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A homeowner in Atlanta was forced to shoot a home invader on Wednesday night after the intruder grabbed two kitchen knives and tried to stab a disabled resident of the house.

As Fox News reports:

An Atlanta homeowner opened fire on an intruder who broke into the home, took two kitchen knives and attempted to attack a resident who is confined to a wheelchair, according to police.

“When he came into the window, he went to the kitchen and grabbed some kitchen knives,” Atlanta Police Captain Dorian Graham told Fox 5 of the incident.

The intruder broke into the home just after 11 p.m. on Wednesday evening. The suspect took two knives, and made his way to another room where he tried to stab a resident of the house who is confined to a wheelchair, police said.

The homeowner then opened fire on the suspect, shooting him in the stomach and arm.

The suspect was then taken to the hospital when the authorities finally arrived. He is reportedly in stable condition and will face charges and questioning once he comes out of surgery.


  1. My first post is awaiting approval from the woke crowd at American action news. I just pointed out that if the intruder was black hell will be raised

      1. It’ll be “SICK LIBS TO THE RESCUE”, you can bet yer’ sweet ass on That. We’ve been protecting the Scum and the Freak for 30/40 years now. WHEN is this FAST BECOMING A SHITHOLE country going to WISE UP?!!!

    1. ANYBODY that breaks in is FAIR game. ANYBODY that would attempt to stab a person in a wheelchair ya’ just send ‘em a lead messenger in the temple, NO questions asked, be DONE with ya’.

  2. It’s just best if we can abolish progressive district attorneys so as to protect the victims and prosecute the perpetrator. Unfortunately, certain groups are funding the campaigns of those that would love to put the victims in jail.

    1. More people were killed last year by knives than guns. But of course, both are lazy as hell and won’t do anything until some human makes them to it. There isn’t any “gun violence” it’s thug violence.

  3. God believes in Law and Order. The devil wants confusion, lawlessness, hatred, division , lies and even murder. But Our god is fed up with all this lawlessness Enough of democrats now, tehya re polluting the atmosphere with their behaviour

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