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The Biden Administration has now reportedly urged the Supreme Court to allow police officers to enter private homes and seize legally owned firearms without a warrant.

The court heard the Biden administration press the case for firearms confiscation during oral arguments in Caniglia v. Strom on Wednesday.

The case involves an elderly married couple whose personal argument spiraled out of control and eventually led local police to seize the husband’s handgun without a warrant or proper cause.

As Forbes reports:

This expansion could also have perverse effects and disincentivize people from calling for help. As that brief noted, “When every interaction with police or request for help can become an invitation for police to invade the home, the willingness of individuals to seek assistance when it is most needed will suffer.”

But in its first amicus brief before the High Court, the Biden Administration glossed over these concerns and called on the justices to uphold the First Circuit’s ruling. Noting that “the ultimate touchstone of the Fourth Amendment is ‘reasonableness,’” the Justice Department argued that warrants should not be “presumptively required when a government official’s action is objectively grounded in a non-investigatory public interest, such as health or safety.”

“The ultimate question in this case is therefore not whether the respondent officers’ actions fit within some narrow warrant exception,” their brief stated, “but instead whether those actions were reasonable,” actions the Justice Department felt were “justified” in Caniglia’s case…

“The Fourth Amendment protects our right to be secure in our property, which means the right to be free from fear that the police will enter your house without warning or authorization,” said Institute for Justice Attorney Joshua Windham. “A rule that allows police to burst into your home without a warrant whenever they feel they are acting as ‘community caretakers’ is a threat to everyone’s security.”



  1. Where is the darn ACLU loudly denouncing this blatant violation of our civil liberties? The Supremes had better be protecting both the 2nd Amendment and the laws against illegal search and seizure or they will have lost all credibility IMHO!


    1. The ACLU actually filed a brief in this case supporting the petitioner, Mr. Caniglia. The ACLU argues that Mr. Caniglia’s forth amendment protections were violated.

    2. I agree 100% Biden is not the one that is going to the houses or any place to confiscate the guns, he is allowing for the American People to retaliate against the police and any Legal Authorities. He is so blatantly taking our RIGHTS AWAY FROM US NOT TO MENTION VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

    3. If they decide the police can do this, then our 4th and 2nd amendment rights will be gone! With Schumer trying to push white supremacists as domestic terrorists, guess who will be on their list! As the democrats keep pushing, they are pushing further toward Civil War, which is probably their end game and the destruction of the USA as founded.

      1. Numb Nuts does not have the authority to take our rights away. We’re letting him take our rights away. Tyrants rely on the willingness of their subjects to be relieved of their liberties in exchange for money, recognition and/or special legislative protections and advantages. They call him “Quid Pro Joe”, and the American people are playing right into his hands.

    4. The ACLU would be interested in such matters, but Americans should not have to rely on those resources to convince Biden and his supporters that they’re violating their Oath of Office. That’s the reason they’re called “Representatives”, because Americans have access to them for redress of our grievances. They must obey the Constitution. If they don’t, provisions are made to remove them.

    1. These types of actions WILL cause one!! These are IDEALS OF TYRANNY!!! The very reason the American revolution was fought and the 2nd amendment was written!!


      1. America was already ruined. At least Trump took a stab with his MAGA scheme to get our jobs back and seal our borders.


  2. As the designers, writers & signatories to the Constitution clearly expressed their thoughts and plans for a nation, the right to bear arms was among the headliners. Todays “simple”, (purposely used a a derogative), minded politicians are blinded to this fact, proved by the mindless arguments they throw around without the use of any common sense, and against the law of the land!

    1. The Constitution is being trampled on by the Democrat’s. The VERY Constitution they said Trump was destroying, which was a blatant LIE, but they’re sheep believed every word. I hope those sheep are happy.

  3. Bulls**t. They want us unarmed so they can rule like Germany! Not gonna happen. Gonna be a lot of dead cops for breaking into someone’s home. Ridiculous!!!!

    1. We do not need to have dead police. We need to demand that our local city, county, and state legislators and law enforcement abide by the constitution and refuse to carry out unconstitutional laws or executive orders.

