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Seven Lies Told by MSNBC’s New Primetime Host

Phil Roeder from Des Moines, IA, USA via Wikimedia Commons

A bad record…

Phil Roeder from Des Moines, IA, USA via Wikimedia Commons

With ideologues like Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Chris Hayes masquerading as reasonable hosts, the leftist narrative propagated by MSNBC is evident to the most obtuse viewer.

Perhaps their worst on-air personality is Joy Reid. Reid is now joining MSNBC’s primetime lineup. With a history of deceit that rivals Benedict Arnold, it’s shocking she wasn’t promoted earlier. 

Here are Joy Reid’s most outrageous lies!

(H/T Daily Caller)

(Imaginary) Racial Slur

Reid stepped in legal doo-doo for slandering a woman debating California’s sanctuary state status.

Reid falsely tweeted the Roslyn La Liberte called 14-year-old Jose Luevanos a “dirty Mexican” at a Simi Valley, California City Council meeting. Reid’s followers inundated La Liberte with hateful messages and death threats. There was also a boycott campaign against her business.   

Luevanos spoke out in defense of La Liberte, saying their conversation was civil. The two even embraced afterward.

Trump Hired Black Actors

In August 2017, Reid claimed Trump’s campaign hired black actors to appear at his rallies. Her evidence was a shady Craiglist post. Perhaps she should look at recent polls showing that Trump’s support in the black community is increasing, despite the left’s best efforts.

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Teenagers Harassed Native American Elder

Reid accused Catholic high schoolers of harassing sixties-something Native American elder/activist, Nathan Phillips. She even interviewed Phillips, where he promoted his lies without fear of repercussions.  

What led Reid to concluded 17-year-old Nick Sandmann and his classmates were bigots? Sandmann dared to smile after Phillips invaded his personal space while pounding a drum next to the teenager’s face.

Mueller Colluded With Trump

Medill DC via Wikimedia Commons

Reid chalked up her disappointment with the Mueller Report to the special counsel of the investigation into allegations of Russian collusion with Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign of colluding with Trump. 

The conspiracy-driven host somehow rationalized that Mueller may have felt loyalty to Trump as a Justice Department official, which ostensibly is under the administration’s control. 

Watch as she and her guests twist themselves into knots to justify this ridiculous claim:

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Fake News by Russia’s Favorite Troll

Reid spread the debunked claim that voters in battleground states consumed more fake news online from Russian bots than hard news stories in 2016.

Russian agents spent $160,000 that year trying to sow dissent on Facebook. Presidential campaigns spend more than that on Facebook in a few hours. Reid also failed to mention that she received the most retweets of any American pundit from Russian troll farms.

9/11 Truther

Wikimedia Commons

During her time as an antiwar activist, Reid often blogged about her suspicious that September 11th was an inside job.

In 2006, she promoted the movie “Loose Change,” which parrots conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terror attacks. Reid later wrote that the Bush White House had failed to convince the American people it didn’t murder 3,000 U.S. citizens, despite scientists, engineers, a bipartisan government commission, independent journalists, and researchers proving 9/11 truthers wrong.

Reid has since said she accepts the official version of events. Whether or not that has to do with her lucrative new contract remains a matter of debate.

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Blaming Hackers for Homophobia

When it became known that Reid repeatedly mocked gay people on her now-defunct blog, she initially claimed someone hacked her, even alleging the FBI was investigating.

Per Vox:

The posts, for example, suggested — without much, if any, evidence — that Tom Cruise, Karl Rove, and Chief Justice John Robert’s son are gay. Other posts made derogatory remarks about gay people, claiming that “most straight people cringe at the sight of two men kissing” and that “adult gay men tend to be attracted to very young, post-pubescent types.” One post acknowledged, “Does that make me homophobic? Probably.”

Reid eventually “apologized” for her hurtful remarks, but made clear that she didn’t believe she wrote those words — perhaps still hoping we’ll all believe it was an elaborate prank.

Support the Landmark Lawsuit Against Antifa

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26 days ago

The Muller Report is NOTHING but the CIA, FBI, STATE Dept & ALL it’s lawyers trying to pin anything on Trump.The American public. are not idiots. I “HOPE” that the Durham report comes out soon & with it “TRUTH”! Muller “HAD” a great reputation , but he was used by the Washington Swamp lawyers. The “man” had no clue when he testified before Congress. His name & reputation was “used” by THE SWAMP to further “their” gains.. He was truly pathetic since “this guy” had no idea WHAT he was testifying to. Most of the time he either couldn’t remember anything. Similar to Joe Biden today. “NO CLUE”!

26 days ago
Reply to  George

nice post…www.earningscoop.com

24 days ago
Reply to  George

Durham will not have a report. It will be indictments and charges. Rumor has it it might not happen before the election due to “POLITICS” What the hell was the plot to overthrow Trump, but a political move to steal the election and then continued for 3.5 years and still going. Time to Nail them now!!

Dan Winright
Dan Winright
26 days ago

MSNBC is owned by pedophile hollyweird
Understand their bias now?
Its either them or our president

Fleas Lives Matter
Fleas Lives Matter
26 days ago

How would you like to be an investigator trying to “interrogate” Reid.
She could lie ALL DAY LONG….until you threw in the towel and said “I give up.”

24 days ago

It’s not news it’s PROPAGANDA, pure and simple. She and the rest could have worked for PRAVDA, but instead they have all created their very own Pravda here in the US. Will be glad when the war starts, these people are at the top of the list.

Daniel from TN
Daniel from TN
26 days ago

The only good thing about this information is that this is occurring on MSNBC. According to Nielsen, the HIGHEST rated program on MSNBC has a viewership of only 60,000 people.

Ross Campbell
26 days ago

To many enemy’s of America are not being held accountable. Now perhaps we’ll be adding,twitter and Facebook to the list.

24 days ago

msnbc, like all communist propaganda outlets are total and pure evil! When the war starts these PO’s will be the first targets we will destroy!