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2 years ago

A Fascist always calls everyone else a fascist when they not see everyone agreeing with their own point of view. The freedom of speech is meaningless unless ever is allowed to speak their mind. Drew Brees had to apologize because he has respect for the the American Flag. Some Fascist celebrities came out to complain when Brees said we should stand for the American Flag.
When a Celebrity comes out to speak their mind, and demand that everyone else is a racist if they have a different opinion, IS A FASCIST. That is what a fascist does, a fascist tells you your opinion, where you must spend your money, where you must donate your dollars to provide the freeee for non-citizens. If that opinion is a good opinion, it is good for everyone. If the police is killing civilians, that committed no crime, it’s murder. If we work for a better society, what we do should protect everyone no matter what their skin color. It is becoming clearer and clearer that Americans must stand together, especially when an officer under the “color of their authority” enacts unacceptable force against any citizen, it’s against every citizen.
The terrorists are among us, and have promise to invade our neighborhoods. So when the mayors, Congress, Governors pass laws making it illegals to defend ourselves, we will still defend ourselves, our families, and our homes. Bet your glad you kept your personal protection, now.

Mike Tanco
2 years ago

Racism has no color. In every ethnic group some are racist mainly because they were raised that way.
As a teacher in a public school system for 37 years. Many students entered my classroom thinking what can this White MF’er teach me?
In most cases they ended up eating their words.

Linda Evans
Linda Evans
2 years ago

I love Trump. Best President in my lifetime

2 years ago
Reply to  Linda Evans

Indeed! On the left side of the coin, Obama is the worst president in US history.