Saturday, September 19, 2020

Tucker Carlson Releases Tape of Cuomo Coaching Cohen for Stormy Daniels Interview

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On Wednesday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight show, the Fox News host released an audiotape of CNN’s Chris Cuomo coaching Michael Cohen, President Trump’s lawyer at the time, on how to answer questions for his network interview.

Carlson called CNN’s Jeff Zucker and Chris Cuomo, “frauds just like the channel they work for.” He accused the cable news network of being a “slickly produced propaganda loop.” Claiming that topics are chosen for political effect, and the anchors’ words are curated for manipulation. “The whole thing is a scripted drama written for the benefit of the Democratic Party.”

The Fox News host backed up his accusations with proof in the form of an audio recording of a conversation between Cuomo and Cohen that took place in 2018.


On the tape, Cohen could be heard asking Cuomo for his advice on how to handle an interview with Erin Burnett, who according to Cohen, wanted him on her show before going on Cuomo Prime Time, because the optics would be better if he spoke to a woman. In response, Carlson said, “At CNN everything is about identity politics.”

Carlson went on to explain that Cohen was worried about the interview because of the questions that would arise about payments he made to Stormy Daniels, and he wanted Cuomo to tell him how to respond. “Now on TV, Cuomo might’ve launched into a lecture about how it’s wrong to send money to strippers, but in private, he skipped that lecture.”

Quoting the tape’s transcripts, Carlson relayed their conversation. “‘You will be asked that,’ Chris Cuomo told Michael Cohen, and you can say, ‘I did it for him, for Donald Trump. My relationship has always been for him. I’ve always said I don’t speak for the campaign, I speak for him as his attorney.’”

Cuomo followed up with what Cohen’s response should be when asked about his motive. “The response would have to be, you can speculate as to why you think I did it all day long, but the only answer is my answer, and I just told you why I did it. You don’t get to speculate because if you can’t prove that I got paid back by Trump or the campaign, it is slander and defamation for you to say that I did.”

The CNN anchor went on to advise Cohen on tactics to evade and attack the interviewer’s questions. To illustrate his point Carlson said that Cuomo, “acted out the news anchor’s question and then he acted Cohen’s scripted response to that question. The conversation devolved into a kind of one-man play with Chris Cuomo as the performer and Michael Cohen as the audience.”

Carlson pointed out that on occasion, the dialogue on political shows seems unnatural. “On CNN that’s literally what you are seeing, scripted conversation.”

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Bemused Berserker
Bemused Berserker
8 days ago

Given the choice of watching CNN or watching Flies fornicate, I’d choose the Flies!

8 days ago

My wife came home when I was holding a flyswatter. She asked what I was doing.
“I just killed 5 flies, 3 females and 2 males.”
“How could you tell?” she asked.
“Simple”, I replied. “Three were on the phone, and two on a bottle of beer”.

8 days ago

It’s not as if this story, that CNN manufactures stories (slanted lies) is a surprise. It isn’t. What it does show though, is the depth of mind numbed acceptance of rubbish as fact, and the lack of critical thinking by those who give any credence to CNN.

8 days ago

You now have proof how the cnn sausage is made. CNN plus msnbc has been blocked along with porno on my TV.

Rick Pumphrey
Rick Pumphrey
8 days ago

If you should look up to the right of Cuomo, someone put the letters A N A L. What’s up with that. Just askin !!

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