Sgt Tatum Vayavananda via Wikimedia Commons

Alvin York

Sergeant York received the Medal of Honor for his bravery in World War I. Following his promotion to Corporal, York was one of 17 soldiers assigned to infiltrate German lines and silence a machine gun nest. The Germans quickly killed six Americans and wounded three others, making York the highest-ranking officer still able to fight. He took charge and attacked the fortified enemy position, dispatching numerous Germans with his rifle before running out of ammunition. Six desperate enemy soldiers then charged York but he killed all of them with his pistol. York killed at least 25 Germans and captured 132 during the attack.

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Terrified of what is coming to the US
Terrified of what is coming to the US
1 year ago

Israel may as well get their armed forces ready! Biden is going to have a giveaway/firesale of the US when he gets in. Almost tempted to pray for him to die! But instead praying for him to somehow survive 4 years so the Ho doesn’t take over!!!!!!!! If the Ho does we may all be living in grass huts! Biden better make sure his secret service detail keeps him alive (not let Obammer or the Ho get him “erased”!)

Or maybe we’ll have civil war number two?

James I corcoran
James I corcoran
1 year ago

notable for Irish and british descended guys