  4. Now ya see why they want to disarm all americans. So they can do what they want to do without any one fighting back.

  5. LISTEN UP….AMERICANS Have a RIGHT to OWN a GUN as a SAMURAI Has a LOYALTY to HIS SWORD. MY SPIRIT and MY SWORD are Important to ME. BOTH Have EARNED GOD’S RESPECT. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  6. So NOW, the democrats and their communist ideology have not only attacked the 2nd amendment, BUT ALSO our 1st amendment, and NOW OUR 4TH AMENDMENT RIGHTS AGAINST “ILLEGAL SEARCHES AND SEIZURES! And these people were the ones calling President Trump a dictator!!!!

  7. Instead of trying to take everyone’s Guns away why not concentrate on people who are not registered gun owners but the people who have them illegally, I bet there are alot of people who gave stolen guns and have required them illegally those are the ones you need to go after stupids!!!!!!! And they are the ones who are committing crimes!!!!!!!!!!

    1. These communist politicians are mot concerned with protecting us from criminals their goal is to confiscate guns so they can completely control us. This is what all communist regimes do. This is one of the first strategies they employ.

  8. You can forget about the A, and go straight to Civil Liberty Union, which is UN-AMERICAN, as America was created for those who cherish freedom.
    Civil Liberties Union, is anti-freedom, being funded and controlled by money and minds, which/whose purpose is the dominance of their philosophy to control the world, not just a nation.

  9. It’s too early to know for sure that SCOTUS will ‘slap down the Biden administration but I think the odds are good it will. However I also thought that President Trump won re-election. [The Demoncrats may be too skilled at buying elections and getting away with it]

    1. I’m sorry I disagree. The Supreme Court is owned by the Democrat’s, this is why they refused to look at the EVIDENCE of voter fraud.

    2. No they are NOT too skilled – we just let them do whatever they want, and it’s going on for waaaaaaaaayyy too long…It’s our own fault that we have gotten to where we are now….

    3. Several of the SCOTUS justices are extreme leftists, and Roberts has been compromised by his secretive immoral behavior. We may not see SCOTUS act in the interests of the American citizens and uphold the constitution.

      1. “…Roberts has been compromised by his secretive immoral behavior.” What did he allegedly do?

  10. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS BEING DESTROYED AND FALLING APART: Biden and Harris and the Liberal Progressive Socialist COMMUNIST “COALITION” and their woke “BS” are tearing our Country apart…I am a 74 year old COMBAT SOLDIER RETIRED…I am devastated at what I see happening to my people (ALL OF THEM), our institutions, our morality & traditions, and History. The attacks on the fundamentals of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF!!!!….”bye bye Miss American pie…Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry…The good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye….This’l be the day that I die….”

    1. And they had the nerve to accuse Trump of destroying the Constitution. He said they’re after you I’m what’s standing between you and them.

    2. Our country has weathered a few of these crises, and as long as we’re still able to rally our people to right the wrongs of our leaders, and restore our nation’s economy, jobs, sovereignty and cultural stability, we should make it through this current dilemma.

  11. Not mentioned in this article is the obvious fact that this will put police officers lives in mortal danger! If these stinking Marxist politicians want our guns, they should come and get them themselves, not send a police officer to do their dirty work for them!

  12. This administration knows local sheriffs and PD will not support this action. So the administration will recruit some 25-50k federal employees to carry out these seizures at an unannounced time. Stash locations as seen during prohibition, WW2 and totalitarian states will take place. Revolution 2.0.

    1. Otherwise known as the SS. Remember who they were? Don’t think that it cannot happen again, especially when we have a brain-dead wimp as President who has already sold out America for a price while being instructed by his old boss who meets with him numerous times a month in person and over the phone with new instructions. This country needs a strong and dedicated leader who cares about America and not his or her bank account. If not Trump, who?

  13. Let illegals roam our country after breaking our immigration laws but go after law abiding citizens having guns that are legally protected by Constitution.Impeach biden .

  14. The Biden Regime wants dictatorial powers to invade our homes and take away our 2nd A rights. This is Barack Obama’s plan, to radically transform America into a 3rd world dictatorship. The Kenyan Communist is the one actually calling the shots in the Pervert Biden Regime.

  15. They come to my house for this B’S I will exercise my constitutional rights with my right to bear arms. If you get what I say.

