else before them found a way to do it. You know where you can put your high prices on gas…yeah it rhymes.

  8. The longer these crazy worthless pieces of sh!t are hanging around the harder it’s going be to get them shut up and get them out!!

  9. Agree with all posts! They want to return us to the “ dark ages” and destroy our country! They are too stupid to understand that to generate electricity, fossil fuels must be used to run the generating stations, and to provide materials for electric cars. This climate change b.s. is just that, B.S. !! Gore made a fortune promoting the climate change agenda! You can bet THEY will be driving fossil fuel cars, flying their big private jets, because they know electric cars are not the answer to climate change! It is a natural cycle our planet goes through.

  10. Then want since U dont energy to run EVs. aside solar & wind
    Gee & wont even try Thorium reactors for energy

  11. what the hell are social costs – their so called “science” is lies that they keep telling to make you believe its true. they change the data to get the answers they want and have been caught repeatedly doing it but the media quickly silences it.

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