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In an era where private companies are forcing their employees to get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs, tech giant Intel’s trailblazing COVID-19 policies do not require workers to get inoculated, or allow management to inquire about employees’ vaccination status. 

The Biden administration is pressuring the American workforce to get vaccinated by ordering The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to develop a rule that will require companies with more than 100 employees to make their staff get vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID-19 tests to remain on the payroll.

California based chip manufacturer Intel seemingly won’t bow down to the White House’s new COVID rules, as their own policy does not require its workforce to get vaccinated in order to maintain their jobs.  

While the company does “strongly recommend” getting inoculated and requires staff to comply with vaccine requirements instituted by local governments, they also accept antibodies as a full substitute for the vaccine.

Company policy dictates that anyone exposed to the virus must quarantine away from the worksite for 14 days, unless they are vaccinated, provide a negative PCR test, or have previously “recovered from COVID-19,” or have a “positive antibody “IgG” test.”

Furthermore, Intel does not allow other employees to dictate whether they want to work with unvaccinated employees, nor does it allow managers to compel employees into revealing their vaccination status.  

“For privacy reasons, managers or CW sponsors must not collect or share employee medical data, including information regarding vaccination status,” the policy reads. “Employees do not need to share whether they have been vaccinated.”

Major corporations in every market have already begun falling in line with Biden’s order from Tyson Foods, to Walmart, to Google, and disruptions of service have already begun as some workers would rather quit than be strong-armed into getting the jab.

Hundreds of American Airlines workers gathered outside of the company’s Fort Worth, Texas headquarters last week to protest the new policy to terminate unvaccinated staff after the Nov. 24 deadline. Southwest experienced 2,200 flight cancellations that the company blamed on inclimate weather, rather than what was speculated to be an employee sickout strike.

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In other words, blo me bb biden

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Rich crooked idiots

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This is a directive from the dictator, not a law.