Sunday, July 12, 2020

New York Attorney General Investigating NBC News

The top law enforcement officer in New York State is investigating NBC News over unresolved allegations of sexual assault. 

Ousted network chairman Andy Lack and disgraced ex-anchor Matt Lauer are her primary targets. (Daily Mail)

The revelation comes one day after it was announced that NBC chairman Andy Lack is out at the peacock network.

More than a dozen women have been interviewed by officials from a Civil Division department dubbed ‘The Weinstein Unit’ following its investigation into the disgraced movie mogul who was jailed earlier this year after being convicted of rape.

In an exclusive interview with, former NBC News anchor Linda Vester said she was one of the women interviewed about alleged violations at the network.

‘They wanted to know as many details as I could offer about what Andy Lack’s involvement was in orchestrating a public response against me and a defense or cover-up. He was one of many,’ she revealed.

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  1. Those good liberals everyone admires so much sure like to bother the women don’t they? Maybe if they were just plain old good conservatives they’d be more interested in just being good family men.

  2. It’s not just a New York switch turning away from its game of ‘catching’ Trump to obstruct his administration b/c all Democrats have to work hard to turn away focus from Biden to whomever they can get this time, and Matt Lauer is one of them. – They’re such a wasteful sick bunch, they contribute nothing to the land.


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