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WATCH: MSNBC Reporter Downplays Unrest as Building Burns Behind Him

Crossroads Foundation Photos via Wikimedia Commons

Reporting from Minneapolis, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi described rioting over the tragic death of George Floyd as “not generally speaking unruly.” At the same time, a building burned behind him, and the chyron mentioned the destruction of a Minneapolis police station.


While the vast majority of protesters have been peaceful, unrest is affecting daily life in parts of the Twin Cities. Five hundred members of the Minnesota National Guard arrived late Thursday to “protect life, preserve property and the right to peacefully demonstrate.”

Townhall’s Matt Vespa reports:

Craig Melvin tweeted, “This will guide our reporting in MN. “While the situation on the ground in Minneapolis is fluid, and there has been violence, it is most accurate at this time to describe what is happening there as ‘protests–not riots.’”

Craig, the National Guard is not deployed for protests. Let’s try and get a grip here. Our own Julio Rosas is on the ground in Minneapolis right now. He was near the police headquarters before it was overrun by rioters. He’s covered multiple protests, some with very hostile crowds, and he’s never seen anything like what he’s experiencing in Minneapolis. 

This is the mainstream news media in 2020.

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