Life imitating art? I just watched “Flu” – a scary but watchable 2013 South Korean film on Netflix about a deadly human-to-human pandemic coming out of China via illegal human smuggling into the Republic of Korea (ROK), and the ensuing emergency lockdown of a city and drastic containment measures taken to stop it.

Chaos ensues after a rapidly spreading, hyper-lethal, airborne respiratory virus infects the population of a ROK city 20 kilometers from Seoul.

Clear echoes of today.

The virus is described as an outbreak of a deadly strain of H5N1 Avian (bird) flu that kills its victims within 36 hours, throwing the district of Bundang, which has a population of nearly half a million people, into a panic.

The movie delves into the difficult decisions needed to protect the country, and the world, from a deadly, rapidly spreading pandemic while forcibly quarantining tens of thousands who will likely die.

These are the same critical issues that all our political leaders are facing today. The movie also more implausibly presents how the crisis creates a severe test for the US-ROK alliance. This is still fiction, of course.

Need to turn on English subtitles – but worth watching.

Paul Crespo is a defense and national security expert. He served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. He holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. Paul is also CEO of SPECTRE Global Risk, a security advisory firm, and a Contributor to American Defense News.

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2 years ago

Hollywood – DEFINITELY! How much cocaine does it take to overcome the pandemic? How many times do need to visit Weinstein or Epstein in order to overtake the pandemic? How many pounds of marijuana will it take to make me forget I have the COVID-19 sickness? Their minds are ALWAYS focused…well maybe not focused but semi-present.

A. D Roberts
2 years ago

Many things wrong with this.
1. The Corona virus is NOT that bad for children and adults up to 60 years of age.
Proof of that is the age of most of those dying
2. It is not that pervasive. Even without a quarantine, many do not get it. No the medical people will not admit that
3. I am one of the vulnerable ones. Age 71, diabetic, and heart troubles complicated by a card. surgeon mistake.
4. The isolation of people does ONE thing. It makes the course of the disease last MUCH longer. The government likes this as it will make the crisis last longer and be more likely to take the economy down.
5. “Science” Same word used to try to force us to believe in global warming was used by Clay Jenkins to justify their destruction of most of our economy. (That was also the goal of the global warming crowd)

2 years ago