Amanda Head returns to discuss the cancellation of CNN plus and what it means for the mainstream media.

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Born and raised in the South, Amanda Head's strong conservative background is highly evident in both her professional and personal life. A Birmingham, Alabama native, she's lived in Los Angeles since graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Auburn University.

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1 month ago

/You’re right – it may be wrong but it feels so right that CNN is tubing and that their much ballyhoo’d streaming service streamed straight down the toilet. And CNN can make all the excuses it wants but reality is a b***h and it doesn’t fit any of their self-congratulatory/self-exculpatory efforts to recast what happened as anything but a disaster. 23 days after launching their service, amidst a frenzy of hype and millions in advertising, CNN could muster less than 7 1/2% of their predicted subscribers and, worst of all, they can’t generate more than 10,000 “views” (“views”, not “viewers”) a day. Compare that to, e.g., “Meme the Left”, a “YouTube” poster who daily offers a short video making fun of some recent Leftist/Liberal inanity. As I write this note today, 4/22/22, at 10:14 AM, their latest offering (appropriately, the “Thumbnail” image is of Brian Stelter in clown garb and make-up), which has only been posted for 2 hours, has already had over 33,000 views, over 3X what Brian Stelter, himself, can hope to garner by the end of day on CNN+. I don’t know if you can find a flack who can recast those numbers into a positive story for CNN. OH, and incidentally, “Meme the Left”, which is a guy in his basement making amateur videos, has 121K subscribers, about 80% of the number which CNN’s put together with all their massive PR expenditures and marketing costs (and yet, with fewer subscribers, “Meme the Left” consistently outdraws CNN+ when it comes to actual viewership, making one wonder how many of CNN’s subscribers are “empty eyeballs” and soon to be unemployed CNN+ employees). I was going to say that this kind of costly, embarrassing debacle couldn’t smack down anyone more deserving than the self-satisfied clown act which is CNN but then I remembered MSNBC. Does anyone know if they are offering a streaming service any time soon?