Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Judge’s Ruling Buttresses Second Amendment Under Duress

A constitutionally-minded Virginia judge is siding with gun rights groups feeling restrained by that state’s lockdown.

Lynchburg Judge F. Patrick Yeatts ruled that a gun range could stay open, declaring that Governor Ralph Northam (D) did not have the authority to close businesses that are integral to the right to keep and bear arms. 

Yeatts explained that protections afforded the Second Amendment outweighed any power provided to Northam. (Daily Caller)

SafeSide gun range and a handful of gun rights groups brought the case against the state over Northam’s stay-at-home order, which ordered residents to temporarily avoid unnecessary travel, large gatherings, as well as closed non-essential businesses which included shooting ranges.

SafeSide, Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of America, the Association of Virginia Gun Ranges and the Virginia Citizens Defense League accused the state of violating the constitutional rights afforded by the Second Amendment, the Hill reported.

“The Governor has no such power. He is barred from closing shooting ranges under the Virginia ‘Emergency Services and Disaster Law,’” the groups said in the suit, according to the Hill. “But even more importantly, his closure order infringes on rights recognized and protected by Article I, 13 of the Virginia Constitution and the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring filed a motion last week reportedly arguing the governor did possess the “constitutional authority” to take such action in a crisis, and that the Constitution did not afford the right to “operate an indoor shooting range.”

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  1. The United States Constitution hold precidence over any Governor on any state in the Union, especially over a DemonRAT temporary govenor who will soon be replaced.

  2. The people of Virginia voted in Governor Ralph Northam (D), a man who believes unwanted babies should be left to die after birth – aka infanticide.

    If this disgraceful human being has no love for infants, why do you think he’d give any thought to your 2nd Amendment Rights?

    The Governor, Lt. Governor and State AG should have ALL been removed but the People of Virginia allowed them to remain. So now they complain when their rights are infringed. NEXT TIME, don’t vote for a Democrat OR RINO!!!!

  3. That judge’s ruling against the Democrat KGB Governor of Virginia is important – it sustains what We People know, that no governor has the authority to act like the president in time of war, even tho’ the President is actually in a war to destroy the enemy coronavirus planted on us. – Only the President has the authority to issue guidelines and his guidelines to not ever infringe on the rights of Citizens Rights in the Constitution.
    Trump has not had to suspend habeus corpus or institute martial law, or anything else that even temporarily suspends our rights in the Constitution, which means that no governor has that power either.
    Have a feeling that the publication of WHY the judge went after the Virginia governor to stop his acting like the citizens in his state have no choice but to obey him is significant b/c right after that the gov of Illinois has been handed down what he probably considers tantamount to a RAID by the FBI!
    Which is letting us know that Justice is being done out of the DepartmentOfJustice (DOJ) – and, oh, boy, we want more, like the incarceration of those quack experts who have been detrimental to our health, nationwise and personally, with their gibberish of lockdowns and other things based on worthless data – we suspect the plot to make Trump a ‘murderer’ in the nation’s eyes with a high ‘death’ count especially with demanding that all hospitals and doctors put down cause of death as the virus when it’s probably something else b/c those same quacks are not allowing testing – who ever heard of such KGB tactics in this free country? – and now we are waiting for Trump to confirm our suspicions.
    (There’s also no doubt whatsoever that the Media-Pelosi-Schumer, Entire Democrat KGB political party, failed with thinking they had disoriented us to the point we would give up Freedom and follow them – they see they haven’t and they’ve got out all their guns to subdue us any way they can, even killing a goodly portion of the nation to do it – that’s what their satanistic power and greed means to them. – We understand what they’re doing, which is why we’re winning.)

  4. Democrats would love to get their foot in the door. You see, there is not a SINGLE Democrat who would not destroy the totality of the Constitution if they could. They are just as bad as Ruth Bader Ginsberg in their disdain for the Constitution.
    And yes, Ginsberg should have been impeached and removed when she said that she could use other bodies of law in making her decisions. That was and still is treason.


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