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Newsmax founder Christopher Ruddy shocked many conservatives on Wednesday when he openly endorsed President Biden’s handling of the Coronavirus vaccine.

From Ruddy’s Newsmax column:

Six months into his administration, President Joe Biden should be applauded for making a huge dent in the COVID pandemic.

He inherited an effective vaccine from President Donald Trump, took it into his arms, and ran with it.

Meanwhile, Biden’s approval numbers have been high, despite a bitter election and a polarizing political environment.

The recent Real Clear Politics average has him with a 52 percent job approval, against a disapproval of 43 percent – a nine-point positive spread.

Ruddy continued, praising Biden’s alleged streamlining of the vaccine process as well as supposedly embracing, at least according to Ruddy, Trump-era policies.

But has Biden, the champion of far-left critical race theory, really been the true heir of Trump’s presidency? And why does Ruddy seem so intent on pushing such a strained narrative on his conservative audience?

What’s really going on here?

Could it be that Ruddy has simply caved to the pressure and joined team Biden?


    1. Just like the black rifle coffee company turning their back on their customer and saying F*ck their base…Vets/Patriots/Christians..!!! NewsMax is no different…their conservative viewers can go to h*ll..!!! Don’t buy or watch EITHER..!!!

  1. OOH! CEO of Newsmax ! Congratulating Biden on encouraging US citizens to take a jab for an unapproved , experimental vaccine that can cause serious side effects including death?

  2. It’s all about the Benjamins’. Newsmax is making a lot more money now, so it’s time to play ball now with the left, and not get cancelled. So sad how so many fall on the sword.

  3. I don’t believe anything in the “news” anymore. Even American action news appears to be under globalist/communist rule.

  4. And here we thought we could trust Newsmax as a reputable source of news. This is sad. Another one bites the dust.

  5. Done with Newsmax. Ruddy should understand that without Trump’s Warp Speed initiative, Biden would be sitting on thousands of deaths. Biden has not a clue and apparently Ruddy doesn’t either.

  6. These CEOs need to have their brains checked. They are truly suck ups to these democracts afraid to say something bad about them. Afraid to lose their nice cushy pay and not to get any backlash from the democracts

  7. Ran with it? It was Trump and Team WARP Spreed’s plan. They handed it over to him. I’d like to know what he did outside of what plan they provided to him? Maybe more businesses offering to help but seriously, he did not deviate from Trumps WARP Speed plan until mask mandates, the door-to-door lunacy and being dictated to from the teachers unions (all horrible decisions btw). All the vaccines were ordered well in advance with distribution plans in place. When did Biden’s team have to actually place a new vaccine order? A month or two ago?

  8. LISTEN UP….IF PREZ BIDEN is Doing a WORLD of GOOD….then I Do NOT Want to SEE What BAD is. YOU GOT to BE KIDDING ME. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  9. Could his approval rating be because they lie about the news and hide what they don’t want seen publicly? I think that is a big factor.

  10. Cause dementia jo was sooooo busy formulating the covid 19 vaccine in his basement, oops no he wasn’t!
    More communist democrat cult members spreading their stench!

    1. globalist puppet, chester the molester biden can’t leave the globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep parents, daughters alone long enough for him to formulate the covid 19 vaccine in his basement .

  11. Newsmax should be thanking President Trump for doing such a great job with the vaccine. Biden did nothing.

  12. Christopher Ruddy is either on drugs, demented or both. Apparently Biden’s dementia is highly contagious

  13. Biden had nothing to do with the vaccine. Just riding TRUMP’s coat tails. P.O.S. Jackass in Chief!

  14. I just love these BS polls and their ridiculous numbers. Who are they polling anyway?
    As far as Ruddy, who cares what he says?

  15. Well I just got disappointed. I thought Newsmax may be honest. How can you praise a man who is forcing a untested vaccine on our kids when already kids are having heart problems. Plus adults are dying. I kinda think we should have more testing. Also, how is this vaccine so important if it does not seem to work and still masks and illegals just run free in this country with no problem about vaccines.

