Jimmy Kimmel had what some would call a meltdown on his late-night talk show.

The supposed funnyman slimed President Trump in a skit where he referred to the commander-in-chief as a “stupid ape” and a “bastard.”

Per NewsBusters:

But first, he derided transparency, instead calling for a “secret ballot” to allow senators to vote to remove Trump from office. (He’s skipping the more-witnesses part.) Actors playing the Founding Fathers entered the picture to offer their “opinions” as to whether President Trump should be convicted in the Senate. They shouted in unison; “Remove the Bastard!”

As usual, Kimmel smeared Trump’s voters as morons who can’t tell fact from fiction. That genius Kimmel assumed the role of constitutional scholar to adjudicate the President’s conduct:

KIMMEL: Here’s the deal, number one he did it. And you all know it… We all know, you know he did it because you don’t want witnesses or documents because witnesses and documents will say he did it. Next card, is what the President did impeachable? Yes, it is. Totally. What Trump did is exactly why we have impeachment. Checks and balances are at the heart of the Constitution. This is what our Founding Fathers fought for…

While Kimmel’s left-leaning audience approved his message, it clearly didn’t resonate outside of America’s liberal bubbles as Sen. Murkowski’s decision earlier this afternoon demonstrates.

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Ernest Duncan
Ernest Duncan
1 year ago

kIMMEL, i WILL NEVER WATCH THAT BIAS SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!