Self-proclaimed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attended the Met Gala in a custom designer dress that read “Tax the Rich.” Ironic that a table at the event costs upwards of $300,000 and a single ticket as much as $33,000. What’s more, she said that her dress was a statement of what it meant to be a “working class woman of color at the Met.” Yes, working class at the Met.

Moreover, she opted against wearing a mask. In fact, masks seemed quite scarce at an event full of people who (like AOC) fervently support mask mandates. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has been one of the most staunch proponents of mask mandates throughout the COVID panic. She went as far as to accuse republicans for solely forcing the country to lock down because of their refusal to wear masks.

I suppose she gets a free pass though, for, you know… being rich and all.

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