  16. Newsmax, you just need to report the news ‘accurately, that is your job, not doing Biden’s promotion.

  17. Is oan the only true conservative? Like Rob Schmitt but like fox if they turn for chinajoe it’s over for us.

  18. What the hell is going on I thought I finally found a web site where u can give your true thoughts without a left giving it’s lies and now the owner is praising Biden I guess I will delete this site also,what is wrong with some of the American people do they not have any balls to stand up to these commies that they are and quit giving in to them,I am so sick and tired of their bull shit lies and always throwing the race card ever time they don’t get what they want what a bunch of over grown BABIES they need to get a real life and quit trying to destroy everyone else life. GOOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. The only things that Biden can do on his own is buy an ice cream cone and take a nap, everything else is scripted and put in his note book from which to read the pre-selected questions from the media.

  21. It feels like this corrupt administration is cajoling everyone into promoting this BS. I’m really, really sick of it already. Take the dam thing if you want, leave the rest of us and our families out of it.
    This is truly disappointing.

  22. Biden had nothing to do with people’s choice of getting the vaccine. People were scrambling for it and not cause of Biden because they wanted the vaccine regardless who was President. Biden’s administration did not develop the vaccine. It was there when he took office. There were a lot of parties involved in developing, distributing and administrating the vaccine. Military, government and civilian. No one person should be taking credit for this. It was a team wise (country) effort. Forget the individual praises cause there isn’t any. The problem with the country right now is everything is political, I mean everything. They say life expectancy in the country has dropped, true the pandemic took its toll but I think more so the stress of living with the crooked tilted media and the daily political BS of everyday life.

  23. What a mess. President Trump (God bless him) used warp speed to get vaccines developed. They were not tested thoroughly but they were brought to the public for use. Did he know that they were not tested properly / thoroughly?
    Even though these vaccines are causing deaths (supposedly to the tune of 45,000) they haven’t pulled them back.
    Joe Biden isn’t able to “JAB” everyone so he has decided to go door to door to educate us “PROPERLY” about these “JABS” and talk us into joining the Guinee Pig Army.
    Folks, they have us looking in too many directions. FOCUS! The bad guys are coming.

  24. Did anyone else notice the lack of comment about the southern border? Not too many Trump-era policies left working there.

  25. This FOOL is showing his WILLFUL LIBERAL IGNORANCE because Pedo Joe is an ABJECY FAILURE. The Pollsters are LYING about Pedo Joe’s ratings. It would take every Democrap on Earth giving him a positive rating multiplied by the National Debt to gat Pedo Joe a TRILLION or Two points in the Negative rating range.

  26. Biden couldn’t even meet his OWN goal. We’ll never know HOW MUCH BETTER President Trump would have done with getting the ‘shots in arms’ (and he WOULD have done better).

  27. WELP – Good Bye NewsMax. Now it’s only OAN & C-Span. (and c-span isn’t much better- except for live coverage of House & Senate hearings)
    Traitor pos.

  28. Obviously Newsmax is no longer a viable source for truth in reporting. Another rich CEO bites the dust for the CDP (Communist Democrat Party). We now have the CCP and the CDP to fight for our freedom.

  29. Begin reading and get the truth on all topics , especially on medicine & health.

  30. Newsmax another Facebook (fb). Hey ruddy you’re an idiot, another paid off criminaal that lies. These vaccines don’t work. How many people have supposedly got covid after the vaccines? How many bad side effecs have there been because of the vaccines including deaths. See here you have a media and CDC giving you the best of both worlds. First the highly inflated number of cover infections and deaths, then the vaccine and now the undereporting of side effects and deaths because of the vaccine, Hey these liarss got good practice by inflating the numbers in th first place. You all disgust me and I would love to see you all have karma pay you a visit. Hey, maaybe in the form off covid? Now that would be karma.
    Oh, this isn’t the only site that pretends to support conservatives but truely doesn’t Western journal is another that comes to mind but them probably BRP daily tooo, maybe all of them. As maybe they all want to throw s..t into the game to keep this all going and not really have any suggestions/help to end this. What should Americans do?

