Following the worst of the storm, officials have continues to report on deaths and missing people as a result of Hurricane Ian. Since the initial reporting, where Florida officials could only confirm a handful amount of confirmed deaths as a result of Hurricane Ian, the current death count has now reached at least 7 people who are confirmed to have died as a result of Hurricane Irene.

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A state official said Friday that at least 21 people have died in Florida during Hurricane Ian, though 20 of those deaths have not been officially confirmed as being caused by the storm.

M​edical examiners will determine whether the deaths should be attributed to the storm. So far, seven deaths in Florida have been linked to Ian: two in Volusia County, one of those in New Smyrna and one in Deltona; two in Sarasota County; two on Sanibel Island in Lee County; and one in Lake County. In addition, three people died when Ian hit Cuba, according to the Associated Press.

Rescue operations are continuing and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said barges will be used to get recovery equipment to the barrier islands devastated when Ian roared ashore. Meanwhile, survivors are getting a clearer picture of the astounding losses.

7 people being confirmed to have died as a result of a Category 5 hurricane, the same category as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Irene, is very low. Either Florida was extremely well prepared, or the number will continue to rise. 

At this point, 1.9 million people remain without power.


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