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David Keene returns today to provide us with a comprehensive analysis of the presidential race in North Carolina.

The coronavirus’ unprecedented impact on the political cycle, coupled with oscillating polls, has left more than a few conservatives unnerved.

To understand where Trump stands in a must-win state like North Carolina, David invited longtime friend and prominent North Carolina political consultant Paul Shumaker to discuss the state of the race in this rapidly-diversifying battleground.


From a political perspective, Paul knows the Tar Heel State better than virtually anyone. Let us know your thoughts on the state of the presidential race and stay with American Action News as David publishes more videos about the states that will determine who wins the all-important Electoral College.

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1 year ago

I think there is a major contributing factor that was not addressed here. The fact that Cunningham’s sexting
issue has just coming to the forefront & the fact that there has been a recent discovery of a second mistress/affair,
sheds a totally new light on the senate race. This race has moved to, “ its Tillis’s race to loose.”
The state is somewhat divided on the presidential race. The East will most likely go for Biden, but the west will definitely go Trump.
Charlotte being in the western part of the state and the population being double what the Raleigh Durham area is, along with the greater Greensboro area and their indicators leaning toward Trump, I think Trump definitely has a bit of an advantage.
Most North Carolinians are still pro life
& the fact that Biden has been less than transparent in his campaign, leads me to call the state for Trump.

Endre Barath, Jr.
Endre Barath, Jr.
1 year ago

barely hearing it bad video sound

Christine Getter
1 year ago

Schumer spending $80 million dollars to oust republican Senator Tillis ?? Who is he getting this money from ??? And the dems want to vote in a know liar and cheater Cunningham.