A wallet with several $50s inside / Photo by Chris O'Neil

According to a new report, US retail sales significantly shrunk in the month a December, in spite of the holidays, as shoppers were pinched between the dual effects of inflation and the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

The Details: Retail sales dropped 1.9 percent in December according to a report released by the Commerce Department.

The numbers represented a sharp decline from the 1.8 percent gain witnessed the month before.

Online sales dropped by 8.7 percent likely caused by an increase in Americans ordering their Christmas presents earlier than normal.

In addition electronics sales were down by 2.9 percent, while restaurant and bar sales declined by 0.8 percent.

Many economists expect inflation and supply chain issues to finally subside when the pandemic is over.

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6 days ago

Thank you Biden. You nit wit.

3 days ago
Reply to  Elaine

Don’t forget to thank all the dolts who supported Hiden Biden and his campaign. They are the same ones walking around with all the vaccines, boosters, masks and a Fauci candle burning in their living room.

Gary Fernett
Gary Fernett
5 days ago

We could have been energy independent if Biden would undo those unconstitutional executive orders…who would try to change our economy in the middle of an pandemic…a leftist socialist with half a brain.

4 days ago

‘…When the pandemic is over.’ FINE. But the Grand Pandemic will never end. Some nasties are getting filthy rich on its proceeds, delighting in the terror of the weak-minded populcae, and glorying in their newfound POWER of control.