  31. Why on earth would the founder of Newsmax praise Biden. Biden has done nothing good for this country in six months. Biden is turning this country into a communist hell hole and should be impeached for all the rotten things he has done. Not to mention all the criminal deeds even before he became so called president. Not my president, with all his lying and cheating. Letting in all these illegals with their diseases and spreading them all over the country.

  32. Please don’t tell me we are loosing Newsmax too….how could this man say anything good about sleepy joe, worst ever….he has done nothing good, as it was President Trump who made it possible not idiot Biden….this is scary…

  33. Is Christopher Ruddy just a Whore bedding down with what will pay him he most .. if this is true, no rumor I will cancel Newsmax from by cable .. sorta will not matter much , I am down to only two shows a night on Fox. Tucker , and usually Greg .G.. but need more Reading time so probably sticking with Tucker. . should cancel everything. never changes my life.

  34. Highly disappointing coming from Newsmax. Bye bye.
    Biden reversed everything Trump did. What’s up with this guy? Bye bye.

  35. Biden’s percentage points I’ve seen were nowhere near 50% – must be a “Democrats Only” poll number taken at graveyard Hq’s in Detroit.

  36. No wonder I have been watching OAN more often, they are the only ones that seem to have the BALLS to look at the possibilities of Election Fraud COUP in 2020 when all others appear to Look the Other Way!🤔💭🏁

  37. Maybe, just maybe, Biden bumbled his way into doing something right, i.e., promoting vaccines that appear to be effective in countering a severe disease (despite some bad side effects for a small percentage of people). Acknowledging that fact is not the equivalent of wholesale abandonment of conservative principles and moving to the dark side, any more than criticizing some of Trump’s more egregious tweets is abandoning support for his programs.

    A long time ago, when I was incensed at a senator’s vote and wanted him out of office because of it, a wise political mentor told me I that since he voted our way 80% of the time, I should support him until I could find someone who would vote our way 90% of the time – AND get that person elected.

  38. What utter rubbish.
    Biden? The Ghost doesnt do anything other than attempt to destroy all the good work the President Trump does and did. President Trump got over 81% OF OFFICIAL VOTES. Therefore apart from undecided, those who dont bother to vote and independents, its doubtful Biden’s Ghost got even 10% Media hype numbers but in reality, 99% of humanity are against their sick liberal Luciferan policies. This man must be counting his loot!

  39.  “First you change the language” Vladimir Lenin……The Media is controlled by Catholics. Hitlery has been in bed with the “C” traitors for 40 years. Bill signed NAFTA, and jobs went south, and ILLEGAL ALIEN “C” INVADERS came north. The only difference between Muslim and “C” is the continent they destroy. MSNBC= Bill Gates, “C” traitor. Washington Post = Jeff Bezos, “C” traitor. Murdoch, “C” Aussie, has lots of media in the USA. Bloomberg, is a wannabe Catholic.  Christopher Ruddy CATHOLIC TRAITOR owns Newsmax.
    Most media is controlled by Catholics. NO “C” is an American.

  40. I read his statement I wouldn’t call that a reason to lob grenades. The only reason Biden could
    promote the vaccines is because Trump took aggressive action to get the vaccines developed.
    Ruddy was simply acknowledging a place for praising both leaders in that one narrow area. He was by no means praising Biden’s terrible management of the nation in most all other areas!

  41. The only ting Biden ever had anything to do with the vaccine is to get a shot of it.. It was the hard work of President Trump’s Warp Speed that brought us the vaccines.

  42. The patriots of the USA need to wake up. Everyone you meet, watch, read, support, give money to, and vote for is NOT your friend. I have studied political movements in this country for close to 60 years and would estimate 75% of those who claim they are American First Republicans are down right traitors to the American people. Yes, brain dead beady eyed Biden and his ilk are rats and want to destroy the country – but three quarters of our fellow patriots are back stabbing snakes – just waiting to strike. Pray for Civil War II.

  43. This piss’s me off big time. I thought We finally had a replacement for Fux news but I guess not so much. How could Ruddy make such a statement when he knows MOST OF His viewer’s will turn the channel like I’m doing now and my not turn back ever again.

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