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Far-left MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid is under fire after her increasingly deranged coverage of recent police shootings has caused many to question her true intentions.

The managing editor of Newsbusters Curtis Houck has been monitoring Reid’s behavior and has concluded one thing: ‘she wants a race war.’

As Fox News reports:

MSNBC host Joy Reid has celebrated the three-year anniversary of her infamous hacked-blog debacle with a series of outlandish comments and analysis tied to the fatal police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio.

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck has been capturing Reid’s incendiary rhetoric and posting it on social media so people who don’t tune in to the far-left MSNBC program can get a glimpse of what she’s been saying. However, sometimes the footage is too outlandish even for Houck.

“I’m not even going to tweet the video of these two clowns, but they’re arguing that each and every person on the right is a modern-day Klansman and white nationalist who wants dirty air and water and black people poor and without representation in Congress to name a few,” Houck tweeted on Thursday, with a clip of Reid and left-wing guest Dean Obeidallah…

“Just watch this tease. It’s clear that Joy Reid does and it’s poisonous and racist. She wants a race war,” Houck wrote to caption another clip from the MSNBC show.


      1. The only republicans involved as globalist puppet, kkk criminal organisation are the globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep that globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media portray as being republicans . Just like the globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep that globalist puppet $oro$ hired and transported on buses to washington dc and dressed them in MAGA hats and MAGA shirts and ordered them to invade the capitol at the exact time 1,000,000 Americans were a mile away and enjoying a Trump peaceful speech .

      2. All were demonRats ! Including, Bidumb. The top racist in the country. Plenty of historical videos to prove it.

    1. globalist puppet klansmen are still globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep and globalist puppet, democrat criminal party .

    2. When the Klan was formed I am not sure the the Left vs. Right concept existed but to be sure the Klan were ALL bad guys.

    1. joy Reid is certainly not a racist. She has a right to stand up for what she believes in. I notice the GOP Senate is as crooked as they come, and no one seems to care. They refused to impeach Trump (and I’m sure you did too) but facts are facts.

      1. She does not have the right to spread lies and advocate for a race war, which her words have been doing for a long time. Go back to your leftist propaganda sites!

        1. globalist puppet reid is a racist just like her globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep racists like susan would .

      2. I disagree, Joy Reid has always been a ‘racist’ and what does whether or not someone was for ‘impeaching President Trump’ have to do with whether or not Reid is a racist!

      3. Suzanne you’re liberal trolling is comical. Your retard and his token ho are in the White House, ruining America, so stfu

      4. you are just plain Stupid..Stupid is as Stupid does!!…ie..just look at your own
        actions of tearing down things instead of building…ie..buildings, peoples lives,
        your own life and those you love otherwise you wouldn’t have so much time
        tearing down and destroying w/weapons of all sort and your cowardly headresses
        w/knives, guns, chemicals…your own waste thrown at people. THAT is what you
        call Stupid and destructive.
        Get a JOB! Find Constructive things to do.

      5. poor suzanne.. you don’t have a clue. Please gp bck to your cnn an soak up the indoctrination. I would try to discuss with you but seriously I have a hard time discussing grown up issues with a person whop cna’t pass kindergarten. Oh and if youre white I hope yyou have given everything you own to the blacks because you surely are a white racist and you deserve nopthing because you hold all those blacks down. Ever hear of affirmative action, equal employment, of hiring blacks by quota, EOC (related to equal employment). oh and of course welfare that the dems pushed through so some (please note I said some and I also know whites that fall in this category), are to lazy to work, You know trhe interesting thing about welfare? Black daddies are quicker to leave their black children since it’s inception.
        Joy, who is in general just a piece of sh.t, well actually less than that, is a paid off liar and knows it. She shopuld be tired and hung for incotong violence along with her bosses, yes the super rich that are trying to overthrough the US. You keep followig Deminta, child molester Joey boy thought. What an idiot.
        Oh and you wouldn’t know what a fact is much less know if onme is actually a fact or just a lie, hence not a fact at all. I had to clearify that because I am sure you wouldn’t understand that. IDIOT

      6. Are you still angry that libby snow flake mommy destroyed your mr potato head and dr suess book collection . . . . .

      7. Suzanne, the senate is not now run by Republicans. It is run run by Democrats and, yes, as crooked as they come! C’mon man!

      8. Then GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT and ENGAGE BRAIN before Engaging mouth. Want a race war? Start it and lets see how it goes. Blacks out numbered 10 to 1.
        Lots of other colors people have guns and again blacks are out numbered. Kick the bucket and get it started so we can get it done. Then start rebuilding the country without your BS and the HOOD. BAH, BAH! Keep demanding a race war and you could get one. My impression is you want to start it and expect to survive it, be in the same spot you started. Don’t think it would work that way. Are you ten feet tall and bullet proof? I doubt it!

      9. If Reid isn’t a racist, then there’s no such thing as a racist. She’s blatant and in your face racist and if you can’t see that you’re blind.

