Sunday, March 29, 2020

REPORT: Bloomberg’s Nonprofit Places Lawyers in Attorney Generals’ Offices


A new report states that Michael Bloomberg’s nonprofit organization is being used to spread his political influence throughout the United States.

Long regarded as one of America’s most prolific philanthropists, Bloomberg has faced criticism by those who generally view elites as using philanthropy to seize ever more power.

Per the New York Post:

Bloomberg Philanthropies in 2017 gave $5.6 million to New York University School of Law’s Environment and Energy State Impact Center to provide lawyers who focus on environmental and climate change lawsuits to the state AG offices, Fox News reported.

The program is coming under scrutiny now that Bloomberg is a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

“This is a fundamental question of ethics and who’s running our government,” West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, a Republican, told Fox News. “When you actually get to place someone in under a specific agenda and then pay them and they’re within the office, that starts to call into question whether there are multiple masters within an attorney general office and that starts to really stink.”

Morrisey said it’s “very clear” that the program is used “to attack the presidency of Donald Trump.”

The Impact Center has placed lawyers in AG offices in Delaware, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and the District of Columbia.

All are under Democrat control.


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