Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Trump Targets Social Media Giants With Executive Order

President Trump is firing back after Twitter added fact-checks to his recent tweets about mail-in voting.

Trump’s executive order promises to crack down on censorship by social media companies.

CNBC reports:

Without congressional action, however, there are limits to what Trump can do with the executive order. The president said Thursday that he would indeed pursue legislation in addition to the order.

Attorney General William Barr, who also attended the signing, said the Justice Department would also seek to sue social media companies.

The executive order came two days after Twitter, for the first time, added warning links to two of Trump’s tweets, inviting readers to “get the facts.” The tweets made a series of claims about state-led mail-in voting services, an issue Trump has railed against in recent weeks.

The labels, when clicked, led Twitter users to a page describing Trump’s claims as “unsubstantiated.”

This story is developing. Stay with American Action News for the latest updates.

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  1. The US Army should go lock the door of twitter, arrest their executives, and shut their power and IP addresses off. They are a treasonous outfit operating inside the US border. Then begin a russian ties investigation that will take a few years to get to the bottom of them, counting time in lockup against their jail sentence.

    Exactly who do they really think they are? Exactly what are they ?

  2. Shadow banning of Conservative Views are a reality. Simply making a point that the Communist Chinese Virus actually was spread around the World when China’s government allowed 3/4 of a Million Citizens ( from the infected region ) to fly to other Countries to celebrate Chinese New Year—AFTER THEY KNEW!

  3. It’s about time…..next go after the stations that promote half-truths which show partial videos of subjects (avoiding the crux of the matter) to support their false agendas. CNN and NBC are two such stations. There are more, these are just the two most recent.

    • CBS uses tactics all the time to make Trump look bad. When 60 Minutes did a bit on Corona Virus handling they aired a clip of the President from January saying at that time there was no indication of it being a problem in the US. They didn’t show clips of Fauci, Cuomo or Pelosi in late March telling people to go out in public and party.

  4. Twitter has always been a far left leaning organization. This means communist. They, as the entire DNC, see no problem with that position. Have ANY of these morons looked at what happens when ANY Country was overtaken by communism? What is the first thing the communist government does? It rounds up ANYONE who has been critical of the previous government because if they did it to one it will do it again. Then they kill them. It shows you the complete stupidity of the DNC and Twitter and ALL of the Press.

  5. We will see if Americans want to continue to be lazy sods, or get involved, just as at the time of the founding fathers, citizens got off their rocking chairs and GOT INVOLVED. So, for ALL AMERICANS, who now have had a small taste of what these corrupt liberal and demonrat “leaders” will dole out for you, should you be FOOLISH enough to let any one of them, get anywhere near a position of power, the time to engage any and all who will have a civil conversation with you, to show them reasons they cannot support anyone that even makes statements against this country, much less any of these you are seeing, openly working only for themselves, and their special interests, and connected “friends and family’s” benefit!
    THE UGLY TRUTH IS; these like pignosi, shummie, breenen, clappie, cornie, you know the list of names; are quite open about their disdain for truth, their disdain for the constitution, the bill of rights, our borders and sovereignty: well their disdain for AMERICA, and AMERICANS. They have made us lose greatly with this last staged”event” around a massive propaganda event with their knowingly complicit media, and news, corruptly inflating numbers, forcing covid patients into nursing homes to inflate the numbers, knowingly spreading lies to insight fear and repression, against citizens of their own country,,, oh wait, ours isn’t the country they have allegiance to…IS IT!

  6. “Without congressional action, however, there are limits to what Trump can do with the executive order.” The key sentence in this article. Does anyone really believe congress will take any action? I doubt that very much and when nothing happens and social medias completely destroy any election integrity, I’m sure people will post their opinions but they will never take action either. They’ve already proven they can be controlled with this whole lockdown scam! The only logical next step is to take away your free speech. Once that’s gone your 2nd amendment will follow.

  7. Now why is Trump and his supporter so afraid of the truth. Now i read and respond to the bloggs and there are some out there that say some of the stupidestt hings which can be proven, very easily form Trump’s own departments, and other videos which they seem to say that is not what Trump said you misunderstand.

  8. Didn’t Twitter post the same “unsubstantiated” label on Obama’s tweet when he said you could keep your doctor? [sarc OFF]


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