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Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin appeared on “The Fox News Rundown” to describe what he saw on the ground covering protesting and rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The seasoned reporter painted a disturbing picture on the morning podcast.

LISTEN (Tobin’s commentary starts at 2:22):

Fox News’ Angelica Stabile and Samuel Chamberlain report:

“These things do start to fit a pattern when you see there will become a point where the line is drawn,” Tobin told host Dave Anthony. “It started out in in Minneapolis [after George Floyd’s death] at the 3rd Precinct, and then it moved out … But in Kenosha, it was that courthouse at the public safety building where the demonstrators were trying to get in every day and the police said, you know, ‘You’re not coming in here.’ That’s where the line is and that’s where the trouble starts.

“And what we also saw there that we’ve seen in other places is once they move the demonstrators from that location, they go somewhere else and something else happens,” he added. “The first night, they moved the demonstrators away from the from the courthouse, a lot of them actually just left on their own volition. That’s when all the fires started around Kenosha. The second night, that Tuesday night, when they moved the demonstrators away from the courthouse, that’s when the gunfire happened.”

The shooting that killed two demonstrators and wounded another “seemed to throw a wet blanket over things,” Tobin said.

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“A lot of those kids who were out there at these demonstrations, it’s a big game for them,” he said. “I’ve heard people say things like, ‘Looting is fun.’ And in Minneapolis [and] some other locations, I’ve watched them pre-party in the parking lot for hours and then come out for the big show of destruction. So for some of them, it’s a game. And things got real serious that Tuesday night in Kenosha, and it changed the parameters of it.”

While Tobin described Antifa as a nebulous organization, an apparent trend has emerged from the unrest in many cities: most of the anarchists hail from elsewhere.

In Kenosha alone, 102 of the 175 people local authorities arrested listed addresses from outside the city.

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    1. Name their parents as well. Shame the families that allow these young thugs to run around destroying peoples’ lives.

      1. i am veteran from the vietnam era… I took a Oath in 1972 , but being a Oath Keeper you never stop being one… My family will be safe that is the bottom LINE…. PERIOD

  1. What is the name of Obama’s new community organization. And funding from whom? What source ? Definitely, the riots are well organized in all phases of a military operation – transport, communication, supplies, and so forth.

    1. George Soros’ open society, a big supporter of Obama and other Democrats. This man has his mitts into everything. Fed. Government, the Courts, Congress and more. This man is dangerous. His money is like it will never run out. Time to cut off his funds.

      1. AND close down ANY and ALL business or mobs, dirty govt officials, ANY thing he is remotely involved in! THEN recind his and his family s citizenship. BAN them like other countries have! We have more than enough trouble makers we are trying to find! WE know where he haunts, STOP him and sons and ALL his investments!

  2. Yes, it’s a game to most of the basement dwellers who get out long enough to riot. Arrest them, jail them, charge them with the serious crimes they commit and prosecute to the fullest with no plea bargaining. Make examples of them and the other basement dwellers will go home because they don’t want to go to prison and ruin their chances of a high paid position in the corporate world. The only ones left will be the paid mercenaries. Listen to what they’re yelling. We all know they’re being paid and they’re calling for the destruction, taking up arms against the United States and rioting to that end which is treason. They need to be charged with treason. But as long as George Soros’ prosecutors are holding office that will never happen nor will federal charges happen if Kamala Harris is elected. By her own claim on the Colbert Show, she’s one of them.

  3. And they wonder why “Americans Love Their Guns!.” The anarchists with their purposely misnomer Antifa are running roughshod over the pansies in cities. Dems are in bed with them to castrate both law enforcement AND citizen self-defense. Even going so far as to punish and murder those who would defend others and their property. And you know who I am talking about. . .

  4. BLM AND ANTIFA are both marxist groups and are supported and financed by george soros,the deep state and the DNC,ALL PUSHING AMERICA TOWARDS SOCIALISM and A NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT

  5. These riots and destruction are sanctioned by the democrats and paid for by the democrats and their supporters like George Soros. The democrats are now a socialist , Marxist , organization looking to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a nation where they have all the power. If you want to live in a nation like Russia, China, Cuba , and other communist countries then vote for the democrats. If you want to remain free then vote Republican and don’t give in to the roaming band of anarchists financed by the democrats to create mayhem that they are trying to use as a tool to win the elections. The democrats have no plan to restore law and order in this country. They are using it as a political weapon.

    1. Hi, Keith… with all due respect, I say if they ‘want to live in a nation like Russia, China, Cuba, and other communist countries’, EXPEL them, and let the rest of us KEEP OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC AND FREEDOMS. And further, confiscate soros’ billions to pay for their expulsion after he is convicted of sedition, and sentenced the rest of his life (at his age) IN PRISON…

  6. thats the way it is everywhere now the real trouble makers are bought into these places and paid for somebody like Soros and start the riots and the plane protesters get caught up in it if could get rid of the outsiders and stop the media from fanning the flames things would blow over quickly some of these towns and business owners start suing these news stations that are doing this they would quit showing thing for week on end

    1. Someone needs to find out how and where these outsiders are coming from! Would love to see names and pictures and location they were caught in! Guess if its a rat run city they will hide them as long as someone is paying them off to get out free!

  7. If there was a law that says ‘Rioting is a felony punishable by 10 years in prison, and you lose all public assistance for an additional 20 years, not to mention that voting rights are gone for good’, 99% of rioters would not riot..

    1. don’t know how many of you “guys” have served in the military and have seen ACTUAL combat. How many have held a dying buddy (brother) while he/she died.How many have ACTUALLY killed an enemy combatant .How many will still stand by the “oath” taken(if you served).How many of you are “steeled” and ready to die for your country..BEFORE anyone “mouths off” about “civil war” yada,yada,yada. ! take a LONG HARD look at the reality of war. All these “protestors”(rioters) are NOT vets (I would bet my “boots” on that) NONE of them REALLY think they will die. (their video games lie to them) A civil war will be a messy affair,brutally violent,VERY disorganized (no clear targets) (how would you know if your neighbor is a friend or foe.?) The democrats/communists follow the commie playbook (saul alinski).”rules for radicals…I am a two tour (nam) combat Marine .20 year service. Ret. E-8..I WILL fight to the death( if need be) defending my nation…I will leave you with this ,WAR ,IS HELL ! people REALLY die ! Have a nice day ! Pray to GOD it does NOT happen here…..

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