      10. It’s clear to everyone reading your reply that you’re completely clueless of REAL FACTS AND THE TRUTH suzzy. Only pure ignorance spews from the mouth of an uninformed head up their ass moron -such as yourself—NOW •THAT• IS A FACT!!!

      11. Impeach on what, exactly? The same abuse of power that Dementia Joe actually DID commit while he was VP to help his crack addicted son keep a very lucrative job that he wasn’t qualified for?

      12. You need to pay attention, Joy pushes Racism at every turn, along with the other 3 here. Try listening to Candace Owens who doesn’t feed into the poor poor pitiful me scheme.

      13. Are you insane or just stupid? Everything that comes out of this pig Joy Reid’s mouth is racist. I think Reid is a disgusting loud mouth and ignorant too.. I suppose you as a liberal haven’t noticed that it’s democrats that are as crooked as they come, that you’ll defend since all liberals are hypocrites.

  1. They would be jailing you and me for far less. What a disaster the liberal media is. They cannot even hear themselves.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ own the media and hire globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep to preach globalist agendas .

  2. I think the triple K would be against the officer’s actions. Had he not fired, one girl would be dead, and the second in jail for her murder. A ‘twofer’ in their book. Maybe that’s the real reason so many white Democrats are mad at the cop.

  3. Ok, let’s add another name to bidens communist regime reid. These people MUST be forced out, it is not getting better, it gets worse each day, ALL of bidens commies are DESTROYING AMERICA!!! It’s going to reach the point of no return, it’s VERY CLOSE TO HAPPENING!!!

  4. Blacks want to committ crimes and attack people with no consequences.If the policeman in Ohio was racist he would have waited for the black knife wielding maniac to kill Couple of blacks before shooting her. He did what he was hired to do.That black criminal he shot was doing what a lot of them do.Committing a violent crime.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media make sure our southern border is open so globalist puppet, illegal criminal invader voters continue to supply globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep with illegal mexico drugs to keep them addicted and stupid to refuse to leave the globalists and globalist puppet, democrat criminal party plantation .

  5. She wants a race war!!! That’s a GREAT IDEA!!! I know reids a RACIST, but not only a RACIST, but a STUPID ONE. Blacks ONLY make up about 16% of the population, I wonder who would win that war??? reid, I hope you drop dead after a lengthy, painful period!!! I REALLY DO!!!

    1. Michael it’s hard to say who would win. White people don’t seem to have the balls to stand against criminals that happen to be black. The people could have put a stop to the rioting and looting early on. But that’s not going to matter if they ever try to harm me or mine

      1. Don’t be fooled- you trap and corner a animal and begin poking it with a stick— eventually it’ll rip your hand and face off !

  6. Super racist Joy Reid doesn’t know history and is not very bright! In a race ‘war’ her side would loose! There are approximately 30,000,000 to 40,000,000 black people in the USA out of 330,000,000+ total population! If the black community had not aborted so many black babies, 60,000,000 they would be around 1/3 of the total population. I say quit trying to incite a race war and quit aborting black babies!

  7. She might want to rethink that and be careful what she wishes for. Keep poking the bear and eventually the bear gets pissed and rips your face off. Ignorant.

  8. She has the wrong party. She needs to get to know the history of the Democrat party, so she doesn’t look like an idiot. Dems are still keeping people of color in bondage. Why else do they support not learning math, grammar, how to speak and read? Why do they support education that is sub standard in public schools , and want no charter schools and other forums available to parents? What kind of jobs will be available to people that aren’t competitive because they can’t read, do math, speak and write coherently?

    1. They’re in the mentality of say it enough Times, get the MEDIA to print it and say it enough times that it becomes fact. Pelosi explains her “Trurthification” on YouTube only she says that’s what Repubicans do!! Pelosi is OUT of touch with reality.

  9. Reid is a nasty ass leftist. Why waste electricity on that channel of socialist loons. They don’t know truth.

  10. People like Joy Reid had better be very careful about what they wish for….
    It may not turn out to their liking.

  11. The Klan were all Democrats just like the entire South before they started the Civil War. But if these big mouths want to put start a race war don’t bother there’s one going on now. But only one side is causing unrest. When the other side does react. Well……

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ own the media and hire globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep like reid to preach globalist agendas .

  12. In reality, globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep don’t really care about blacks, they wish the black libby snow flake sheep with the knife would have killed the black female without a knife and then cried that the police officer should have shot the black libby snow flake sheep with the knife to protect the life of the black female without a knife and that the white officer did not protect the black female without a knife only because she is black . . . . .

    1. The blacks in this country best be worried about the massive influx of illegal immigrants. These Spanish speaking people will out work and will over come the blacks.

  13. The KKK was created after the Civil War by the Democratic Party as a way to intimidate or kill blacks & their supporters in the South this was essentially the beginning of the Jim Crow era.

    The President who said when commenting on the movie, Birth of a Nation, after it was shown in a private setting in the White House was a Democrat. He said ” It is like writing history with lightning, and my only regret is that it is all so terribly true.” He made other quotes that were used to promote the movie, helping swell the KKK’s membership.

