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Fox News host Tucker Carlson released allegedly unseen video from the night teenaged Kyle Rittenhouse was entangled in the Kenosha, Wisconsin shootings.

Carlson aired a never before seen video compiled by the non-profit “Fight Back,” an organization formed by the 17-year-old’s defamation lawyer, Lynn Wood. The video is mostly comprised of cellphone footage filmed by witnesses on August 25th.


Liberal media has labeled the Illinois teenager a “vigilante” and “domestic terrorist,” but the video frames Rittenhouse as a “good Samaritan,” who helped remove graffiti from a high school by day and guarded local businesses by night.  

Rittenhouse can be seen addressing the camera wearing latex gloves, strapped with a gun and a medical kit prior to the shooting. “Our job is to protect this business and part of my job is also helping people. If there’s somebody hurt, I am running into harm’s way,” the teenager explained. “That’s why I have my rifle, because I need to protect myself obviously, but I also have my med kit.”

A narrator detailed a scene in the video, where Rittenhouse was running with a fire extinguisher while Joseph Rosenbaum, a convicted child molester, was starting fires. Rosenbaum chased after Rittenhouse, then the first shot of the incident can be seen being fired from a protester’s gun.  

When a mob armed with weapons formed a barricade that pinned Rittenhouse between cars, he shot four times. Three more gunshots were fired seconds later by an unknown shooter. Rosenbaum was hit four times, but the narrator claims it is unclear if all the wounds were inflicted by Rittenhouse.  

Carlson alleged that the video showed the mob had turned on Rittenhouse at this point, “they assault him, it’s clear they plan to kill him.”

Footage from the second shooting revealed Rittenhouse trying to make it to the police as he trips to the ground after being attacked by a protester. The narrator points out that he fired two shots in the air to scare them off, but the assault continued as Anthony Huber, a convicted domestic abuser, attacked him with a skateboard and reached for his rifle. Rittenhouse shot him once in the chest.

A third man identified as Gaige Grosskreutz, who was once in possession of a firearm while intoxicated, feigned as if he was surrendering, then pointed a gun at the former teenage lifeguard, who shot him in the right bicep. 

The video included a photo of Grosskreutz in the hospital with a friend, who posted on social media that the wounded man’s only regret was “not killing the kid and hesitating to pull the gun before emptying the entire mag into him.” 

Rittenhouse’s lawyers have claimed self-defense, and Carlson brought Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on air to analyze the video. 

She blasted the media for grabbing onto a narrative and repeating it ad nauseam, without regard for the lives that they ruin. “They claim he’s part of a militia, he’s vigilante, he’s a white supremacist, he’s none of that stuff,” she stated. “Everything about what he said and what he did indicates that he is not someone who went there with the intent to kill.”   

“So that’s what happened that night in Kenosha, August 25, 2020,” Carlson stated. “It’s on camera, you can assess for yourself what you think of it.”

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1 year ago

If any of you want to help this kid out, go to and find the spot to donate specifically to Kyle Rittenhouse. The lawyers defending him are working pro-bono but there are other legal expenses such as expert witnesses, investigators, etc., that need to be funded. Something not mentioned in this particular article is how a legal defense fund was set up for Kyle with GoFundMe but the GoFundMe slime cancelled it, claiming it violated their “terms of service” because it was violent while the piece of garbage Jacob Blake who was shot fighting police after being caught violating a restraining order while under investigation for sexual battery. So a violent man, caught violating a restraining order (which is the REAL reason police were at that location) has a fund raiser for being shot by police while resisting arrest and has so far garnered $2.2 MILLION yet a young man who you can clearly see in the numerous video clips being attacked and firing his weapon in self-defense has his fund raiser cancelled. To anyone considering giving money to GoFundMe, remember they are a FOR-PROFIT company and charge 2.9% plus a $.30 “transaction fee” for donating using your credit card. Donate to FIGHTBACK and 100% of your donation goes to helping Kyle rather than lining some fat cat’s pockets.

1 year ago

It was clearly self-defense. Kyle was being attacked from all over and they would have killed him if he did not use his God Given right to protect himself from all of these BLM Terrorists. It is called self defense.

1 year ago

That 17 year old kid should had his ass at home. Why in the hell would his parents allow him to go with a loaded gun?

Last edited 1 year ago by Magpie
1 year ago
Reply to  Magpie

Clearly you don’t understand those that see their civic duty especially when hired to protect private property. Cowards that you are.