Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Four Biggest Supreme Court Cases Yet to Be Ruled On


Observers have already described the Supreme Court’s current term as monumental. From Chief Justice Roberts ruling against Louisiana’s abortion law to the Court preventing “faithless electors” from subverting the electorate, dramatic moments have played out time and again.

Even as the term comes to a close, there remain four consequential decisions the Court has yet to deliver.

The rulings present both Republicans and Democrats with opportunities and risks in a high-stakes election year.

(H/T The Hill)



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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Obamacare Exemption & Religious Most Vital to Hear BUT will they??

1 month ago

You realize that you might actually approach performing real journalism if you remembered to mention what the four cases are.

A. D Roberts
1 month ago

So you removed my comments. Fine. Now I will put your articles in the JUNK DRAWER.
See. You will fall by the wayside for UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.
God have mercy on your leftist soul.

A. D Roberts
1 month ago

Ah. the comments are not gone. Good.
As to the Indians?????? i am part Indian. The shame is that we allowed them to be separate and have their own government. My 3/4 Comanche brother in law has suffered under the corruption of the BIA. And it continues today. And the individual Indians are on welfare and cannot function in society or life. Time to disband all “INDIAN NATIONS” and let them become Americans.

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