    Those who stood in the entrances of educational institutions, blocking blacks from entering were also Democrats. So when one party accuses another of false racism look at historical facts. Don’t just react emotionally.

  14. Sorry that young woman died but from the numerous videos of the shooting another child’s mother would be asking why the police didn’t do something.

  15. Reid read your history book the KKK were and still are democRats of the worst kind they hated the Republican Party for abolishing slavery, amendments 13,14, and 15 read your history republicans voted in FAVOR of these amendments, but not demonrats! So stop slamming the party that freed blacks! But oh wait you and your ilk fake news want to destroy history! Idiots like you don’t want to face the truth, so shut your racist pie hole!

  16. One more thing President Lincoln was a Republican, he abolished slavery, we went to war over it that war was the civil war, blacks fought right along with yankee (Republican) soldiers, against the demonrats (southern army) for your freedom, the man who killed Lincoln was a racist from the south!

  17. Joy Reid need not concern herself, Civil war is inevitable, when it is over there will be no liberals left.

  18. The thing is if that was a conservative station they would say that their words were incendiary and be slamming them for inciting a riot. I’m so tired of the left getting away with this crap!

  19. joy reid is a uglydark skin piece of shit i cant beleive some nut hasent taught her a lesson. hey joy you racist idiot theres 73 million white with guns most you guys 13 percent you will looze

  20. Critical race theory is fast becoming America’s new institutional orthodoxy. Yet most Americans have never heard of it. and of those who have, many don’t understand it. It is imperative that we know what it is in order to fight it. Critical race theory is an academic discipline, formulated in the 1960s. built on the intellectual framework of identity based Marxism. It has increasingly become the default ideology in our public institutions. It has been injected into government agencies, public school systems, teacher training programs, and corporate human resources departments in the form of diversity training programs. human resources modules, public policy frameworks, and school curricula.

  21. ALL 4 of these people are SO Racist, and trying to continue to divide AMERICA and AMERICAN’S. I’d like to thank Obama for getting Racism back on the charts, heck it was almost gone but now it’s being crammed down our throats. Which is causing HATE even though the majority of people today aren’t Racist.

  22. At 14% of the U.S. population (and growing), racist joy reid knows that blacks have the numbers necessary for a total takeover from complacent white people in the U.S.
    Would love to see joy reid try that with the Russians or Chinese!!!!!! lol lol

  23. History is not a Liberal/Progressive/Leftist/Democrat long suit. They forget or deny that Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pot, Minh, and other Communists were responsible for the deaths of 100 million+ of their own citizens. And, their ideological cousins, NAZIs and Fascists were responsible for another 20 million+ deaths. The parallels between the NAZI Germany of the 1930s and the USA of today are many and scary (to me and other American Patriots).

  24. Even more dastardly is the point in time when officers become thoroughly conditioned to be afraid to get involved in a black dispute! Then they will say the officer was derelict. Why!? Why, because the officer was racist!

    No doubt, these people are constructing a race war. Just like they constructed a “pandemic”. You can’t say the Left does not know how to build things….

  25. Look out for what you wish for lady. You for years have been on the wrong side of this argument. The only “race war” you are going to see is a whole bunch of Americans of all kinds of colors coming together to say to people like you “enough is enough” shut your mouth. There are racists, yes, look in the mirror. The rest of us are not interested in that crap. We look at a persons character, color does not matter one twit. It’s idiots like you that are causing these problems. Time to grow up.

  26. Let me guess – violence is a tool used by those with out a position – normal people use reason in a modern society — ignorance is their call sign — Joy Reid is an unintelligent women who probably received her job based by a quota — And this is a problem when ladies like Candis Owens is more than a match for anyone in that field but since she’s a black conservative she will never get a chance for a anchor job she deserves

  27. Instead of defending this young black criminal who was trying to stab someone why look into why she was acting like an animal. What about this girls parent, why aren’t they being held accountable for raising such an awful kid. A kid they then turn lose on society and we have to deal with. This isn’t the first time this girl acted like this. Also if you aren’t going to be a real parent don’t have kids it’s common sense.

  28. A diminutive fella, known as the head of the Manson Family.
    Charlie sent off a few members of his to randomly slaughter some of the rich. His intention was to start a racial war.
    How proud he must be.
    The exact ones that he chose, are now fulfilling his prophecy. A race war, carried on by 13% of our population.
    If only half of the other 87% indulged that silly woman, she and her kind would be annihilated, period!

  29. Hey joyless, what country do blacks have it better than the USA.
    What you best worry about is the millions of Latin americans flooding the USA to displace the blacks. This group of people are religious, family oriented, & dedicated workers. The race war will between blacks and Latinos. As with Asians, latinos have suffered greatly under tyrants and socialism and reject it. Latinos are also very conservative.

  30. Reid’s just another blow heart msnbc, flunkie leftist dumboRats, who constantly shows just how Racist she really is don’t watch any of them for that reason, and oh yeah their just boring fake noise media! Reid needs to stop comparing people it really make her more uninformed than she already is, so one more time Reid the KKK are dumboRats from the south they always have been, because the north wouldn’t put up with their crap, so get over yourself idiot!

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