Alex E. Proimos via Wikimedia Commons

If you solely relied on mainstream sources for your news consumption, you’d be oblivious to their blatant falsehoods and distortions. Fortunately, you don’t and the past year was as good a reminder as any to not trust the liberal press. Amid the relentless scandals that further eroded the legacy media’s standing, here are 2020’s most egregious.


    1. It is not the holding of foreign investments that is the real problem, it is the un-American action of the holders, which is a choice, not an inescapable action.

  1. There is Truth & there is Untruth, the is no middle ground, that attributed to middle ground is joined with untruth, because anything that is not pure truth, is un truth, PERIOD!

  2. Socialism has been the enemy of democracy since its inception. Simply put. The socialists recognized the media as a great weapon. And its used accordingly.

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