  16. This is just the beginning in the planned overhaul of America by China. They are buying our politicians with millions of dollars and promises of great power in the New World Order. This must be accomplished while Biden and his side kick are still in power, or China will lose its chance once we no longer have a brain-dead puppet as President. This administration ( which is the same as the Obama administration) does not recognize our constitution and will do everything it can to eliminute it in order to ready us for the new world order run by China. Most people who live in reality recognize this, but the only powers we can turn to are a bunch of scarred or corrupt politicians, like Pelosi and Schumer, who care more about their perks and revenge then they care about America. It also goes a lot deeper then we know.

  17. This is part of their destroying our American Democracy and replacing it all with a new American communist party where we have no rights!! If you look close at all they are doing to us, it is right out of their “Marxist/communist/hand/book which is their new BIBLE”!!!! The worse it yet to come for if we do not fight this dicatorship, we become their “slaves”!!! Welcome to the “CHEATER criminal Democrat Communist Party Mob leadership crime empire”!!!!!!

    1. It is hard to think about anyone in America gov. violating our rights. The and 2nd Amendment have always been defended. I thought the Dems wanted our country united! What happened in 2 months?

      1. they just said that to calm things down….I never believed them because they right away started with their not so new policies to take away our rights/freedoms, but too many still “believe” in their bs and think that they cannot do this or that….WAKE UP….

  18. What do you think about QAnon now?
    Why do you think that the left is trying to discredit it as a ridiculous conspiracy theory.
    Answer: because it is true…and a threat.

  19. ACLU, they will ONLY HELP AND FIGHT IF YOU ARE A PERSON OF COLOR!!! Not supposed to be that way, but, there it is!!!

  20. The FOUNDERS gave us the BILL OF RIGHTS then they added the second amendment to guarantee them.
    For close to a hundred yers now the liber dem bloodsucking parasticcal ticks havetried to take them.
    Leave our weapons alone liberal garbage that road will take you to a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

  21. Biden is a communist puppet who is working hard to destroy the constitutional amendments that form the Bill of Rights (free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, protection against search and seizure, freedom to bear (keep) firearms for protection against criminals and the government, etc.). He is a traitor to the very constitution that he took an oath to uphold. He should be charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced for treason.

  22. Please , please, please contact your local sheriffs and demand on pain of removal from office that they stand against any federally mandated laws to confiscate firearms. Also talk to your city mayor, the city police chief, your state representatives and senators, and the governor and state attorneys general and demand that they all work to pass city, county, and state laws that declare cities, counties, and the state as a whole a firearm sanctuary jurisdiction that will uphold the second amendment and prevent the federal government from confiscating guns. These legislators and law enforcement officials must make it clear to Biden that in no uncertain terms will they enforce federal gun confiscation laws or executive orders. The states must push back against this federal overreach. The legislators, police, and sheriff’s of our cities, counties, and states need to hear from us through letters, emails, and calls. They need to know that there is extreme opposition to these unconstitutional laws that Bozo Biden wants passed and if he can’t get gun control and/ or confiscation laws passed by Congress he plans to sign executive orders and then demand that our local police 👮‍♀️ enforce his unconstitutional edicts.

  23. This is DANGEROUS, they could bust in someone has a TV remote in hand and they shoot. It is insane. It is communism. It is giving our government to much AUTHORITY OVER OUR LIVES. We are a free country, not Venezuela. The President is not a dictator. He is hired by the people for the people. Pelosi, Biden, Harris and Schumer are pushing for a case in court.

  24. Illegitimate Administration trying to bypass the Constitution AGAIN . The tragic part is this SCOTUS is likely to help them .

  25. Molon Labe!!!

    Molon labe (Ancient Greek: μολὼν λαβέ, romanized: molṑn labé), meaning ‘come and take [them]’, is a classical expression of defiance. It is among the Laconic phrases reported by Plutarch,[1] attributed to King Leonidas I in reply to the demand by Xerxes I that the Spartans surrender their weapons. The exchange between Leonidas and Xerxes occurs in writing, on the eve of the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC).

  26. Again…We told you so…However stop and search that worked so well under Giuliani is against someone’s privacy…These guns in the gang infested cities are real problems…The Democrats want us totally subordinate to them…A tyrannical government…Take away any defense the general public has…And now they are taking away police right to safely defend it’s citizens buy taking there immunity…

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