Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Alan Dershowitz Schools ‘The View’ on Impeachment

Legendary attorney Alan Dershowitz appeared on the daytime talk show The View to discuss his role on the president’s legal team and why he believes the Democrats’ have opened Pandora’s box.

Dershowitz spent most of his career at Harvard University, where at age 27, he became the youngest professor in the esteemed institution’s nearly 400-year history.

The (mostly) progressive hosts bristled at his answers, and some (namely Joy Behar) resorted to ad hominem attacks.

Fox News’ Sam Dorman has more:

Amid cross-talk over needing a crime for impeachment, Goldberg told Dershowitz, “I’m moving you on or I’m cutting you off — one or the other is going to happen.”


The co-hosts also tried confronting Dershowitz on his previous statements about impeachment, with Goldberg suggesting he changed his mind because Trump was president. Dershowitz countered by claiming that he actually changed his mind on impeachment about four years ago when he looked into the possibility of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton getting impeached.

At one point, Goldberg compared Trump to former President Bill Clinton. “One president followed the law and did what he was supposed to do. We have a president now who’s blocking people from doing stuff,” she said, apparently referring to the administration opposing new witnesses.

Goldberg later groaned when Dershowitz referenced former President Abraham Lincoln during his speech before the Senate. “You have to go back in history. Impeachment doesn’t change since the time of the Constitution,” he said.


AAN Staff
AAN Staff
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