Banej via Wikimedia Commons

A passerby in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin chided an MSNBC reporter who was on air and bloviating about locals who weren’t wearing face masks.

The correspondent was wearing an N95 respirator. However, his cameraperson and other members of the news crew were not.


The CDC recommends the general public wear cloth face coverings outdoors — not N95 respirators. According to their website, N95 respirators “are critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for health care workers and other medical first responders.”

(H/T RealClearPolitics)

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2 years ago

The mainstream media is full of BIASED and DISHONEST liberal Democrats….and their approval rating is in the toilet because of it….

2 years ago

Chunky plastic Pelosi is one for the books regarding masks – her designer masks are frivolous concoctions that offer no safety to the wearer (look at the gap at the chin letting in all the stuff in the air as well as ‘droplets’ – she’s a walking disaster to be near and should be ridiculed for it so her snark gains attention of What NOT to do.) – the N95 is the safest mask, it fits the skin like a glove letting in no disease nor putting out any either which is why it is the SOP of hospital protocol.