As Hurricane Ian continues its trajectory up the east coast, it’s now entering South Carolina.  Florida saw massive amounts of damage due to the hurricane. Hurricane Ian at times reached the strength of a category 5 hurricane, which puts the storm on par with Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Irene.

The worst of the storm is widely believed to be over, however, the storm is still a severe threat wherever it goes. Roads continue to flood as Hurricane Ian continues making its way up the east coast.

According to

The Charleston Police Department warned South Carolina residents that there are currently 24 road closures and 18 traffic lights out throughout the city.

Septima Clark Pkwy was closed to flooding and drivers were asked to avoid the area.

The National Weather Service’s office in Charleston said a flash flood warning would continue for the city and Mount Pleasant through 4 p.m. EDT.

According to Fox Weather hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross, life-threatening storm surge will inundate areas north of Charleston Harbor.

Places like Georgetown, Pawleys Island and Myrtle Beach are in line to get the worst storm surge flooding and Myrtle Beach is now approaching major flood stage. 

The floods as a result of Hurricane Ian have the potential to wipe away buildings. The floods have already had deadly results in Florida, and officials are still attempting to make efforts to locate anyone missing, despite that, multiple deaths have been reported already.

Some major roads have already been closed, so some South Carolina residents have lost their ability to leave the storm’s path.

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